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I have been involved in the hedge fund, trading, and portfolio management world since 2002 and have fortunate to be around a variety of traders and trading systems. From my experience on all sides of this industry I have learned one thing....KEEP IT SIMPLE! It is not about how smart you are or how many algorithms you can write in a weekend. It is about investing in GOOD companies, with GOOD products, and acquiring them at a good price. Options are my drug of choice and I learned early on how powerful they can be for the individual investor to use in their portfolio.

I run a hedge fund and managed account structure for my clients that focuses on Income & Growth, as well as we weekly Option Newsletter and ...More
  • Description: Hedge Fund Manager. Trading frequency: Daily
  • Interests: Dividend stock ideas & income, Options
Option Sherpa Option Sherpa is a tool to help active investors get more out of their existing portfolios. Our mission is to help you use the options market to increase the returns of your stocks, lower your volatility, and create additional streams of income. These are the types of strategies that the pros use, and our ...More
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