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  • WolfofWeedStreet
    Part 2 GBLX: Risks & Rewards... $GBLX
    Jul 28, 2:21 PM
      • WolfofWeedStreet
        GBLX: Planting Flags Now To Plant Seeds Later.... $GBLX
        Jul 21, 2:35 AM
          • WolfofWeedStreet
            PR's For Show & Real Companies That Grow: A Tale Of A Few MMJ Stocks $TRTC, $ATTBF, $FITX
            Jun 23, 12:40 PM
              • WolfofWeedStreet
                Making Dangerous A$$umptions Of A Callous Nature: The Underestimation Of The... $VPOR, $FRTD, $MINE
                Apr 6, 2:43 PM
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                • adamz213: any speculations on a $MINE breakout soon? It's been a rough couple of weeks in the red... $REDG $ERBB $CFGX $DSCR
                  Apr 7, 9:43 AM
                • AGonz084: Very good piece.
                  Apr 7, 11:01 AM
                  • WolfofWeedStreet
                    Another Reason AEGY Is Not Only A Bad Stock, But A Privacy/Security Concern For Users Of... $AEGY
                    Mar 2, 12:00 PM
                      • WolfofWeedStreet
                        ERBB Is The Word: Tranzbyte COO Stephen Shearin Takes Questions From The #Wolf_Pack $ERBB
                        Feb 27, 12:54 AM
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                        • WolfofWeedStreet: Its firesale friday
                          Feb 28, 5:56 PM
                        • Edinvest: Sold $ERBB at 0.41 and just bought back today :)
                          Mar 4, 10:59 PM
                          • WolfofWeedStreet
                            I am writing an Instablog based on my meeting with COO of $ERBB info can be found on my twitter @wolfofweedstreet
                            Feb 23, 9:24 PM
                              • WolfofWeedStreet
                                OTCQB SPLI: A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing I Visited On A Little Field Trip... $VPOR, $ERBB, $PHOT
                                Feb 19, 9:23 AM
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                                • WolfofWeedStreet: Yes Pete, thats where I went...
                                  Feb 19, 4:35 PM
                                • jbconrad14 $PHOT: Any talk of when they will assume their own ticker name?I see a jump when $VPOR isn't misrepresented, I'll definitely hold on until that day
                                  Feb 20, 11:20 AM