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  • Apple: Cheap iPhone Now Appears A Certainty [View article]
    Apple's $13 billion for the quarter is over 6 times Amazon's LIFETIME earnings. It amazes me that Amazon last quarter missed on earnings, missed on revenue provided disappointing guidance for the Christmas quarter, and moved up 8% the next day in response. Apple beats on earnings, beats on revenues, provides slightly disappointing guidance, and gets hammered 8%. Apple is making money hand over fist today, pays a handsome dividend, and has the best balance sheet on Wall St., but Wall St. prefers Amazon because someday it might make real money, maybe, hopefully, possibly.
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  • Apple's Declining Advantage Is Undeniable [View article]
    Waverider, I have IOS 7 on three devices and Mavericks on 2 computers, all 5 are used every day, have not had a single crash. None of my friends have experienced crashes on their Apple products either. Are your IOS 7 devices jailbroken? Are you running any computers with less than 4 GB of RAM?
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  • Amazon Kindle Is No Apple iPad Killer [View article]
    dbt01, I've had iPads for a few years and I have iMac desktops as well. I actually use my iMacs more than my iPads, I'm doing this on my 27" iMac with a fusion drive. I find it easier to do web searches and multitasking on my iMac, to pay bills, to perform substantive tasks. I use my iPad every day but primarily while in bed or at the dining room table or when traveling and primarily to do less intensive tasks like checking email, Zite, etc. Both have their place, I will never be without a desktop and most of my friends/colleagues also have desktops or laptops at home as well as iPads.
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  • Apple's A8 -- What It Will Be And Why It Matters [View article]
    J.M., great article, I believe you're probably pretty much on target. Apple would like to distance itself from the partnership with Samsung given the tension in the relationship and a move to TSMC for the A8 would be a major step in that direction. It would also hit Samsung where it hurts-the bottom line. That makes it a win-win for TSMC and Apple and sends Samsung a long overdue message. Regards.
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  • The Achilles' Heel Of Apple Is Its Recalcitrant High-Margin Policy [View article]
    Asa, fed up with constant crashes of my PC, I bought my first Apple product, an iMac, in 2008. The user experience was so incredible compared to what I had been used to that I subsequently bought an iPhone 3GS and then an iPad 2. I've since bought other iPhones, iPads, and last year a 27 " iMac with a fusion drive. I became an Apple customer (iSheep according to Mr. Alcarez) because I like my products to work and work well. None of my Apple devices have EVER crashed. I'll continue to buy Apple products because they are great values and the user experience is incredible.
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  • 2014 May Be The Year To Short Apple [View article]
    "I believe Apple shares are vulnerable because the company's financial performance is highly dependent on iPhones sales in a market that is maturing and where Apple has been losing market share."

    Wrong. Apple is gaining market share in the high end of the smartphone market, the portion of the smartphone market that Apple competes in and the portion of the smartphone market where the profits (financial performance to use your term) are. Apple does not compete in the low end of the smartphone market, just as Porsche and BMW do not compete in the low end of the automobile market against Ford and Kia. Lumping all smartphones into a single market is ignorant and immature, yet some analysts choose to do it to draw intentionally incorrect and negative views regarding Apple's performance. Let's have some intellectual honesty when reporting on this matter.
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  • Apple Would-Be Shorts: Bide Your Time, Apple's Run Will Be Over Soon Enough [View article]
    rrose39, I agree. That would be an interesting read.
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  • Apple Would-Be Shorts: Bide Your Time, Apple's Run Will Be Over Soon Enough [View article]
    Michael, I believe you and Kimmel underestimate many Apple customers. There are some like jsweiter that have been Apple customers for many years and have stuck with Apple not because it's "cool" but because of their satisfaction with the Apple experience. There are many others, myself included, who are fairly recent converts to Apple. I was an Apple skeptic until 2008 when I finally got fed up with Microsoft and bought an iMac. I'm now a full blown Apple customer having bought iPhones, iPads, and a new fusion drive iMac. Not because of coolness, because of quality and the user experience. I'll never go back to Microsoft and I'll never move to Android and I'm not alone. My loyalty and that of many other customers has nothing to do with cultist behavior, it has everything to do with satisfaction with the quality of Apple's products, the user experience, and Apple's great customer support. Quality, the user experience, and excellent customer support are the company's core values. Every company has it's ups and downs, and some day Apple may swoon, but I believe that day is nowhere in sight. As long as Apple stays true to it's core values it will continue to acquire new customers that are converts from other companies and it will succeed as a great consumer company and a great investment. Happy Thanksgiving.
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  • Is Apple's iPhone Losing The Smartphone War? [View article]
    NYC Trader, excellent article, I especially like your assessment of "segments". This whole issue of smart phone market share is wildly distorted because the vast majority of Android phones are "junk" phones in the extreme low end of the market, while Apples iPhones are in the high end. Using a car analogy, in the auto industry market share comparisons are made by segment. For example, Porsche does not compete with Toyota, it competes with Mercedes and Jaguar. So Mercedes and Jaguar sales/market share direction is pertinent to Porsche, but Toyota sales/market share is not. Toyota sales/market share is pertinent to Honda and Ford since they are in the same segment. Similarly, if you break out the smart phone market by segment-low end, mid range-and high end sales/market share and comparisons would be more meaningful than trying to lump all smart phones together in a single category. This isn't rocket science but it appears that "analysts" either aren't smart enough to figure this out or have an agenda to distort the real picture.
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  • Apple: A Premium Brand Generating Premium Earnings For Investors [View article]
    Mr. Matt, the following quote is from the link you provided above ( I think it's pretty clear:

    "Among smartphone users that switched brands, Apple took three times as many customers from Samsung (33%) than the latter took from Apple (11%). As it turned out, Samsung took most of its new customers from HTC, Nokia and Motorola. Apple took most of its new customers from BlackBerry."

    I can't find numerical data, it seems all the articles on the subject use percentages. But I have found data regarding annual iPhone sales.
    Apple iPhone sales have increased every year since 2007. Here's data on iPhone sales from Wikemedia Commons:

    FY 2007: 1,389,000
    FY 2008 11,625,000
    FY 2009 20,731,000
    FY 2010 39,989,000
    FY 2011 72,300,000
    FY 2012 125,044,000
    FY 2013 150,200,000

    Here's a link to the site:

    I also found data regarding the number of IOS devices. The installed base of IOS devices has grown to over 312 million in 2013. If I find any other numerical data I'll post it. I've never seen any data/studies that suggest that Apple is losing users, only that it is losing market share. All the data suggests that Apple is growing it's customer base albeit not as much as Android since the overall Android numbers are skewed by the extreme low end phones sold in China and elsewhere.
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  • Apple: A Premium Brand Generating Premium Earnings For Investors [View article]
    "(1) Analysts see Android as a serious threat to strip almost all of Apple's market share and that is scary."

    Murani, your first point is one that really confounds me. It shows just how small minded most of these so called "analysts" are. They see the studies put out by IDC, Gartner, and others and don't ANALYZE the data and look behind the numbers. Daniel Dilger published an excellent analysis of the latest IDC study that shows that 66% of Android's 81% market share are extremely low end sub $200 phones and can be called "smart" phones only in the broadest sense. Fully 66% of Androids 81% market fall in this category. Apple doesn't want to compete in the extremely low end of the mobile phone market and these phones are not taking any share from Apple. Here's a link to Dilger's piece:

    Then there's this study also by Dilger that shows the bias in some of these reports put out by IDC, Gartner, and Strategy Analytics. It's a compelling read, here's a link to it:

    Finally, there's objective data on this subject that anyone can understand, not just "analysts". If Android was eating into Apple's market share, more IOS users would be switching to Android than Android users switching to IOS. Yet every study I have ever seen on the subject clearly states that in fact many more Android users swtich to IOS that the other way around. I've included a link to a recent study on this below.

    My bottom line on all this, I think many of these so called "analysts" are intellectually lazy, they don't look behind the numbers and analyze the data to assess their real significance. You would think that professional analysts would take more pride in their work.
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  • The Rumored iPhablets Expected In 2014 Will Not Save Apple's Bacon [View article]
    Michael, you misread the article. It clearly states that Samsung sold 40 million Galaxy phones in a six month period, not a quarter. The article was dated late October 2013, the following two quotes from different parts of the article make it clear. Also, Samsung is known to have a liberal interpretation of what is sold. Often they mean put into the channel, not sold to customers.

    "Samsung Galaxy S4 sales are still looking strong, according to a new report that indicates the Galaxy S4 has now sold more than 40 million handsets worldwide since its late-April release date. "

    "Do you think 40 million handsets sold in six months is an impressive milestone for the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments below."
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  • Apple's Hidden Holiday Gift To Investors [View article]
    "Apple's accounting seems to always take the conservative tact and is known for comparatively fully disclosing complete financial reporting in their quarterly statements."

    Jared, you're dead on, and this approach is the exact opposite of Amazon's. Amazon won't tell you what their business segments do or even how many Kindles they sell. Then they go and implement a change regarding how they account for ebook revenues to artificially inflate gross revenue and won't reveal how much revenue was inflated due to the change.
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  • The Rumored iPhablets Expected In 2014 Will Not Save Apple's Bacon [View article]
    jjkiam, here's a link to the report:

    Here's a link to another report that says that 66% of Androids 81% market share numbers are junk phones.

    This entire market share argument is completely bogus. It's like saying Porsche is in trouble because they're losing market share to Kia.
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  • Apple: A Premium Brand Generating Premium Earnings For Investors [View article]
    Murani, this might be the article you're thinking about:

    Actually, this has been a consistent trend. Every study I have seen on the subject indicates that a much higher percentage of Android users switch to IOS than IOS users that switch to Android.

    Regarding the MotoG, I think it will compete well within the Android market, but don't see it as a threat to the iPhone.
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