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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]

    By the way, good call on AAPL here. I missed it completely. I own a healthy amount and that clouded my judgment. I wrote some calls @ 600 but got crushed the rest of the way down. The recent upturn has been nice but they might be toast without a new product. Only time will tell.
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    Hi Agbug:

    By the way, I told you so! Also, Gold has not bottomed yet. If you are looking for an interesting trade, look at silver. Much more upside potential with actual real world applications. Not sure if it will get to $15/oz but if it does, back up the truck and load it up. I will be being in the high teens, hopefully soon.

    Best of luck!
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    So, it's been six months since this article was published. I wonder how many of you are still hanging on to your gold positions. The only reason I mention it, is because you must hear the sound by now. What sound you may ask? That is the sound of the air rushing out of the bubble. It took almost 20 years to get gold to those highs and if you think it is over, you are deluding yourself.
    At the very least, it may be easier for some of you involved to recognize the next bubble which will certainly keep evolving so long as the Fed keeps up its shenanigans.
    Happy trading!
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  • How Apple Can Reclaim Its Mojo - And $700 Share Price  [View article]
    I am a long term holder of Apple since the first announcement of the IPOD (U2 edition). The last thing I want to see is AAPL splitting the stock, buying back stock, or increasing their dividend.

    More productive use of cash for a tech stock (in my opinion) would be to invent/invest or purchase new technologies which will reap many more dividends (no pun intended) down the road.

    Don't get me wrong, I am not happy with AAPL's recent stock performance but I am also not worried. If the market wants to trade it like it is a distressed steel company than so be it. I have been around long enough to know that in the end, fundamentals do matter. AAPL's stock price will break $1,000. This year, next year, in ten years, who knows. I can wait. See you at the finish line!
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  • "Time is running out" for bank managements to prove their low stock valuations are only short-term, says Mike Mayo. He again suggests breaking up the big banks will improve their stock prices, citing surging price-to-book values following the introduction of Glass-Steagall in 1933.  [View news story]
    The lobbyist for Citibank had Glass-Steagall repealed so that they could get the mega-deal with Travelers Group approved in the late 90's.

    The big banks lack of transparency (i.e. credit derivatives) and shady dealings make them extremely risky investments as they are "black box" operations.

    How about re-instating Glass Steagall since it was put in place to prevent another Great Depression. What a coincidence that it is repealed and 10 years later we have the "great recession".

    The big banks will destroy capitalism if they are left to run amok. They do not deserve to trade at higher valuations considering how they nearly destroyed the world capital markets.
    Jan 2, 2013. 12:20 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • More on Apple: Topeka's Brian White, he of the $1,111 PT, claims "an insatiable appetite" exists for the iPad Mini in mainland China and Hong Kong, with checks indicating nearly all models are sold out in Hong Kong stores. He also claims Chinese iPhone 5 availability has improved, and that local resellers are calling it the most popular high-end smartphone. (previous[View news story]
    Good luck shorting AAPL, you are going to need it.

    Forget the fact that AAPL can't make enough phones to meet demand while Nokia is giving their phones away. Forget the fact that they are years ahead of the competition and everyone else is trying to catch up.

    AAPL is not done innovating and has a pipeline of life changing products in the mix. I can't wait to see the shorts squirm.

    Can anyone say I-watch or Apple TV? Stay tuned. Coming to an AAPL store near you in 2013.
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  • Will Interest Rates Rise In 2013?  [View article]
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    I really liked your report. If the issue was black and white then we would all have a similar outlook. I guess that is why it is called speculation.

    Good luck and I look forward to reading more of your work!
    Dec 15, 2012. 12:53 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    Gold bugs:

    I love the way you question the "eating gold" part of my humor regarding how the internet is not quite credible yet. Apparently you accept the grey aliens and have no trouble with them.

    On a serious note, you say that gold is not a dollar based asset. Then why is the rational behind the gold trade related to the debasing of the dollar and QE infinity? If it is not dollar based than it should not be a viable hedge for the dollar. Gold does not move based on Russian, Indian, or Chinese inflation. You don't even know why you have invested in gold and you tell me there is not a bubble.

    Time will tell and I will be there to remind you who was right. Best of luck, you will need it!
    Dec 15, 2012. 09:47 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    Well, that is my cue to sign off.

    God bless you and your damaged frontal lobes. You should really get that looked at.
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    Not sure I understand your point but I can assure you that I have no positions in gold either way and I am not part of a conspiracy to undermine your gold holdings. In fact, I can also tell you that my comments or anyone else's on any internet site will not affect the price of gold.

    The internet is not a credible source of news (yet) and anyone who makes investment decisions based on what they read on financial blogs needs to re-evaluate their investment process.

    Although, there was a pretty credible story about grey aliens living in underground caverns in Colorado who eat gold which is causing a scarcity in the market...
    Dec 14, 2012. 03:10 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    This is not an opinion but a fact. No need to tell the foreigners that it is primarily a dollar based asset. They already know.
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]
    Cannon Fodder:

    There is no universal law or truism that requires gold to be a hedge for inflation or the dollar. Ever since Nixon took the U.S. off the gold standard, there is no direct relation to gold at all. Any co-relation or inferred symbiotic relationship is pure chance and statistical hogwash.

    Gold is primarily a dollar based asset and will fluctuate with the value of the dollar but otherwise, I have never seen any convincing evidence that gold must go higher due to inflation. In fact, throughout the 60's all the way to the early 90's inflation was very high in the U.S. and gold languished for many years.

    Most of the functional uses for gold have been replaced with other metals and in my humble opinion, gold serves no purpose in anyone's portfolio except for pure speculation mentally disguised as hedging.

    It sure is shiny and pretty though!
    Dec 14, 2012. 01:04 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]

    I really do admire your writing, there was no sarcasm intended.

    Anywho, every site you mentioned has pro-gold analysis as well as the gold bashing you speak of, including the major U.S. rag publications. I believe since you are long gold, you are focusing on the negative articles. I can send you dozens of links if you like why gold will hit $5,000 (exaggerated expectations).

    20 years ago, the only way to purchase gold was to buy physical coins, bars, jewelry, etc. or to play the futures market, which very few individual investors did. Today, anyone can purchase a proxy to gold with ETF's and most have (trading volumes higher). Investment advisors recommend some gold for everyone's portfolio.

    All I am saying, is that gold is a hedge for inflation and the dollar until it is not. Most individual investors will panic and sell at the first signs of trouble and since nearly everyone on the planet with a 401k or retirement account has an allocation to gold, it could get ugly when the flow of funds reverse.

    So is it a bubble? In my opinion, gold satisfies every criteria you wrote above in the definition of a speculative asset bubble. If it looks and smells like a bubble, it will pop.

    Also, if the crap really does hit the proverbial fan, then what do you plan to do with your gold holdings? Maybe you can use some gold bars to kill that woman-eating raccoon that has invaded your attic.

    Best wishes and happy returns!
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  • The Gold Bubble: Why It Just Won't Burst  [View article]

    I always love reading your posts. When I understand some of them, I feel all grown up and intelligent.

    Actually it does sound like gold. Not sure what circles you hang around in but very few traders and investment managers I know bash gold. Most have developed a love affair with their positions and will defend it to the death.
    Dec 13, 2012. 05:17 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment