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Doc 224899

Doc 224899
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White male baby boomer, married, with dogs and cats. I have had the same personal financial advisor since 2004, and you can't have his phone number so don't ask.

I apply contrarian strategies, a strong respect for peak oil and for peak commodities in general, and a great fear of man's capacity to do massively stupid things with a herd mentality. I read Stephen Leeb and believe his basic opinions are accurate.

I invest in equities that have intrinsic value: if a corporation's product can satisfy a basic need it is eligible for my consideration.

I invest mostly in basic materials, precious metals, natural resources, agriculture, and energy. Most of my positions are international.

I ...More
  • Trading frequency: Weekly
  • Interests: ETFs, Mutual funds, Retirement savings, Stocks - long, Stocks - short
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