Truth be damned

Truth be damned
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  • Bubble Or Not, U.S. Stocks Are Priced To Deliver Dismal Long-Term Returns  [View article]
    What to invest in? Look at what is under performing and do some re-balancing within your individual risk tolerance guidelines. High risk tolerance - look at precious metals, gold miners (GDX), broad commodities (DJP). I'm making no predictions here - just pointing out that they severely underperformed in 2013.
    A number of high quality REITs are at fair value with a nice income streams (O, HCN, VTR, DLR, etc). Yes, they are interest rate sensitive but they look pretty good to me for long term investors.
    Emerging Mkts are down. If the macro economic picture is looking better for Developed Mkts, then EMs should benefit longer term (VWO, etc). There are normally some good values in individual stocks - Ford & GM have very reasonable valuations, some of the large IT firms also (CSCO, AAPL).
    Look at low beta, dividend paying blue chips with reasonable valuations to ride out the storm. If you don't mind investing in sin stocks, look at PM (near 52-wk lows).
    Again, each of us needs to determine our risk tolerance. Market timing is tough but going to some cash at these market valuations may help some people sleep a lot better at night.
    Jan 14, 2014. 10:10 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Is China One Big Value Trap?  [View article]
    CTEL no longer provides Telecomm services. Several articles in Seeking Alpha cover the changes. Major due diligence is required before investing in it.
    Dec 19, 2012. 09:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • City Telecom's Dividend Yield Deeply Misleading  [View article]
    Simon - Is there currently a big short squeeze with CTEL or is there something more compelling in the annual report?

    I did see that they plan to pay out at least one more dividend.

    Interested in your thoughts on the huge price run up to over $6.
    Dec 12, 2012. 03:31 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Regression To Trend: A Perspective On Long-Term Market Performance  [View article]
    The data is inflation adjusted so real returns are lower than nominal. The data series also starts in 1871 versus many that start around 1926. Look at 1926 on the regression line and you will see that it is below trend line compared to 1871 - so real returns would be different with a 1926 starting date.
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  • 3 Undervalued Tech Small Caps With Impressive Earnings  [View article]
    Yes, the stock price adjusted by the amount of the special dividend ($6.4451 per share) There was an admin fee of $0.02 per share. There was no gain or loss on the opening stock price adjustment (outside of taxation issues). The stock price has jumped significantly post ex-div date as is common when the speculators try to make a quick buck. Will be interesting to see where the stock price is in a month.

    I agree with mweslowski, all or part of the special div should be a return of capital given the sale of assets to CVC C. P.
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  • 3 Undervalued Tech Small Caps With Impressive Earnings  [View article]
    PE firm CVC Capital Partners has purchased the telecom and broadband assets of City Telecom HK. City is changing over to a television service. They paid out a special dividend to shareholders as part of the sale.
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  • My Mad Method: Battle Of The Consumer Goods Titans  [View article]
    P&G is a solid, well run company with a great history. They are too big to grow at rates of the past but with a dividend yield of 3.8% and a beta of 0.33, I believe they are great portfolio addition for people seeking relatively stable income. I think the capital appreciation is limited in the current global economic environment but the downside is also limited at this stock price level (unless the globe slides into another deep recession). I personally have switched from some P&G products to cheaper store brands but I am also loyal to some P&G products that I consider superior in performance and value. I typically add to my P&G position below $60 and sell some above $67. Long PG and a former P&G employee.
    Jun 26, 2012. 09:51 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • ETFs For A Revival In Nuclear Energy  [View article]

    Not sure when you submitted this article but here are NLR share prices according to Yahoo Finance.

    12/30/2011 $14.84
    4/4/2012 $15.74 +6.06% (NOT 11%)

    The price is down 7.5% from the 3/26/12 close of $17.01.

    Seems the market fears that nuclear energy will have a tough time competing with ultra low natural gas prices.
    Apr 5, 2012. 08:26 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Telecom Stocks Roundup  [View article]
    One issue with SKM is their recent $3.1B purchase of a 21% stake in Hynix Semiconductor - a completely unrelated business to telecom. Not a great decision if you are looking to invest in a business and mgmt team that are focused on telecom.
    Jan 24, 2012. 04:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Newsflash: SEC May Slowly Start to Enforce the Law  [View article]
    Thank you for getting real information out on "naked" short selling. Looking at comments from various articles on this topic, it is clear that many people do not understand the difference between short selling (legal) and "naked" short selling (illegal but not enforced by SEC). A simple illustration would be a company with 1000 shares of stock outstanding. If I naked short 2000 shares (have not borrowed shares that really exist), I have artifically expanded the number of shares to 3000. When I go to cover my position by buying 2000 shares, they do not exist!!! How could this not be a problem. It's the same as printing money in your basement, which for some reason, Uncle Sam doesn't like. Naked shorting is a tool for market manipulation and increasing market volatility (which makes money for the big firms at the expense of the small investor).

    Shameful is an understatement! This illegal practise must be enforced and prosecuted
    Jul 17, 2008. 09:17 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment