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  • Tax Free Income From Municipal Bond Closed End Funds  [View article]
    There are all kinds of muni bonds. Water and sewer, Universities, Senior housing, Public Attractions/Museums, General Obligation bonds. Some projects are offered with a multiple bond series with varying maturities to fund the project. I like to aim for a call in 3-4 years. You get better rates when you take more risk and go long. Also my broker will steer me away from Senior housing bonds that are having difficulties filling up the properties. Or advises me to go short term on some bonds if they look like they may have difficulties 25 years out.

    Right now I am waiting on a new issue that would be called/mature in 3-4 yrs and it was to close in the first week of August. They have postponed it until after Labor Day. My literature says around 6%. But I am thinking it will be lower. The longer bonds with this project are yielding 7.5% with a 7.375% coupon.

    Also you will find that Public attractions with a Government backing will yield less. I live in Pflugerville, TX, the city pretty much guaranteed 23 Million for a water park. The rate was what the city could have gotten and the whole issue was gobbled up by institutions.

    At the end of June, on the secondary market, I bought 5.875% coupon yielding 3.625% to call of 7/1/20, and will yield 4.904% to maturity of 7/1/30. This bond was for an extablished Senior Housing project.

    Seeing Left Banker's articles on the Muni CEFs, has me doing DD, because I may get a better yield with more liquidity with CEFs.

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  • Tax Free Income From Municipal Bond Closed End Funds  [View article]
    Left Banker,
    Enjoyed this article and your follow-up. I came at muni bonds from the other side, I bought individual bonds first. Now that yields are so low, prices are high, and bonds are being called, I am looking at the CEFs.

    If you decide to buy individual bonds, use a bond broker, don't go it alone with a discount trading platform. You are still going to have the Bid/Ask spread and my broker has negotiated better prices for me. Also as I have been with my broker about 5+ years, I am able to get new issue muni's on the primary market, usually at a slight discount or at par on the bonds his firm underwrites.

    If bonds do have a steep discount, there is a reason for it, your broker can give you the heads up on the bonds . PM me and I can give you my broker's name.

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  • REITs, Rates And Reality - A Further Study  [View article]
    The only thing the seniors are buy are medications. My parents got pushed to Medicare Plan D and we have no clue what it is going to end up costing. Drug prices are so secretive and deductibles and co-pay kick in or don't. You don't get to take advantage of the $4 prescriptions some drug store chains offer. Every time my dad picks up a prescription we hope for the best but expect a huge tab.
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  • Starting A Retirement Portfolio At Any Age  [View article]
    Enjoyed your article. You should check out Motif Investing. You can make start a portfolio with very little money and pay just one trade fee.
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  • Wake Me Up When The Second Half Of 2015 Begins  [View article]

    I have been reading and enjoying your articles for a while and when I see the name Peter Davies -- I simply SKIP his comments and any replies to them as they are a BIG waste of my time. My sympathies go out to you, that you have to read his comments and defend your stance or correct his misconceptions.

    I'm hoping you don't retire too soon as I find value and enlightenment in what you write.

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  • Texas: Recession In 2015?  [View article]
    Try Uber during one of Austin's festivals and you will end up with a big surprise. Uber's demand pricing has left some users with bills of several hundred dollars.
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  • My Most Prolific REIT Stories Of 2014  [View article]
    Enjoyed the look back. And Wish You Many Happy Returns for 2015.

    Do you know why UDF was hit so hard on Monday Dec. 29th? There was a large volume of shares traded around 3 est.
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  • An Intelligent Way To Think About Healthcare Trust Of America's Reverse Stock Split  [View article]
    While this is billed as a 1-2 reverse split. It actually cost Scottrade brokerage account holder $20. It was described as HEALTHCARE TR AMER REIT CL REORG FEE. I think CL stands for CALL. Has anyone else noticed a "call fee"? Maybe, I'll be looking for a new low cost broker, especially if I can get some free trades and better research tools. I also would prefer being able to drip all my shares not just fripping.
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  • Can Albert Einstein's Math Get You To The Finish Line? Retirement Portfolio Quarterly Review  [View article]

    Enjoyed your article and your dedication to responding to your readers.

    I've got a suggestion for an additional retirement spending sector. How about an article on personal transportation. I really love the new car smell. So help us figure out how to get that new sports car for our retirement and then keep it running. Can't wait to read the comments and car stories.


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  • Retirees Should Be Careful What They Wish For: I'm Not Thankful For Big Capital Gains Distributions, Should You Be?  [View article]
    jbzw -- Thanks for the heads up on when to transfer the bond to a Roth. We are just a few years away from retirement and I am doing my tax planning. This is the best tax tip I have seen on SA.
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  • Quit Chasing Silly Rabbits And Invest For The Long Run  [View article]
    immort- you may like the depreciation write-offs now, but my folks have 2 fully depreciated duplexes in St. Louis, I would love to sell. The big stoppers -- you have to pay your marginal tax rate to recapture the depreciation. Remember, we now also have the additional medicare tax and the Obamacare tax.

    I have thought about a 1031 exchange into commercial property. But the value of the properties is no where near enough to exchange into quality properties. I have no capital to add to the purchase. The estate will probably be distributed in the near future as my dad is 89 and my mom is in poor health. So it doesn't make sense to pay realtor and closing fees to turn around and sell in a few years.

    Besides I did the landlord thing for myself and like Rose a duplex was my home purchase. It served us well but I am too old to climb a ladder to paint.
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  • Bond: The Little 4 Letter Word Investors Hate To Use  [View article]
    Thanks Adam, your advise is highly respected.
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  • Bond: The Little 4 Letter Word Investors Hate To Use  [View article]
    Adam, glad you wrote an article about bonds. I am using them to transition my parents portfolio from regular bank CDs to Bonds and Brokered CDs. They need the higher income to pay for their senior housing.

    I use an advisor to help me select them. In return, I have the opportunity to buy new issues at par or lower. Additionally, when an in-house client liquidates a portfolio, current customers are notified about good opportunities before the bonds are entered on the secondary market.

    So my question is, do you think there is a difference between the bid/ask prices through my broker and using the do-it yourself route? Additionally, I do pay $7.50 per transaction.
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  • Why I Have Become An Extremely Conservative REIT Investor  [View article]
    Brad wrote a PRO article in April 2014 about CCG. Since I owned the reit and didn't care for it's movement, the payout ratio and it was sporting a loss, I started reading anything I could regarding college housing. Found out that college admissions were on the decline and that translated into fewer students needing housing. That was enough for me to unload the stock at the end of April at $8.60. We all have to do our own DD.

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  • Retirement Strategy: How Will Rising Interest Rates Affect Dividend Growth Investors?  [View article]
    My husband just did 2 rollovers with a 401k being held at Fidelity.

    One, he wanted to send the funds to a company that specializes in individual bonds. The check had to be made out to the new company for the benefit of. It took a week to get the check then we had to mail this quite sizable check to our new company -- of course this happened over the labor day week-end and took another week before we could get the funds reinvested.

    With the second rollover, we got smarter. I just had my husband rollover the funds into a Fidelity IRA. Funds were available in a day or two. From there I can then have any brokerage firm get them to do a direct transfer. It will cost me $50 to close the Fidelity IRA. We'll kept it there for now, waiting for the IRA specials that will happen next spring. We also kept some of the funds in the 401k, since you have to cash out of the investment that way we can spreadout the purchases for the new DGI portfolio.

    I found the Fidelity site to be obtuse to navigate, I really had to hunt for how to set up dividend reinvesting. I really like Scottrade better. They let you reinvest your dividends in up to five chosen stocks with at least one day before they make the purchase. Lots of info on industry performance and stock screening.

    Capital One Sharebuilder will do automatic dividend reinvesting. It is very easy to opt out. But, I couldn't buy the preferred stock issues I wanted.

    Hope this info helps you. BTW, when talking to the 401k people make sure you talk to the rollover department. Our first call went to the wrong place and we got bad info.

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