into dark shadows

into dark shadows
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Started investing in the stock market in 1995.

Very slow learning process but was eager to learn about economics and general investing.

Survived the dot com implosion, the housing bubble(thankx Greenspan / Bernanke) and am still standing after the 2007 implosion!

I am very committed to the theory that we are no longer operating in a "Free Market System", ever since the fed became committed to propping up risk assets and not allowing the system to clear.

If Greenspan had allowed the system to "Reset", Clear in 2000, we would be closer to coming out the other side today.

The interventions of Greenspan first and Bernanke today force us to try and survive in a deflationary morass ...More
  • Description: Full-time Investor.
  • Interests: Stocks - short
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