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  • The Implications of Russia's Declining U.S. Debt Purchases [View article]
    US hyperpower LOL you benn hanging around the republicans too long we are a burning rome on its last legs and the banks are making sure they loot all they can before it collpases

    On Jul 20 05:46 AM User 353732 wrote:

    > 1. Russia hardly has the excess foreign reserves(at current oil,
    > gas, and non energy-commodity prices) to keep buying dollars, esp
    > since the Russians have been even more blatantly public than the
    > Chinese in seeking to demote the dollar as the sole reserve currency
    > 2. The Russians do not need US markets (while the Chinese still do)
    > since they produce very little besides energy and minerals that the
    > US wants to buy and there are global markets for Russia's exports
    > ( commodities, weapons and nuclear technology) so Russia has the
    > easiest task among major nations in decoupling itself from the dollar
    > 3. For geo-strategic reasons Russia is keen to hasten the dollar's
    > decline(i.e the decline of the US as a hyperpower) since the net
    > benefits to Russia from a debased and discredited dollar exceed the
    > investment losses: Russia, more than any other nation, will benefit
    > from a global flight to commodities, including and especially oil
    > and gold.
    > 4. Russia is trying both to re-emerge as the leading geo-strategic
    > opponent of the US(hence its unpleasant alliances with the most repulsive
    > regimes in the world) and portray itself as the champion of the Global
    > South in resisting US+EU attempts to impose their agenda on the developing
    > world(eg carbon suppression; nuclear technology controls ; limiting
    > or preventing bioengineered agricultural innovation); as such it
    > can hardly ,at the same time, be viewed as a substantial holder of
    > dollars(it must try to lead by action as well as words)
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