into dark shadows

into dark shadows
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  • Bloomberg Consumer Comfort Index hits three-month high  [View news story]
    Yeah, Ok!
    These numbers are about as honest and truthful as Michael Bloomberg himself!
    Excuse me as I pick myself up off the floor, I was laughing so hard!
    Jan 28, 2016. 11:53 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • IMF, World Bank move to forestall oil-led defaults  [View news story]
    What a cluster duck!
    I have never heard of any better reason than this to ABOLISH the INSANITY called the IMF and The World Bank!
    Two disgraces right next to the final piece of the Un- Holy Trinity, The UN!
    No more Trump style deal making, back to the Constitution and Ted,
    or Agenda 21!
    Jan 28, 2016. 11:36 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Scholastic defends decision to withdraw George Washington book  [View news story]
    Just what is going on here?
    The Progressive transformation is almost complete.
    With garbage like this revisionist history before the book is even allowed to be published, the Republic needs the like of Ted Cruz more each passing day!
    Slavery was a part of this country and its early history. To just try and keep it out of the hands of the people only makes it more evil. You cannot learn from the mistakes of history without accurate representation!
    The moral police along with the Politically Correct socialist progressives are subverting our country and its history. Let the book be seen and discussed, then make an informed decision on weather it has any merit or is just propaganda!
    Jan 25, 2016. 07:42 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Historic global climate deal struck  [View news story]
    What a crock of malarkey, I was getting worried until I saw the one word that would save humanity from the Global Power Grabbing Elite.
    What a relief!
    There is as much chance of anything ever coming of this as is the chance that we could effect the climate over a century by moving the needle a degree or two.
    We can't even predict the weather a week or two out, but these pseudo scientists can predict the outcome a century out?
    Sheer bloody lunacy!
    It wouldn't surprise me to think progressives would be willing to destroy their economies for some inconsequential goal a century out. They know better than the rest of us don't you know?
    How arrogant!
    Dec 12, 2015. 02:00 PM | 25 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gundlach: Fed about to make a mistake  [View news story]
    We are mired in a deflationary environment right now. This is a Depression but the masses couldn't handle being told that so we get the so called "Great Recession", but make no mistake, this is a Depression!
    The reaction first of Bernanke and now Yellen support the Depression scenario.
    Just because we don't have food lines around the block,(electronic food lines ala food stamps at 45 million people), and an unemployed population who have been weaned to believe (from the progressives of both parties but Obama in particular) that the government owes them something!
    Or God help us all,the progressive government will be the savior of all their ills...
    I'll take my chances,
    get the government out of everywhere it should not be,
    send it's power where it belongs, to the states.
    Smaller guberment now!
    Dec 8, 2015. 07:18 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Gundlach: Fed about to make a mistake  [View news story]
    Come on man!
    What the frack? If Interest rates were a more normal 3,4, or 5% then maybe you would have an argument.
    We have been at ZERO for 7/8 years already!
    Just when is it OK to start to normalize rates?
    This has become such a bad joke but no one is laughing anymore!
    If your book can't handle the miniscule rise coming, tough noggies pal!
    Raise the rates and let these cry baby Wall Street crooks deal with it!
    The working man / woman have been dealing with no income from their savings while you got FAT Jeff, how about one good turn deserves another....
    Dec 8, 2015. 06:01 PM | 6 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reuters: ECB lowered stimulus after hitting opposition  [View news story]
    @Moon Kil Woong
    Agree with you for the most part, but you end with "Except in dire downturns."
    That meddling is exactly what has brought us to this stage.
    We no longer have a Free Market System, Greenspan was the first to distort with L.T.C.M. then the Dot -Com bubble, then Bernanke and now we wrap up with Yellen.
    The time to have "kept their mouths shut" was years and crises ago...
    The system needed to reset in 2000 then 2007 / 2008 but still we kept it levitated in mid air, this next leg down(look at any monthly stock market chart), will take a generation to come back from. The system needed and still needs to deleverage, come hell or high water, it will at some point...
    Dec 7, 2015. 01:35 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Reuters: ECB lowered stimulus after hitting opposition  [View news story]
    If we elect a constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz the Republic stands a chance. The next President needs to be a person of extremely high caliber, he needs to stand and possibly fall on his own. Like Ronald Reagan when none of his staff wanted the now famous,"Tear down these walls" line in his speech. Reagan had the moral clarity of his convictions and was unafraid to act on them, anything short of this kind of moral certitude and the Republic as we once knew it will finally be lost. Or as the progressives in both parties(that's you Trump and Jeb, Huckabe and Graham etc) like to say,"Transformed"....
    Dec 6, 2015. 01:28 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Reuters: ECB lowered stimulus after hitting opposition  [View news story]
    There is only one word to describe all this Fed / ECB nonsense,
    The word is the perfect adjective for what the world has been witness to from both the Financial powers that be and our quasi elected officials!
    Thanks to the Fed and to their counter part across the pond, there is nothing of any reliability that can be used to make any sort of normal,(if anything since the start of the Great Recession / Unnamed Depression is normal) investing decisions.
    This administration claimed it would be "The most transparent in history" but hides and twists every bit of Intel that does not fit their objectives. Think Global warming, think "The police acted stupidly" and the rest of the meme that goes on day in and day out.
    The gall of the worlds central bankers / planners is legion. They give no thought to the effects of their actions on the real working men and women who power what's left of our economy. As for our cousins across the pond, they are more captive to the flailing about of their masters, they are not ruled by the same so called "Checks and Balances" as we are,(or what's left of them) sorry to be you mates...
    The time to end this distortion before it morphs into some really bad episode of the "Twilight Zone" is now. We are headed for pain, you can run but you can't hide behind the skirts of Draghi and Yellen, they are impotent. The only tools they have left are words to hide and try to distort reality. Their time is up. We need to turn to ourselves and God. Become the light that will always come after the darkness. When the tough sledding gets going, we run towards it, not away from it! That's what makes us Americans, we can and will overcome any obstacle. But the first rule in recovery is to admit you have a problem. Lord knows we have a PROBLEM!
    Practice saying Thank You, be grateful for what we have, not what we think we need from some government bureaucrat. That goes double for our cousins across the pond,you face massive challenges.
    Look inward, the will to overcome / stand tall is there, it just needs to be strengthened. We can and will be that "Shining City on the Hill" again...
    May the good lord bless and watch over this fragile little experiment in freedom / man's self rule we call America.
    Dec 6, 2015. 11:39 AM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Companies drifting into the sweet spot of retail  [View news story]
    What are these guys smoking?
    Sub $2.00 gas?
    For how long? Not long enough to make a plan on how to pay the rising cost of Obama care or God forbid, the penalty tax that is going to skyrocket for those of us who are healthy and watch our way of living as to reduce risk!
    How about the never ending local tax burden from the out of control school boards?
    Don't even get me going on progressive Governor's (PA's Gov. Wolf represented here) who are going out of their way to cripple the economy of their states with more TAX INCREASES than jobs can support?
    And last but not least, should be the first threat, what about the San Bernardino style attacks on the homeland? Why are we still waiting on the media to show us what the female looked like? No pictures of her without a veil? How about we just call this a terrorist attack and not some possible work place incident?
    Yeah, when I count up the risk versus the reward, sorry so called economists but I don't put much "STOCK" in your procrastinations...
    Dec 4, 2015. 11:00 AM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • House, Senate agree on long-term highway bill, reauthorizing Ex-Im Bank  [View news story]
    I am so disgusted with the GOP establishment!
    Paul Ryan is an absolute disgrace!
    No way the Ex Im bank gets renewed!
    What a travesty, there is nothing worthy left in the political parties!
    A pox on both their houses!
    Disgusted and fed up with all this PROGRESSIVE garbage!
    Dec 1, 2015. 04:51 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Fed's Evans not so sure about Dec. hike  [View news story]
    What a joke man!
    And if anyone wants to know why the Fed has no credibility, comments like this are the answer!
    This dribble is so counter productive, leading to more uncertainty and market manipulation!
    How about some restraint?
    Just do what needs to be done and shut up already!
    The Fed is impotent,
    out of any tools to TRY and manage the next crisis(of their own making), and restore the once might free market principles that are sorely lacking today!
    Dec 1, 2015. 01:00 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • U.S. IPO market on track for slowest year since 2009  [View news story]
    After the market run that we have had at the expense of future generations, fed profligacy and guberment largess on steroids, you can even utter this kind of dribble...
    The IPO market should be happy with the run its had.
    The markets would be F.U.B.A.R. and I would argue they already are, without the wasted money companies have been buying their shares back with. There would have been no market move off the bottom without the Fed's easy money and buybacks.
    So excuse me if someone somewhere is lamenting the IPO market.
    Nov 30, 2015. 03:16 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • World leaders gather for UN climate conference  [View news story]
    Great first comment and you are spot on. A breath of fresh air I might add!
    There will be some more darkness before the return to a more normal looking America, but so many good comments on this topic raises the level of truly awakened and strengthened people...
    Very Hopeful,
    we are nearing the end of an error that was disastrous in its outcome.
    Sadly, the man had such a willing platform from which to really heal and unite,instead we got divide and hate your neighbor. What a sad, sad outcome...
    Nov 29, 2015. 02:59 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • World leaders gather for UN climate conference  [View news story]
    No talking your own book Alex,penalty,5 yards...
    Nov 29, 2015. 11:41 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment