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  • Fiscal Cliff Haunts Like Y2K  [View article]
    Commodities, Bonds and Emerging Markets ... I agree.
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  • Reasons Remain For A Gold Rally: 2 Gold Stocks To Buy, 1 To Avoid  [View article]
    One comment: I agree. The reason that AUY has better performance than both ABX and NEM is because they have NOT embarked on multi-billion dollar, multi-year high risk projects. While I believe projects at ABX and NEM will payoff eventually in a big way, the issue is that the world is changing far too rapidly to ever assume (ASS of U and ME) that project assumptions will remain constant. AUY has done a much better job of managing its projects. They have for last several years done the following: 1.) Focused on improving existing operations, 2.) Established a corporate culture of frugality, and 3.) Developed corporate strategy that emphasizes the conversion of resources in the ground to cash flow as rapidly as possible. They have a very low Debt to Equity ratio with a very healthy balance sheet.

    I do believe despite the set backs that mining industry will do well in the future for one reason. Government leaders are out of control and fiscal policy will continue to be a disaster leading to more and more fiat money until it all collapses. Below is a quote about DEMOCRACIES and how they eventually end. In America and other democracies around the world, we have arrived.

    "Rarely have democracies survived beyond 200 years. Why do democracies fail? Two of the major reasons are: 1) democracies generally progress through an initial period from bondage to spiritual faith escalating to the point where the citizens become totally dependent on the government to where they eventually revert back to bondage, and 2) once the democracy shows signs of prosperity, citizens vote themselves generous bounties from the public treasury."
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  • Commodities: Gold, Silver Due For A Correction  [View article]
    Just one question: Why?? Euro looks like it might make a run to 1.34. Nothing has changed in Washington or in the world. In fact things look more troubling than ever. America is a rudderless nation adrift in a sea of manipulated economic data contrived by corrupt political leadership that are AWOL.

    "Metals: February gold has traded lower four out of the last five sessions, off approximately $50/ounce this week. I anticipate a trade under the 100 day MA while support is seen at the $1700 mark, followed by $1670. On a closing basis, March silver was unable to break its 50 day MA -- currently at $33.25. My take is an interim top was established this week, and we see a correction moving forward. Under the 50 day MA, I see the 100 day MA at $31.55. My suggested play is back ratio spreads, attempting to capitalize on what I view to be a 2-3% correction in gold and 4-5% correction in silver to come."
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  • Dueling Talking Points On The Fiscal Cliff  [View article]
    You know what we need?

    We need an earth quake in Washington DC while legislative, executive and judicial arms of our government are in session to shake these people up!!!!

    What a disaster! Corruption and deceit are the call of the day. Every time these guys talk, all I can imagine is a flushing toilet and a vision of the constitutional republic going right down the sewer of despair.
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  • Gold Bulls And Bears Should Short GDX  [View article]
    Another author with a "rear view mirror" vision. Despite some of the problems with mining firms, the future is looking very bright. Case in point: George Soros and David Einhorn certainly think GDX, GDXJ are going higher within next 6 months as evidenced by holdings disclosure in their latest 13F fund filings.

    These mining companies have learned an important lesson: "Shorten project implementation time lines and reduce risk when/where possible or cancel the project." AUY is a great example of a company that has managed risk and executed projects on-time and within budgets.

    One final note: The major mining firms are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars worth of resource and reserve assets. These companies are selling at $0.05 to $0.10 on the dollar. Shorting mining firms now is a high risk proposition, especially if fiscal cliff resolution efforts go south. Euro looking like it might head to 1.34 which would be positive for gold and silver prices.
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  • EUR/USD: A Perfect Short, Whilst Ignoring The Murky Fundamentals  [View article]
    Not sure I agree with portion of your title: "EUR/USD: A Perfect Short".

    It looks to me that the Euro has some bullish technical setups that may come into play over the days ahead. Potenial bullish configurations include inverse HEAD-SHOULDERS pattern, CUP-HANDLE pattern and volume data that supports an upward move. Based on inverse HEAD-SHOULDERS rules of interpretation, the pattern if it comes to pass is projecting a value of 1.34 for Euro against the US Dollar.

    Dollar is sitting on support at around 80 on the DXY with a MACD trending down. Dollar looks like it wants to push down through the support line.
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  • The Third-Quarter GDP Revisions - Better, But Not By Much  [View article]

    One additional comment concerning GDP data. GDP is up because of government and Federal Reserve intervention. As Allen Greenspan once said: "The markets are a zero sum game." While everyone is applauding and pontificating on how the market is up, GDP is positive, etc., the fact remains we have pulled demand forward and stolen money from our children and grandchildren to prop-up this piece the markets as evidenced by the following commentary from HSBC.

    "HSBC says central banks created $9 trillion during the crisis, which is the equivalent to the value of all the gold that has ever been mined.

    The Federal Reserve has become the biggest buyer of U.S. government debt. It owns one dollar in six of the national debt, which is the largest percent of GDP in history. And it’s not just the Fed... the major central banks are also busy creating money.

    Clearly history is in the making and we don’t know how it’s all going to end. It’s bigger than any presidential election, and all we can do is protect ourselves against the wild printing of money."

    We are at a point of no return ... just not sure how it will end ... but like the titanic, our course and destiny is certain if we keep going down the same path of borrow and spend.
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  • Commodity Chart Of The Day: Gold  [View article]

    Not sure I agree with gold assessment and here is why ...

    When you look at the charts, the argument can be made that the low of yesterday, 11/28/12, touched the bottom of an upward sloping channel. In addition, that downward draft on 11/28/12 was a one time event that wiped out all of the stops. Nothing left to make it go down. One other note of interest is that AU, GFI and HMY really moved up today and GDX was firm.
    Nov 29, 2012. 09:25 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • The Third-Quarter GDP Revisions - Better, But Not By Much  [View article]

    Sorry to say this to you, but I and millions of other Americans no longer trust or believe any of this data.

    People producing this data are corrupt to the core. Below is God's perspective on human nature found in Jeremiah 17:9 which is in full bloom.

    Jer 17:9 NKJV - "The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], And desperately wicked; Who can know it?
    Jer 17:10 NKJV - I, the LORD, search the heart, [I] test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.
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  • Paul Van Eeden On Why Gold Is Overvalued  [View article]
    One comment:

    In the article, the author sites that no one knows the price of gold and then proceeds to say the following:

    "The value of gold is about $900/oz. Expectations of monetary inflation are keeping gold prices high."

    Two questions:
    1. Who's inflation measure is being used?
    2. Where does debt and fiat money creation come into the discussion?

    Everyone has a piece of the story and an opinion, but not the entire story or should I say the truth.
    Nov 29, 2012. 04:31 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Best Stock Bargains Before The 'Santa Claus Rally'  [View article]
    Nice list ... of all the stocks on the list, AUY has the potential to really do well with two significant projects coming online this quarter. Growth rate of AUY is one of the best in the metals and mining industry and competitive with other stocks on your list including AAPL. In addition, AUY has done an excellent job controlling risk with a corporate culture that is very well run and frugal.

    AUY is literally sitting on close to a 150+ Billion dollars of mineral reserves and resources and growing over 10% per year at current market prices when P&P, M&I and inferred resources are considered for AU, AG, CU, MB, etc. The same is true of many of the other mining stocks as well. In fact when you look at ABX, NEM, GG, KGC, AU, AUY, GFI, etc. combined, one quickly comes to the conclusion that these companies in aggregate are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars worth of mineral resources and reserves. The numbers are simply mind boggling. Yet many of these companies are valued at $0.05 to $0.10 on the dollar. No wonder George Soros and others have upped their positions significantly over the last 6 months in the precious metals mining sector.
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  • Gold And Silver For A Powerball Jackpot  [View article]
    I agree ... something out of the norm is going on with regards to markets. This kind of price movement in the gold market will probably become a lot more normal in the days and weeks ahead. Government in Iran probably getting pretty desperate with world now on the war path and Israel making incursions into Gaza. An attack on Iran cannot be far behind. Jewish people have had enough and with the God of the Bible (Yahweh Elohim) in their corner, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end.
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  • Apple May Be Worth $1111, But Shares Won't Get There Anytime Soon  [View article]
    One comment:

    If Apple wants to get to the $1,111, a 10-1 split might do it. While it makes no sense from a valuation perspective, it would be the equivalent of a "BLACK FRIDAY SALE" in the eyes of many investors and probably catapult the stock up 100%!
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  • Gold And Silver Poised To Rally Despite Economic Slowdown, Fiscal Cliff  [View article]
    Yes ... the gold and silver train has left the station and is destined for higher ground. Gold and Silver mining shares cannot be far behind. Silver is really looking very strong.
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  • Gold Looks Expensive  [View article]
    Tack and the author of this article demonstrate a fundamental truth about freedom:

    "We hold these truths to be self evident that all humans have the inalienable right to make a fool of themselves by spouting nonsense under the guise of offering information."
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