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  • Lightning Round: 6 Bullish And 3 Bearish Ideas By Jim Cramer [View article]
    If you like any stock, it should only be rated "buy after pullback".

    This week sees options expiration (people will be taking delivery of physical gold more than ever, possibly triggering a default by COMEX) and the almost certain failure of the Super Committee to trim $1.2B from the US budget.

    Europe continues wobbling, staggering, catching itself on the ropes, and can only wind up on the canvas for a 10-count.

    The US is heading into a long, cold winter was lots of snow, while the EPA has hammered the power companies that feed the grid, while oil decides if $100 will be the next default price level, and home energy bills will soar while jobs to pay home heating bills are increasingly difficult to find. A lot of old guys like me are competing with the younger generation for jobs flippin' burgers at Wendy's and peddling home repair materials at Lowe's.

    All of these factors say this short week, before a long holiday weekend when families gather to share news and talk about how doomed we are, has a good chance to generate a pullback or even a correction.

    Investors watching the unfolding MF global story wonder if their bank, or their investment house, has already "borrowed" the cash balance in their accounts, as it appears MF global did with $580M from client accounts, and their approach to account balances is likely to be "SHOW ME THE CASH".
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  • For Occupy Wall Street, The End Of The Beginning [View article]
    Maybe it's time for DEFEND WALL STREET counter-protesters to show up and make cellphone videos of every OWS protester who can be found in the act of committing a crime. Those videos could be instantly transmitted to the local law enforcement agency in whose jurisdiction the crimes were committed. If no action is taken by law enforcement within a certain amount of time, the video is posted so the public can see what crimes are being committed that law enforcement is ignoring.

    Disclosure: if there were a Defend Wall Street organization, I'd be in it.
    Nov 21 06:30 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The 10 Best ETF Performers Over The Last 5 Years (Including A Few Surprises) [View article]
    OK, let me see.......
    Gold is good.
    Silver is good.
    I knew that.
    Internet? Sounds like "tech". When the crunch comes, if there's still a market, if it's a slow crunch and there still are currencies, tech won't mean much but gold will still be good.
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  • The Nascent Occupy Wall Street Movement And Rise Of The American Independents [View article]
    ilc wrote: "Tea Party wants capitalism without cronyism; OWS wants cronyism without capitalism."

    Bravo, ilc!

    OWS is driven, behind the scenes, by a power cartel that wants the 99% equal to each other, and will create that equality by making them all as poor as the poorest among them. It happened in Russia, and North Korea, and that's their game plan.
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  • Alleged Fraud At Chaoda; Is Closely-Connected Le Gaga Rotten Too? [View article]
    I may be the only guy on this blog with a skin in the Chaoda game (by way of disclosure), so maybe I'm the only guy who cares.

    Nonetheless, what I'm reading here bears an uncanny resemblance to the ill-defined allegations against, and vague criticisms of, Silvercorp Metals about a month ago. All of that brouhaha turned out to be nothing more than market manipulation by Muddy Waters and the Anonymous Analyst to create profit opportunities for those as-yet-unidentified short sellers.

    I'm guessing this is just more market manipulation targeting yet another Chinese equity, and when the dust settles CMGHF.PK will wind up vindicated, the hidden short sellers will have taken profits and gotten away with their scam again, and investors in another equity will have taken it on the chin the process.
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  • The Nascent Occupy Wall Street Movement And Rise Of The American Independents [View article]
    ilc states, "The OWS protestors, for the most part, do not get those things."

    Comment: The OWS protexters, for the most part, have been directed by social networking media and are being used, though they don't understand they are mere pawns.

    Clarification: Peering through the distractions, the OWS protesters are functioning as Act 3 in a campaign of social engineering that saw Acts 1 & 2 as the Wisconsin protests against Governor Walker's austerity program and The Arab Spring.
    Oct 11 10:42 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • How Much Additional Capital Do Banks Need? [View article]

    You said it yourself, the problem isn't liquidity. Accordingly, artificially creating more liquidity isn't the solution.
    Oct 10 11:31 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Protesters block downtown Bellingham streets in 'Occupy Wall Street' rally [View article]
    These demonstrations are well-organized and well-coordinated. That's the effect of social networking.

    A sleeping giant has been wakened - The Nation of Victims.

    Now Al Sharpton has gotten involved, and it's going to be about race.

    Next, there will be some violence. Then somebody will shoot somebody else and it'll be about gun control, and the white house will trot out a small arms treaty it signed with the U.N. and move to confiscate weapons in urban areas claiming the U.N. treaty has the force of law within the U.S. (which it arguably does have, which will give lawyers any number of opportunities to rake in more fees on top of all the fee opportunities derived from Dodd-Frank.)

    There will be rioting in American cities. I believe that is the intent of those organizing these demonstrations - all they have to do to kick off that next stage of "divide and conquer" social engineering is give it a little nudge on social networking media and some celebrity agitating.

    We now have our own Arab Spring. The only thing that might calm things down is that the weather is getting unusually cold unusually early in the year, courtesy of la ninja, and agitated public demonstrations tend to do be most energetic in the hottest weather.
    Oct 10 11:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Putting The Current Gold Price Correction Into Proper Perspective [View article]

    Are you saying "correction" versus "bear market" in what? Not sure of your meaning.

    I would offer that we've had a correction in gold and are in a gold bull market, based on the rising global insecurity about governments and national economies, and based on the harsh reality of "peak" commodities.

    We're in a broad market bear for the same reasons, and currently experiencing an abrupt downward jog in the broad indices due to the inevitable failure of some national economies in "old Europe", added to the weakness in the US economy. The current downward jog is just one data point in what future historians will describe as a continuously contracting global economy based on peak commodities relative to population.

    The only way to break the global economic contraction we're now in would be a near-extinction event that reduced global population to a single digit percentage of what it is currently, hence all the books being sold that anticipate a coming dark ages, and the global economic collapse to come.
    Oct 9 02:17 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Nascent Occupy Wall Street Movement And Rise Of The American Independents [View article]

    The line I wrote and self-edited at the end of my comment, above, was a quote from Bob Dylan, "...and the times, they are a-changin'. "

    You wrote my opinion, huge change is coming, so that confirms my hunch that I'm not the only one who recognizes it.

    The "divide and conquer" strategy, along with distracting the masses with emotionally charged issues to prevent them from recognizing the more dangerous revolutionary agenda, is part of the Saul Alinsky recipe for revolution by destabilizing existing governments, ultimately derived from Lenin's writings an 1917.
    Oct 9 01:56 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • How Low Could Gold Go? [View article]

    Thank you for another shocking insight.

    I'm naive to all these covertly embedded "links" you're writing about, and how to find them in one's computer and expell them. Is there some way you could teach me how to find them and get rid of them?

    Oct 9 01:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • John Paulson Says to Buy Dividend Stocks and Houses, Sell Bonds [View article]
    Note to self: It's such a hoot to come back a year later (9 Oct 2011) and look at what I wrote on 30 Sept 2010 and find I was correct: "It's the best time in years to buy real estate (2010) , until NEXT YEAR (2011) becomes the best time in years to buy real estate."

    The possible error I made was that now, in the fall of 2011, many people are realizing that real estate may be worth less with every passing year for the next 5 or 10 years.
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  • The Nascent Occupy Wall Street Movement And Rise Of The American Independents [View article]
    "OCCUPY WALL STREET" is nothing more than a convenient rallying cry for "THE ARAB SPRING" spreading to the United States.

    It is not a coincidence that demonstrations in many US cities suddenly popped up within the last month, with no clear direction or identified leaders (with the possible exception of that silly, whining idiot Michael Moore), the same year that demonstrations against every government in the Arab world also "spontaneously" erupted.

    Perhaps it's not a coincidence that George Soros just privatized his hedge fund to prevent any regulatory oversight just a few weeks ago. Soros has already sponsored and designed a large number of social engineering agencies that shape public opinion with a global scope, all with names that sound quite benign and altruistic, such as "Human Rights Watch".
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  • How Healthcare Stocks Are Being Impacted By Government Intervention [View article]
    Bravo, Charles!

    I'm shocked. An article that comes right out and reveals how government regulation and bureaucracy screws healthcare corporations daring to do business with the government, thereby making those corporations a bad investment.

    Now, what do you suppose it would be like trying to deal with a governmental single payer program?
    Oct 6 12:49 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • UBS CEO Oswald Gruebel has stepped down amid the fallout of the $2.3B rogue trading scandal, the bank says. After leaving Singapore, UBS board members reconvened by conference call Saturday to address its latest crisis. Board member Sergio Ermotti has been appointed CEO on an interim basis.  [View news story]
    When Oswald Gruebel saw how badly the market was crashing all around him, recognizing what a pain in the butt it was going to be running a huge bank in all this turmoil, he saw a window of opportunity to jump out of that big mess, and took it. Who could blame him?

    Fly on the wall observation of the decision point reached in the Gruebel household:

    Oswald: "I can't believe it. What a mess?! I'm doomed!"

    Frau Gruebel: "Get out of that bank, you big dummie, and take me to the Alps."

    Oswald (who has ignored Frau Gruebel for years): "What do you say we get out of Dodge, and go hide in the Alps?"

    Frau Gruebel: "(Sigh!) Tell the board your resignation is a noble, dignified decision following that rogue trader fiasco. I told you not to rubber stamp that guy's application."

    Oswald (he still hasn't heard a word): "I could fall on my sword, and the board could portray it to the press as heroic."

    Frau Gruebel (turning for the walk-in closet): "Do you want me to pack your ski parka?"

    Oswald (as always, oblivious): "Go pack for a long ski vacation. I want to bring my new parka."

    Frau Gruebel (shaking her head): "Pull up zipper on the front of your pants today, before you leave the house, Oswald."
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