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  • Without Steve Jobs, Apple Is Without A Map [View article]
    I have tremendout respect for Steve Jobs. Nothing can take that away. He is one of America's business greats. Further, Tim Cook is very competent, and is consistently improving the iphone - however I am not sure about the timing of the maps changeover. There will be glitches and maybe it was launched a bit too early.
    Personally, and no disrespect to Apple at all, I'm going to get a Nokia 920 from the "invisible" European phone maker that has a tin ear for marketing, and gets no help at all from publications such as Bloomberg, that might as well be an Apple fan club headquarters. But I like the Nokia Lumia phone and what it clearly does very well and the price is far better as becomes apparent if not submerged in predatory consumer phone service contracts. I suspect sales might be a bit different if everyone had to buy the phone, then get the contract. Oh well. This is America where the sell-side rules.
    The camera is a big deal to me, because I take shaky pictures. Listening to the din of announcement after announcement of impending success, of an unstoppeable juggernaut in Apple I recall Bernard Baruch's (?) comment that the time to be cautious is when even the shoeshine boys on Wall Street are hyping a stock. Apple has just about reached that position. Apple will always be with us, but look at the price trajectory - how long can it go on? Reality will set in the very first time that Apple fails to be sensational. Congratulations to all of you who saw what Jobs accomplished back 5 or so years ago. I missed it. But like I said, I'm personally not going to follow the herd and I'll have my trusty yellow Nokia 920 with the great maps, the cordless charging and full compatibility with windows software for quite a few years. All the best to the Seeking Alpha crowd, agree or disagree you are my favorite people in investing! I love hanging with people who actually care about business and how it works, and are not just trying to sell me something on commission.
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  • The iPhone 5: Apple's Last Hurrah [View article]
    Luke, you are a rock! Always enjoy those posts.
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  • The iPhone 5: Apple's Last Hurrah [View article]
    I agree that AAPL is a great company, and Jobs changed the world of communications almost singlehandedly. But, I'm of course a fan of some of these tech innovators - including Bill Gates who not only created MSFT but a great foundation for good around the world. And let's not forget Michael Dell, selling computers from the back of his car down there in Texas.
    My only problem with Apple as a LONG TERM investment at this time is simply my perception that it is going to be increasingly difficult to maintain Apple-style prices due to some perceived technical edge in an industry that is becoming very commoditized. Even if Samsung is temporarily chased away, Nokia is out there with a very original set of phones that work very well and are much less expensive. Sooner or later, this will begin to have an effect on the market and the price that Apple can charge for it's phones and other hardware-software. I saw an very nice apple slim notebook at a student bookstore priced at $2000. I bought a really good HP notebook for $600 that does most of the things I need to do, and quite reliably. To some students, maybe most of them, this price difference is important, given how expensive college is these days. Granted Apple is cooler, and has great aps, how long can this price advantage for Apple be maintained now that an entire industry is awake to the essential invention represented by the iphone and linked hardware software ecosystems?
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