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    I have alot tied up in PHOT...what is going to happen to my money? I am new to trading....
    Apr 10, 10:00 PM
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    • 1980XLS:
      Apr 10, 10:11 PM
    • wheelz23:
      Apr 10, 11:06 PM
    • Perkins Cove: Feel sorry for stockguy...but both of those were funny.....haha
      Apr 11, 6:29 AM
    • Perkins Cove: Lesson...don't put ALOT in $PHOT...or any other penny stock.
      Apr 11, 6:31 AM
    • wallstreetpro1: Perkins is right never go all in on one of these highly spec plays I made the mistake of buying some the day before lol only 700 shares $350
      Apr 11, 7:47 AM