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  • Seabridge Gold (SA -0.2%) says new assay results from the additional 10 drill holes at the Camp Zone in British Columbia include 10 intercepts above 10 grams/ton of gold, confirming the high-grade nature of the deposit. SA plans a $15M 2013 exploration program to further define the Camp Zone, as well as the Deep Kerr and other high-grade targets.  [View news story]
    Pretty pathetic, nothing like the headlines suggest. Silver grades uneconomic even if 600 metres of it, gold grades highish but over a few metres of the 1/3rd mile holes. SA has gotten more mileage out of moose pasture than any driller in the history of mining.
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  • CBS (CBS) says it sold out its Super Bowl advertisement slots with key 30-second spots going off for as much as $4M a pop. This year for the first time the halftime show will be available for live streaming, presumably giving CBS another avenue to squeeze out some revenue. What to watch: Internet sensation Psy will be featured in a 30-second spot for Wonderful Pistachios in an all-or-nothing marketing bet for the snacks brand.  [View news story]
    Good one Mattster, and the bankster fraudsters should also pool their resources to buy an add celebrating their freedom, when they really should still be locked up. Worthless politicians, particularly Obama in this case.
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  • Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) acquires Canadian biotech firm BioVectra for C$50M. BioVectra is a contract manufacturing services provider to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients, chemical intermediates, and bioprocessing reagents. The acquisition is part of a larger strategy by QCOR to lock down a key ingredient maker for its only drug, Acthar, which isn't patent-protected, and will help to protect the drug's manufacturing process trade secrets.  [View news story]
    Check the news on QCOR. Seems that Acthar doesn't have much of a future given the drug is widely available in generic form for peanuts.
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  • If the U.S. goes over the fiscal cliff, the biggest impact in sheer dollars would land on relatively affluent households, but in terms of percentage of tax increases, low- and moderate-income taxpayers would face the biggest burden - an often overlooked part of the budget debate that’s beginning to draw attention as the year-end deadline nears.  [View news story]
    No, govt regulations have nothing to do with low growth, only the lack of demand from consumers. Corporations have more cash today than at any time in history, and they refuse to deploy that cash because there is no one to buy the product once produced, the demand simply isn't there. Demand must pick up for growth, regulations have no impact at this point.
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  • Sizing Up Celsion's Odds Of Success  [View article]
    How's that theory holding up today, Monday Dec 24th?
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  • Shale oil surely will help the U.S. economy, but it's expensive to get out of the ground, and the amount the fields actually can deliver has been oversold, James Hamilton writes. Annual production increases require not just new wells but an increasing number of new wells each year, but the number of new wells that can plausibly be drilled each year and the number of available well locations are limited.  [View news story]
    Not only that but the largest fields have already been tapped, with the new fields being continuously smaller in size. And the average depletion rate of the shale oil (and gas) fields is almost 40% per year, which means the drillers must step up and drill more and more wells just to replace the declining output from the larger fields. Like hampsters running faster and faster on awheel, they can only keep accelerating for so long. Eventually costs increase dramatically because drilling more wells is expensive, and unless prices at the well head keep pace, supply will level off and even decline until a balance is found. Peak oil is all about production limits, not oil supply, and eventually oil production will begin an inevitable decline because of rising costs and pricing limits.
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  • Why Celsion Is A Strong Buy On The Dip  [View article]
    Insiders should have NO KNOWLEDGE of the double blind study results until they are formally released (ostensibly late January). Otherwise, they could end up like Martha Stewart who spent some time in the Crowbar Motel for trading on inside information.
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  • Pfizer's (PFE) anti-smoking drug Chantix produced a higher rate of heart attacks or strokes in patients using the treatment than those who didn’t, the FDA said today in a safety notice on its website. According to an analysis of clinical trials, the number of cardiovascular issues in patients on Chantix and those who took a placebo was uncommon. While the increased risk wasn’t statistically significant for those on Chantix, the FDA thinks it's “more likely that it is related to the drug and not purely a chance finding.”  [View news story]
    Don't mess with the FDA. All they are saying that the data leans towards indictment of Chantix and that once more data becomes available the statistical significance will appear. Better safe than sorry, and I agree 110% with their concerns.
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  • A Reasoned Case For Celsion's ThermoDox  [View article]
    Phew, I was almost ready to throw in the towel on CLSN because if management knew about the treatment outcomes the stock price would most likely reflect the results. Thanks for the detail Trond, the more we know the better decision we can make. I presume SOC='standard of care' and I'm not surprised that Japan would have quite a different standard than many countries.

    The more I read from those in the know, the more I think a positive outcome is pre-ordained. I keep asking myself, 'what am I missing, why isn't the stock price higher to reflect the likelihood of success?', and I can only conclude that even with success, it may be several years before CLSN can benefit financially. So I'm keeping my position in the stock relatively small, and keeping my expectations in check.
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  • A Reasoned Case For Celsion's ThermoDox  [View article]
    Appreciate all the work you put into this review James, I found it difficult to follow the history at the CLSN website, and you've summarized it very well.

    Earlier I thought I read that the trial took longer than originally planned, now your review suggests the opposite. Isn't one valid interpretation of this fact that perhaps the Thermodox treatment wasn't as effective as predicted, hence the study arrived at the 380 endpoints earlier than expected. RF Ablation for liver tumours is a long used treatment for the disease, and so the outcomes as to length of remission and progression free survival should be quite predictable. Not so for the RF Ablation with Thermodox, ie. it is somewhat less predictable in terms of time to progression, hence the large, rigorous trial. So, the outcomes for the RF Ablation alone (with placebo) may have been predictable with some accuracy, while the RF Ablation + Thermodox outcomes were less predictable. And perhaps the treatment (Thermodox) outcomes were predicted to be for a longer remission period which then led to the determination of the trial ending in December of 2012. But it ended earlier, so maybe the Thermodox wasn't as efficacious as expected based on the Phase I data. Would that be a possible reason?

    My big concern is the safety aspect of Thermodox, something that seems to get glossed over, perhaps for valid reasons. All I know is that the FDA has slammed many studies into oblivion because of side effect issues. But is is hard to see that this would happen here because nearly every one of these large liver tumour victims has a low probability of survival beyond a year or so.
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  • Rally In Celsion Continues On Upcoming HEAT Study Results And SPA Declaration By FDA  [View article]
    That's bull. Celsion estimated the time required to capture about 800 endpoints, based on the Phase I study and what they knew about RF Ablation treatment (the other part of the double blind study) . The endpoint for the study is progression free survival (days that the treated liver tumour remains in remission, ie. doesn't get worse), and if the treatment is really working it takes LONGER not shorter to get to an endpoint. Celsion estimated that the required number of data points (patients who either started to get worse after treatment, or who were still in remission near the end of 2012) within the two groups under study would need to be somewhat more than 800 for a statistical significant difference between treatments to be in evidence, provided the HEAT treatment was effective. Given that the trial followed the predicted time line almost perfectly (perhaps a little longer which is a good thing because it may mean progression free survival days was longer than expected under the HEAT treatment), then I believe there will be strong statistical evidence that the HEAT treatment extends the survival of large liver tumour cancer significantly (ie. as per the Phase I study, several months), which gives these very unfortunate patients more time to perhaps find a liver donor. The only concern I have is this: are the side effects of the required dose of Thermodox so negative that treatment is not viable. If so, say goodbye to your investment. The Phase I trial demonstrated that about 50mg of Thermodox was the most that was tolerable, and that's the dose that was used in the study. Some of the few patients in the Phase I study had side effects, but not severe enough to warrant major concern. This study is orders of magnitude larger and spans several racial profiles, so the risk is greater that the Thermodox treatment may not withstand such a rigorous, broad based trial.
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  • Rally In Celsion Continues On Upcoming HEAT Study Results And SPA Declaration By FDA  [View article]
    Scale in over time, there isn't a person alive who can see the future movement of this stock. Buy some now, buy some in a week or whatever, buy some if it drops, and acquire a full position by mid January. That way you'll have bought some at current price, and at lower prices (hopefully), and at possibly higher price as positive rumours arise. But don't mortgage the farm because this thing is a speculation, a good speculation but I've seen unbelievably positive phase I study biotechs implode on disasterous Phase II and Phase III results. I personally don't expect anything but good results here but you never know.
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  • Covance (CVD -0.2%) says its early development facility located in Shanghai, China, has received a Good Laboratory Practice Certificate from the Chinese State Food and Drug Administration. The facility provides nonclinical safety assessment, bioanalytical, in vivo pharmacology, and DMPK services.  [View news story]
    That is not exactly a ringing endorsement. 'Good' in China means 'Unacceptable' in the US and western Europe. Maybe they have a higher category in China - 'Stupid Good' - that's more like it!
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  • The ingredients are in place for a massive oil price collapse - massive production, low breakeven costs, low financing costs, tight capacity - BAML says, seeing the possibility of $50 oil within the next 24 months. But with North American production costs relatively high and Saudi Arabia capable of decimating U.S. producers if it stepped up production enough, FT's Ed Crooks sees little chance of a dent in prices[View news story]
    Reworded: one the one hand oil prices will collapse, on the other, oil prices will stay firm. Like, which is it going to be?
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  • The fiscal cliff doesn't matter, writes The Brooklyn Investor. Selling stocks because you are worried about it is a mistake; so is buying because you think it will be resolved. To help ignore the noise, he says, think of Buffett's 20-hole punchcard - invest as if you'll only ever be allowed to make 20 decisions.  [View news story]
    Republicans goal is to starve the govt, partially by giving tax breaks to the richest Americans, thereby making it impossible to balance the budget unless entitlements are cut, resulting in the haves employing the have nots for slave wages. The plantation boss, the plantation!
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