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  • U.S. Oil Export Ban: Are There Reasons Not To Repeal?  [View article]
    Pablomike, Living around wind mills and solar farms are not better. Refineries are not down the street. Neither are dams for hydroelectric power. They are in industrialized zones dedicated for that much needed purpose. Economic growth takes energy! Lots of it! Quality of life improves with economic growth. That is the history of America since the industrial revolution.
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  • Silver Poised To Surge On Big American Buying  [View article]
    Contraianadvisor - thanks of your perspective on SLV. I also am a contrarian by nature. It has served me well in the past for moving my net worth bar. I share your thoughts on determining direction however, our common goal for most of us is to determine the timing for a change in direction. From what I see in the technical s it has turned. The last 4 trading days SLV has gone through the 50 day MA headed toward the 200 day MA resistance. The RSI does seem to be over bought but that is what happens when trends change. How it trades in this next few weeks will confirm the direction. I personally think it has bottomed and is headed higher. SLV tried to breakout in Jan 2015 but failed. It is trying again. If I were a day trader I would be selling here, however, I am not a trader. I prefer to wait for the breakout to the upside which I believe is very near. I suppose I am agreeing with the author's view here thought with a much less eloquent presentation. I also believe that when that happens it will be parabolic and I don't want to miss it.
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  • U.S. Oil Export Ban: Are There Reasons Not To Repeal?  [View article]
    This decision should be a no-brainer... So long as America continues to import 8 million barrels of crude daily from the middle east which is more unstable and dangerous then ever before and is on fire. I say NO...NO...NO... Not at the expense of American national security. Not for the special interest on the Right or the Left. Not to prop up European socialism and communism and especially not for the 22 dictatorships of the middle east that hate America. May they all go to hell!

    We should build whatever Oil refining infrastructure is needed to handle the different grades of crude and support the American steel industry and other related jobs it will generate toward greater GDP growth.
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  • What Is Keeping Vale Down?  [View article]
    Absolutely NOT! Good 'ol USA has not got it right either! At least not for the last 12 years. The only difference is that its economy is bigger than the next top five largest combined. The USA can afford to lose a decade and still recover but time is running out. There are too many folks here that have forgotten how to get 'er gone. Ask again in 2017. Hopefully I will change my opinion.
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  • Silver Poised To Surge On Big American Buying  [View article]
    This article and the 60 odd comments and counting here on PMs direction has educated me on the fact that we stand a better chance of predicting a Israels and Palestinians peaceful settlement easier than agreeing on the direction of physical Silver or the EFTs the track it. I believe these are moving on pure emotional energy over heated by geopolitical mismanagement and world wide governmental stupidity. I believe nobody knows shit about where Gold and Silver are headed. They can't even agree on why it's gone from where it has been to where it is now for sure! I must confuse this includes me though I do like the technical charts here more then last year. I am still long significant positions in SLV and gold miners and am not selling any of my positions here for what it is worth.
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  • What Is Keeping Vale Down?  [View article]
    Help me out here. How does a strong dollar hurt demand for Brazilian nature resources? Forex may effect earnings and the stock price for companies listed on US exchanges but not demand. Demand increases through economic capital growth. In 2011 wonderful communist China's central planners spawned unprecedented building growth for buildings no one uses. Now they stopped because they have more than enough empty buildings. So much for communist central planning. In the mean time the US steel industry has been destroyed by cheap Chinese imports.

    Maybe this link will illustrate the issue:
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  • Android Taxonomies  [View article]
    Tony, I'll bet you spent more on Apple products than APPL stock. Keep up the good work. Get your friends to do the same.

    Long Apple and have read the market perfectly!!!
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  • What Is Keeping Vale Down?  [View article]
    What is keeping VALE down is poor performing socialist / communist / dictatorial economies worldwide. Let me state it another way... Redistribution of wealth grows nothing. It is status quo at best and more likely makes everyone poorer with no incentive toward growth. VALE will improve when these governments change and begin to adopt free market capitalism to lift themselves out of this worldwide muck. That should start with all the nations of the western hemisphere working together. They should show the world how it is done. America must take the lead instead of following these economic losers.

    It seems these days socialist sit around whining that there is not enough growth in communist China and that is VALE's problem when the real problem starts at home. Natural resources are worthless without economic growth. It is as simple as that!
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  • Some Questions For Dr. Scarlett, CEO Of Geron  [View article]
    Jimmy, You are right. I have not problem giving stock grants to senior management. The exercise price could be a tad higher. However, there should be a internal mutual understanding that they should take carry on how their personal decisions to exercise effects how the stock trades. This would not be the time to see large blocks selling into this market by senior managment. Some CEOs would fire staff that sold grants for a Micro cap company that is just emerging after decades of disappointing performance.
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  • Android Taxonomies  [View article]
    The bottom of the smartphone market is 4 billion poor people world wide that will be buying $100 smartphones to join the current 2 billion that have them already!
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  • Some Questions For Dr. Scarlett, CEO Of Geron  [View article]
    Kanak Kanti De,

    Very good questions. I believe the questions goes to the heart of the past and current issues which is the existing management team up to the challenge to do what is best to maximize value for a patient shareholder community. The entire management team just filed SEC form 4s on their stock grants. Not exactly a vote of confidence for future shareholder value. I am being to wonder if the management team has shareholder value as its priority.

    I have owned Geron since before the breakup cause of its IP and was happy to see the old CEO move on. I suspect that you are not getting answers to your questions cause there are still internal issues with the current management team that is counter productive to the science they are managing. Why else would you get the principal developer of GERON's current IP (Dr. Sergei Gryaznov) go on the eve of his primary contribution coming to market? You are right the stock price is not behaving the way it did before the temporary hold was placed on Imetelstat.

    Answers to at least some of your questions are warranted. Maybe it is time to research who this current management team is and what shareholders can expect for GERON's future strategy. Is it going to be a long term player in BioTech or just another one drug wonder?
    Mar 17, 2015. 10:38 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Android Taxonomies  [View article]
    There about 195 countries in the world give or take a few. There are even more languages than that. Who cares how many different Android OS types or phones there are. Ultimately consumers will decide what works for them and how much they are willing pay for what they get. That is how free markets work. It creates more jobs for more people world wide.

    Then again we can all just stand in line and wait for the Apple stores to open and just buy the latest whatever Apple device comes out next and end the debut. Whatever floats your boat!

    Long Apple. Long Google. I them an Android user and am fine with the choice. I like the price and am missing nothing I need to communicate with the world around me. Maybe even more than I would like.
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  • Transocean Continues To Bleed Profusely  [View article]
    I for one am unconcerned about all the negative chatter and negative analysts recommendations. RIG's price to book is .38. Its breakup value is $37. It is a great company in a bad sector with low commodity prices caused of temporary geopolitical supply/demand issues that can change in a heartbeat. If your timeline is less than 18 months you should invest somewhere else. If you think you have an investment that could more than triple in two years and do not want to wait enlighten us all here. This market is over bought. When it corrects RIG will not be affected much at current levels. If it is I will gladly buy more to lower my basis more.

    The company at these levels is a buy. Black Rock thinks so. I have a full position and am not selling any here. I will buy more if it goes down more from here in any major market correction.
    Mar 13, 2015. 09:56 PM | 7 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Geron Is Proof That Biotech Bargains Still Exist  [View article]
    @Anonymous... I once asked jokingly two 85 year old close friends engaged in a conversation why old people were such pain in the A--es? They looked at each other and than laughingly answered me. Their words of wisdom... Because they paid their dues to play the game of life and now they can do anything they want! You Mr Wizard must keep paying up to play the game.

    My drink of choice is Jack Daniels neat. Judging by your comment count it is you that spends 90 hours a week on SA. There now... I explained why I wasted a SA comment to respond. What is your excuse?
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  • Geron Is Proof That Biotech Bargains Still Exist  [View article]
    In response to all those here making happy talk about their Geron investment:
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