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  • Apple (AAPL) is reiterated a Buy with $760 price target at Goldman which says the company's opportunity in emerging markets is far greater than what investors give it credit for. A survey of Chinese owners of an iDevice finds 9 out of 10 at least "likely" to stick with an Apple product for their next purchase, and more than 3 of 5 "highly likely" to do so.  [View news story]
    Really? "no one left to buy"

    I've read a ton of speculation on why the pullback occurred and tons of speculation on future catalysts. That said; one thing you seldom hear (which addresses your point) is that when people sold to lock-in cap gains, they have to wait 30 days to get back in. For some it has been 30 days already and for others it hasn't been - either way it's only prudent to wait to see the earnings results next week (or buy a call or enter a conditional order.) I think there are a lot of buyers waiting in the wings. I'm long.
    Jan 18, 2013. 12:02 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • If it's a fat finger, it's not immediately being lifted. So far, gold hasn't bounced a dime from a quick $20 sell-off an hour ago. Chatter says the move was due to a contract rollover that accidentally became an outright sell. Silver has moved in concert, SLV -2.1% premarket. Oil and copper, both lower by more than 1%, complete the picture for key commodities.  [View news story]
    CNBC reported about an hour ago that someone bought a huge number of puts and others followed or adjusted accordingly. I'd like to hear other opinions but wouldn't it be rational to expect a short term pull back in gold "IF" there is a fiscal cliff deal accomplished? Then... resume climbing the wall of worry again based on longer term issues?
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  • Westport: Market No Longer Impressed With Growth  [View article]
    I'm long Westport via Puts. The premiums have been excellent due to WPRT's implied volatility. If you understand how to manage these types of positions, it's a good way to get paid while waiting on an attractive entry point. If what I just said is all Greek, then please ignore until you have a chance to take some classes on the subject. Bottom line, I still think WPRT is still a secular growth story.
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  • ITGOW Part 1: Investments To Grow Old With  [View article]
    Very impressive work! Here is a fun challenge for you: If these investment themes were represented in a portfolio, what percentage of your portfolio would you invest in each theme?
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  • Alternative Fuel Plays Look Like Bad Investments  [View article]
    Never mistake a clear view for a short distance: In 1993 I got excited about the AAPL Newton (an early PDA) and I took a position only to see it go incrementally lower years - so I sold. Can you imagine if I would have kept it? I'm long WPRT and LNG. The potential to transition to nat gas needs to be viewed in the context of how much we spend as a nation defending the flow of oil around the world and how many jobs could be created at home thanks to a fully domestic source of energy.
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