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    Your really laying it on the guy aren't you Old Warrior. Take it easy on Eld, he makes investors think twice about they're position which leads to more in depth research. Im sure for others as well, your rebuttals are good examples of the affect he bestows upon us. Don't need to chase the young dog away, its a free board. His part of team Nokia, Seeking Alpha chapter :P
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    Some research from Nokia's India Production Facility

    The Factory in Sriperumbudur (Chennai), India is Nokia's largest production facility in the world. The factory has been expanding since 2006 with 11,300 employees manufacturing around 300,000 phones per day for domestic and international markets. It appears to be the case that the newer smartphones are not made in India. In the factory they make 40 different models where each come in 5-6 different varieties. There are 25 lines operating simultaneously in the factory where each line is capable of producing a new phone 2-4 seconds throughout the day. A production of around 162million phones per year assuming a new phone created every 4 seconds with monthly operation base on 25days. Again, the facility is mainly for feature phones and did not find signs of Lumia phones being made here.

    Chennai India production facility also manufactures for Nokia Siemens Network (NSN). It takes up about 37% workload of the production done in the facility. Products ranging from Multiradio and LTE product, GSM and LTE-ready 3G base stations, FlexiPacket radio/multiradio, Antenna System for Liquid Radio architecture.

    The India Nokia Factory has no signs of closing from my research.

    From Nokia's website:
    5. India - Chennai Established: 2006

    And the winner is...
    Not only is Nokia Chennai one of our biggest facilities, it’s also big on sustainability. In 2010 it received the Golden Peacock Award for its high standards of environment management. And it’s highly active in the community with projects ranging from a local library programme to village regeneration projects.

    *Addition. Foxconn builds most of of Nokia Phone base plates.
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    Possibly a reaction from new information released after the market closed.
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    Production Facilites. Start doing some work boys :) http://bit.ly/Xnx3hY
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  • Here To Make (Quick) Money With Nokia  [View instapost]
    A nokia tablet will be waiting for you at MWC.. hoping for a fast recovery if you go through with procedure.
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    The only demand that is not being met is for the Lumia 920 due to manufacturing constraints which is the most wanted Lumia line. I never did pay attention to these Lumia lines (5,6,7 & 820's). The demand should be much greater globally for these smartphones due to their price points and affordability. These phones also provides the WP8 experience for the right price. I believe manufacturing should ramp up after the Vietnam factory receives the thumbs up to pump out this beautiful candy bars. Now with a bit of burden taken away, other factories can concentrate with the higher end Lumia lines. http://bit.ly/Xnx3hY
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    A possible IPO!
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    Siemens, Nokia Talks Said to Intensify to End Equipment Venture

    Is it a Nokia Takeover or IPO venture for 2014?
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    "Translation for Luke's Stock Talk post. Mandarin to English."

    Nokia rebirth of the Road: shows positive earnings

    The fourth quarter, Nokia sold a total of 4.4 million Lumia phones than expected

    From only one quarter earnings, but also can not say that Nokia has been restored, but at least they have seen a rebound in the direction. The this earnings to Biequ the a number of years, Nokia has injected a strong shot in the arm. Once the mobile phone giant Nokia, get rid of the verge of bankruptcy, and embarked on a road of steady recovery, the most difficult moment has passed.

    Returning to the strong earnings

    Look at the fourth quarter from the Nokia 2012 fiscal year, quarter net revenues of $ 10.7 billion, a growth of 11%; achieve net profit of $ 270 million a year earlier, compared with a loss of $ 1.4 billion. This is Nokia's first profit in a year and a half since the end of Prior the continuous huge loss of embarrassing history. However, Nokia had consecutive losses is more affected by its network equipment joint venture subsidiary Nokia Siemens (abbreviated: NSN) operational mismanagement drag. The turnaround is also the main growth performance thanks to NSN NSN leading to huge writedowns drag, Nokia finally profitable back.

    The real highlights of the earnings report that sales of 4.4 million Lumia phones, an increase of 52%, compared with 2.9 million in the third quarter. Total seasonal Nokia cash increased from $ 11.7 billion to $ 13.2 billion, more valuable working capital. Although the earnings announcement, Nokia's share price fell, but mainly because Nokia announced the first time in 24 years to cancel the dividend, and to give up its Symbian phones. WP8 does not support WP7 phone upgrade after the Lumia handset sales suffered significantly affect WP8 new machine listed just over a month, 4.4 million of sales in the case of such a lean, this data is enough to make Nokia excited about.

    Understand the significance of this positive earnings on Nokia CEO Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) can look elaborate. He said on a conference call after the earnings report: "efforts were finally rewarded, to this end, we are encouraged by the fourth quarter and the fiscal year 2012, we achieved operating profit." Face "shortly after taking office Microsoft Trojan questioned Canadians finally emboldened to prove his leadership ability, even if this is only a preliminary positive.

    Just a few months ago, Nokia was also caught outside a suspected pessimistic sound. Two years after the alliance with Microsoft, WP Mobile is still difficult to see improvement, and Nokia continue to lay off the sale of assets; vigorously promote WP7 flagship phone Lunia 900 just to see sales growth, Microsoft announced a new system of WP8 abandon WP7 user; strategic partners Microsoft HTC maintained a balance between efforts and Nokia attitude and let Nokia feel awkward. Before the in WP8 equipment new listing, Nokia had the most difficult period of time. During this time, the Nokia one hand, in exchange for valuable funds through the sale of the buildings, patents and layoffs and other means, on the other hand will be hopes for WP8 new products.

    Product to save the fate of

    The fourth quarter was the turning point in the self-help of Nokia, the flagship mobile phone 920 is the last straw. On a mobile phone manufacturer, excellent product to bring users with performance. For continuous Nokia hit 920 this flagship model has become the mainstream manufacturers ability to continue as a key to survival. 920 released in early September, Nokia has almost come up with cost control under the premise of good technology to lead the industry including PurView camera technology, ultra-sensitive touch screen, wireless charging technology.

    920 listing of praise in the industry, this is not surprising.

    Nokia lead the mobile phone industry for many years, although a disadvantage because the system quickly by Apple to catch up with Samsung, but still in the design and technology with the industry's top strength. Superior hardware also needs qualified software. After several years of accumulation, Microsoft WP8 on to make up for the disadvantages of previous systems, gradually approaching on the basic functions of the system of Apple and Google to become the third largest smartphone operating system. Although significant gaps in the number of applications and the quality WP8 has been able to reflect the technical strengths of the Nokia 920, the close integration of the software and hardware.

    920 listed always in short supply, is true in Europe, the United States or China. In the U.S., AT & T is the exclusive distributor Lumia 920, the phone is always ranked in the sales charts in the first few orders of up to 1-2 weeks, which is usually the treatment of the iPhone only. Of course, this is Nokia's production problems. Poor mobile phone sales in the previous WP7 Nokia 920 listed and no shipments expectations too high, in order to reduce the loss of stock, Nokia does not provide adequate capacity for 920.
    Nokia Lumia 920 phone

    China's situation is much the same supplier of Nokia's new mobile phone is expected to own Nokia did not anticipate the market reaction and therefore not equipped with enough capacity for the initial listing of 920. 920 has become the most popular, but the most difficult to buy smart phones. After witnessing the positive response of the market, Nokia now is to increase the supply of 920 horsepower. In order to expand the market, Nokia also cooperation with China's largest carriers, China Mobile launched TD version 920. It is understood that the Nokia situation to informed sources, 920 the current month in the Chinese market shipments reached 100,000 units, which is quite a long absence, the good news for Nokia.

    In addition to the flagship model Lumia 920, Nokia also launched the 820 and 620, while the main mid-and low-end market. The end of this month at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Spain, Nokia also launched two new mobile phones. These two new products are likely to be equipped with the the 40,000,000 pixels PureView technology last 808, other features with 920 slight gap, should complement in WP8 product line on the 7xx this gap. 920 just listed, Nokia will not be so quick to release a new flagship product, the impact to the 920 sales. New the WP8 flagship phone of the market rumors metal fuselage, should be released after the Nokia World Congress.

    More possibilities ahead

    Excellent product to bring good results, while Nokia is also actively explore new revenue channels. Map business is Nokia's traditional strong business, but also the first to achieve revenue diversification means. From the beginning of the third quarter of last year, Nokia released Here, such a cross-platform application services, and also met with Amazon, Oracle, BMW, and many other manufacturers reached a Map cooperation agreement, the actual revenue. In order to highlight the multi-platform nature of the map service, Nokia Maps service was renamed Here, erase the Nokia brand attributes.

    Elop took office after the most important decision-making than the alliance with Microsoft to give up a huge market of Android platform, which also brought him a great deal of controversy. Entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft for two years, the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft, but also because of the series of tragedies become more and more subtle. Nokia is the only mobile phone manufacturers a focus on the Microsoft platform, but did not get the the Microsoft same focus returns. Strict control of Microsoft's mobile software unilaterally abandon WP7 users to upgrade to the latest system, gradually warming relations with HTC to launch its own brand smartphone possibility of these are more or less affect the relationship between Microsoft and Nokia, but also Nokia began to consider more possibilities.

    Nokia and Android has been a big topic of industry speculation. Recent Elop's remarks on the Android tablet extraordinarily evocative. As a veteran mobile phone manufacturers, Nokia has enough technical strength of R & D Tablet PC, Elop also has not shied away from the issues on the Tablet PC. He recently said that Nokia will release a tablet PC, the platform preferred Microsoft operating system, but also keep an open mind on the Android. Does not rule out the possibility of Android Tablet PC, then the future of Nokia there is no need to completely shut the door of the smart phone using Android.

    As the leader of the Nokia Turnaround Strategies, Elop Nokia's shareholders, the board of directors as well as employees responsible for the alliance with Microsoft and Nokia bring immediate results, business turnaround is to rely on its own strength. Conducive to the overall interests of the Nokia need also may turn to the Android platform, "walking on two legs", without having all hopes are pinned on Microsoft's body.

    Apple as its own platform advantage due to the lack of the platform and the industry chain, Nokia and Samsung as the whole industry chain advantages, but by virtue of the original technical strength and brand value, and Nokia have the ability to back smartphone line camp to compete with Sony and HTC, Apple and Samsung market's third-largest manufacturer. Nokia received $ 1.35 billion of EU funds in the near future for the R & D graphene material. Graphene is most able to combine a strong and lightweight material, will Nokia products bring revolutionary innovation for mobile devices.
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    I created my own application for SA by pinning it on my Lumia start screen. Not a big fan of mobile pages and viewing the SA desktop version in my 920 is not a problem at all. I had to constantly squint with my 4S and I'm near sighted for goodness sake :P
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    Nokia Lumia 920t voted number 1 mobile phone at China Mobile

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    It's a very questionable and contradicting matter, but with your tax season explanation adds a bit (just a bit) of peace of mind :)

    Although, you never know. A manipulative genius must've constructed this fiasco, carefully connecting certain macroeconomic events together(e.g. dividend waived, short stock interest, etc, etc) and then composing a melodramatic symphony to plague investor emotions or maybe not. It's a nonevent :P

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    This whole fiasco reminds me of the game Cricket. A game which I don't quite understand the rules, but provides great entertainment.

    Thanks for clarifying the matter Seppo. Cheers :)
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    Local tax officials are behind the demands of 1.3billion euros??? which is to be paid in full by the end of March. At the same time India's Minister of Finance tells the world that all is well and the doors are wide open for future business. LoL

    Local pan handlers vs. corrupted Bureaucracy. What a mess! Vodafone got out of it, surely Nokia will find a way or say goodbye to India's business rapport. Godspeed Nokia.
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    Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop speaks to the Business about his company's comeback (Extended)

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