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  • The Fed’s Inflation Target; QE3, QE4, QE5, Etc. Are In The Queue [View instapost]
    This dollar death will be November 2012. There is no 2013. Preempt the dollar death by forming local currencies. One of the ways to win is to make the central bank no longer relevant in your personal life. As long as you hold central banks and large firms relent, they hold you in great disregard. The banks think of the normal populace as the bloated swine cowardly allowing the socializing of debt upon their backs! Anyone read lately what former goldmansachs employee Greg Smith recently said, what goldmansachs sadistic policies are towards their citizen customers?-(Think of graphic scene of actor Ned Beaty in Deliverance!) These large banks are not concerned with the spirit of the free market where they provide an honest service to the general public, their motto is to use lobbying power to buy off federal laws in order to rape and pillage the middle class of any given nation especially the US! Its a power hungry orgie of speculating, than debt socializing, than more speculating in a sadistic cycle! Both DNC and GOP are a part of it now, unless Americans divorce themselves of the cycle, were all going to be enslaved for eternity and it dosen't matter if "reset button Romney" gets elected in November, he's bought off as much as anyone else!
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