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  • HSBC: Should You Buy This 7% Yielder? [View article]
    The yield quoted is about 5.1 % as noted on S/A quotes today, not 7% as noted in the article headline. Verified on other sites. Would the author kindly clarify? Thanks.
    **Dividend is $2 per share
    Oct 6, 2015. 04:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why I'm Reiterating Income Investors Buy Consolidated Edison Instead Of Southern Company [View article]
    Looks to me like purchasing both is the answer. Nothing wrong with being both N and S of the Mason Dixon line.
    Oct 6, 2015. 12:33 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • REIT Market Insanity For Highwoods And Paramount Group! [View article]
    I am not criticizing anything about PGRE or their operation; simply saying from my perspective, their management feels superior to their shareholders. (I based this on a interview I read prior to their IPO issuance). My point is this article was comparing Highwoods and Paramount regarding investor sentiment and I was trying to explain why I would not prefer PGRE, to HIW or many other "small town" Reits.
    PGRE management thinks because they own valuable property in the " big city" they are an elite group. That was my feeling. I own other Reits wherein the management treats investors large and small as co-owners, such as IRETS, in the mid-West. They tell it like it is to all concerned. I Hope I have clarified my comments.
    Oct 6, 2015. 12:12 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Risky 92% Upside At CorEnergy [View article]
    1)I said in my comment that rent could be delayed.
    That is a given.
    2)It makes little financial sense for a company to
    "take over" ( purchase ) an asset and then let it lie
    dormant, for years possibly.
    3) The EXXI fields that send product thru Corr pipelines
    are only a portion of EXXI holdings
    4) I am unsure how what rights CORR has, in case of an
    EXXI default, as to who can take over the fields that
    move product through the pipelines. i am sure others
    here are aware of that situation.
    Oct 6, 2015. 12:02 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Plunge in healthcare drags averages down [View news story]
    Just informational, but THW went public a little over 3 months ago, has NEVER publicly released its holdings, and trades about 10% lower than its sister fund THQ.
    I own both and look forward to seeing what THW owns and what overlap there is with THQ. On the political side, if Hillary needs a med to help her through a debilitating illness, you can bet she will pay ANYTHING to get it, total contradicting her sham policy statements. Creating workable drugs is a very costly business.
    Oct 6, 2015. 06:08 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Risky 92% Upside At CorEnergy [View article]
    Am I incorrect, or does CORR not OWN infrastructure, which is leased to tenants, who pay rent, in one way or another. If a tenant "defaults", CORR still owns the asset and can re-lease to another tenant, or in fact, even take over the operation. I don't understand the comments that the 'end is near' if a tenant goes down. If you own an apartment ,and the tenant defaults, you either find a new tenant, or you move in yourself. I am sorry if I am being too simplistic, but to me, the comments imply that CORR is going down, not the tenant(s), and I don't understand that philosophy. I do understand that a Bankruptcy of a tenant can hold up '"ent" for a period of time., but that is a one-off, temporary situation. I appreciate any and all who wish to clarify. Long term, CORR is looking to expand assets and grow, and the loss of a tenant will slow them down, but not deter them.
    Oct 5, 2015. 07:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REIT Market Insanity For Highwoods And Paramount Group! [View article]
    I apologize for stating "Mr Thomas" in my comment when the author is in fact Bollinger. Prior to this company becoming a public Reit, I read an interview they gave and that is when I decided no matter how good their properties were, these
    folks felt they were an "elite" group, not looking at their prospective shareholders, as equals, but as subordinates. Perhaps things have changed during the interim. Some time read the information from Parkland ( Canadian fuel supplier , gas station chains, etc) and you will feel that YOU are in fact a part of their company, as they divulge everything from soup to nuts, holding back nothing, the good and the bad. They do it like all public companies should and make every investor feel that they are valued. They make an owner of their shares feel like they have a vested interest in the success of the company, which in fact, they do. I felt that Paramount was just the opposite.
    Thank you for the article.
    Oct 5, 2015. 06:54 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • REIT Market Insanity For Highwoods And Paramount Group! [View article]
    To me, Paramount is as opaque as they are allowed to be, and with a low dividend yield. When the IPO came out, I was interested; however the more I read, the less interested I became. It was my personal impression that management is not shareholder friendly ( to put it in kind terms ). I am aware of Highwoods but not currently informed about them, so I cannot speak about them. I feel that Paramount management believes they are an elite group doing a shareholders a favor by allowing them to have a small piece of THEIR action. When Paramount first came to market, one of their properties had simply disappeared between one report to the next. For the life of me, I could not find out where that property went, because there was no mention of it anywhere. Bottom line, They don't need me, and I don't need them, so we parted ways before we ever joined. I like to know what I am buying and to get a decent, not exorbitant yield, for owning it. Perhaps that is why Mr Thomas doesn't understand
    investor sentiment between PGRE and HIW. One is user friendly, the other not.
    Just my take on the matter. No matter what Paramount owns, I don't feel they intend to share much of it with me, or other investors.
    Oct 5, 2015. 06:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Preferred Stock Market Q3 2015: Investment Grade Preferred Stocks Available Below $25 [View article]
    Mr Le Du
    Thank you for your current article and re-stating your buy wholesale when possible theme. I would like to add one point addressed to those who feel that individual purchases of preferred issues are preferable to "funds", '"etf's', and so forth. I own both individual preferred issues and various Closed End Funds whose holdings are primarily Preferred issues, and one thing has always stood out is that the "funds" have access to issues that individual investors either cannot access or cannot purchase at decent prices. An example is the preferred issues of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company. I do not believe you can find these issues traded publicly, but many fine CEF's have them as part of their holdings.
    The same applies to some preferred issues of the U S Government Farm Credit Bureau ( a GSE ) as well as other issues sold solely to investment companies. So, bottom line, one can access ( partial) ownership of certain investment grade preferreds ONLY by owning a fund or like product, which is why I like to own both funds and individual preferred issues. The Farm Credit System has 4 leading banks distributing their preferred shares, but only 3 are available in the public domain, while the fourth can be found in various funds holdings. Hope this information is useful. Thanks.
    Oct 5, 2015. 05:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • A Risky 92% Upside At CorEnergy [View article]
    This is my "simple" take on this situation, notwithstanding all the expertise on this board. The discussion is about CORR's latest, and biggest, purchase. I have faith
    in CORR's management to have understood what they were buying and the risks/ rewards involved. They are experienced energy people, not fly-by-night risk takers. It is that simple ( to me ) and I am long the preferred A issue.
    Oct 4, 2015. 05:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Global X shutting down four funds [View news story]
    A guest on CNBC today stated that Brazil was one of his top picks for the future.
    Oct 2, 2015. 07:51 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • This Dividend Stock Yields Over 12%, Has 70% Cash Flow Growth, And Will Raise Its Next Dividend [View article]
    I have commented previously elsewhere that TeeKay has extensive exposure to Petrobras, which may be a catalyst for the lower share prices on their operating companies, especially TOO. This has to put some fear into investors minds being that PBR is involved in scandals and has debt issues ( none imminent ) which is
    forcing them to sell off assets and restructure their businesses.
    Oct 2, 2015. 12:39 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Dark Side Of Dividend Income [View article]
    Just my opinion, but any "work" you perform should not be correlated with investment proceeds. From my perspective, they are two entirely different
    activities. You can "work' all you wish to, for as long as you wish to, and if
    you prefer to reinvest the proceeds into more "work" activities, then that is
    a fine goal. I might ask, how long do these videos stay current, because I
    would think they have a definite termination date when they would become
    outdated and not used any longer. Furthermore, not all people have the talent
    to earn money from "work" that brings in repeating income, such as residuals an actor might receive every time the show the film or TV show. If you have that
    talent, then you best use it and disregard investing.
    Oct 1, 2015. 09:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Kinder Morgan - The Trans Mountain Pipeline Is The Last Great Hope For Canadian Oil [View article]
    The problem I find with all articles on investing, and in no way pertaining to this specific article, is that investors do not necessarily trade based on data, information, or anything in the public venue. People die and the beneficiaries have to sell the whole portfolio to be able to split it the proceeds, people inherit money and decide to invest it, a child gets in financial or legal problems and the parents need cash in a hurry, divorces may force sales of part or all of a portfolio, a non-working spouse gets a good paying job and the couple decide to invest all of the new income, and so forth. There are myriad reasons for stock market moves and individual stock moves and they often do not make sense to an individual investor, certainly not to me. Every day the headline denotes the 'reason' the market has moved up or down, as the case may be. I own issues that are up, down, and even, but as an investor for income ONLY, if I can maintain my patience, and not try to outguess myself and the other investors,
    or sometimes not even look at the market for a while, I usually end up pretty
    good. Attempting to understand every move in every issue I own will only
    benefit a psychiatrist with me as a patient. **Note I withdraw approx 40% of
    the income my portfolio generates and reinvest the balance. As retirees we
    need that amount to supplant our guaranteed income, and even with good
    health insurance policies, nevertheless health care expenses are by far our
    largest expense, by at least two times the next highest.
    Oct 1, 2015. 04:53 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Navios Maritime Holdings: Best Risk/Reward For Dry Bulk Speculators [View article]
    Mr Mintzmyer
    I own 3 shipping issues, all preferreds, those of NM, TOO, and Gaslog.
    Of course they are down quite a bit ( which just makes me want to add
    to my holdings ). I know you have expertise in many areas, and would
    be interested in your thoughts ( if you have the time ). Note TOO has
    exposure to Petrobras and may be a unique case. I can't quite gather
    why good shipping companies are so low, unless it is plain fear of all
    things in any ways related to energy. The more years I trade, the less
    investors make sense to me. Thanks, sir
    Oct 1, 2015. 04:21 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment