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Gary L Hunt

Gary L Hunt
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Gary Hunt is Founder & President, TCLABZ, disruptive innovation strategy adviser to energy technology and information services companies on leveraging intellectual property for scalable growth and go-to-market strategies.

His checkered past includes stints as VP-Global Analytics & Data at IHS/CERA; President, Global Energy Advisors, the energy market advisory division of Global Energy Decisions; and the most fun anyone should be paid to have managing Austin Energy and Austin Water as Assistant City Manager for Utilities & Finance for Austin, Texas—live music capital of the world!
  • Description: Operations Manager.
  • Interests: Bonds, ETFs, Stocks - long, Tech stocks
TCLABZ Gary Hunt formed TCLABZ to help energy information companies leverage their intellectual property into recurring revenue products and services to improve the quality of earnings and valuation. Gary was VP-Global Analytcs & Data at IHS/CERA. He helped launch and grow Global Energy Decisions to profitability ...More
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