finally seeing green on my protfolio, $ABIO,$AUY,$CLSN what a great day..... congrats to $IONS
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    • Grand Nagus Kelly: Couldn't resist. Sold the ABIO for big gain. Removing it from my watchlist to save me kicking myself for not holding longer.
    • LEIGHDIST: congrats Joe, i also put a bid to sell at 1.06 hopefully that will pass,sold clsn yesterday at no gain no loss thank god had a bad feeling.
    • Grand Nagus Kelly: Well done on clsn! Everyone else is licking their wounds on it. Great call Leigh.
    • LEIGHDIST: got hit enough with amrn i don't take a chance anymore anytime i see green i take big or small, i think i will do like you get out on abio
    • LEIGHDIST: Joe ended up selling my portion of abio also at .73 took a gain also but i will go back as soon as it drops hopefully under .50