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Kyle Marks is the Founder and CEO of Retire-IT.

Retire-IT is effective management of IT asset disposition. Retire-IT pioneered disposal tags to perfect asset tracking and deter employee theft. Retire-IT software automates inventory reconciliation to certify chain-of-custody and instantly detect losses. Retire-IT eliminates compliance concerns, conflicts-of-interest, and unnecessary costs associated with IT asset disposition.

Prior to founding Retire-IT, Kyle was an executive with RetroBox, a leading IT asset disposal company, now part of Arrow Electronics. Previously, Kyle was an executive with WEGO Systems, a consultant with Bain & Company, and held numerous marketing positions with Maybelline. Kyle ...More
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Retire-IT Today there are more than 400 certified recyclers. Who you chose is not as important as how you manage IT asset disposition. Organizations can outsource recycling but not responsibility. Privacy laws mandate adequate safeguards. Compliance requires effective security controls. Reliance on recyclers can ...More
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