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  • In contrast with both recent market share and consumer survey data, 44% of non-tablet-owning IT professionals surveyed by IDG said their first tablet would be an Android (GOOG) device, compared with just 27% who said it would be an iPad (AAPL). IDG points out emerging markets buyers had more of a pro-Android tilt - that's likely a result of both lower price points, and the dominant share held by Android smartphones in many of those markets.  [View news story]
    Mike... It is now 8 months after your last reply. My comment then were purely my own view of these devices and my personal experience as one of these IT Professionals surveyed. I can speak from experience that IT Professionals will buy one or more of those devices because it is their job to know what is being developed and the features and differences of each. I will leave it to the pollsters and mathematicians to criticize the method and the sample size. The build out of these devices has just begun even now 8 months later. IDG market/financial statistics were worthless then and are probably still worthless now.

    My question to you is what do you think about the devices being surveyed and the direction the manufacturers want to take them.
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  • Transocean Ltd. misses by $0.02, misses on revenue [View news story]
    I suspect the market has already discounted the negative earnings report. The price of oil seems to be holding above $103 / barrel. Any negative market reaction will be temporary. Transocean is a major player in offshore exploration worldwide. They have contracts for more deep water rigs scheduled for deployment next year and oil demand will not decrease anytime soon when the world economies get going. For America unfortunately that will be after 2017 at the earliest although the party line is that the American economy is showing signs of improvement now. I believe very little coming out of Washington lately particularly in an election year.

    Long RIG and looking for addition land drillers to add to my portfolio. I took profits in PTEN and CRZO and will look for something cheaper. I do have a good speculative position in PENYF which has recently broke out but probably will have to wait for a correction sale to add a major player in the sector.
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  • Google Ignores The PC While Lenovo Pushes Forward [View article]
    Isn't competition great? Everyone is manufacturing Laptops, smartphones, iods, MP3 player and tablets in every shape and size. Running all sorts of software. Five years from now I will have another drawer full of obsolete hardware running software to add to my over draw full of palm pilots, original analog Nokio and Motorola flip open phones with 20 minute battery, or iomega external storage and tape drives, or laptops that still work if you want to run old application software under windows XP and windows 2000, low resolution black and white nooks, and god knows how many old ipods and MP3 players. And then we can talk about all the older analog film cameras and early digital cameras out there collecting dust.

    This is progress. Right?
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  • 4 Bold Biotech Calls For 2014 [View article]
    Retail Investor... Avita Medical is a lesser known Australian penny stock that needs to be listed in a major USA stock exchange. It needs to complete US FDA clinical trials to gain more recognition for their value in skin regeneration and repair. It also needs a CEO to do a better marketing job on the company. The last CEO is a good scientists but is caught up in the wrong side of the business. Good science does not translate into good sales. Hopefully the Avita board finally realizes this and is taking steps to fix the problem.
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  • Is It Time To Sell Out Of High-Yielding Transocean? [View article]
    Fox News? Really? Not sure who you are and what you stand for but free markets need less regulation from people that know nothing about how economies work. Hope you don't get your news from ПРАВДА.
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  • Google Ignores The PC While Lenovo Pushes Forward [View article]
    Interesting article more time is needed to think about the content. The role and capabilities of personal computers, tablets, and smartphones and how they are used in our lives is evolving. We all are consumers of electric devices in one form or another. Reading this depends on the view point or role of the reader as a consumer, investor, as student of technological change.
    As a consumer you think about the products and features that exist and the possibilities. As an investor you want to use it to mitigate risk for feature investment decisions. As someone interested in the history and evolution of technology it is just an interesting turn of events. Which company capitalizes is immaterial.

    I am long Google and Apple. I am a user of Lenovo with Microsoft OSs, Android tablets, and smartphone hardware. I am on the fence about how I feel about the entire article and its consequences for my portfolio and my consumer needs and wants.
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  • Is It Time To Sell Out Of High-Yielding Transocean? [View article]
    I believe in Freedom and Liberty for all in America with less government intrusion in every aspect of our lives! That said, free markets will take care of themselves.
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  • Elephant Talk - Unwrapping The Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma [View article]
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  • Is It Time To Sell Out Of High-Yielding Transocean? [View article]
    The increase in Shale oil should only be used to eliminate the need to import oil from countries that hate America. It should not be used to reduce the demand for off shore oil. we should continue to lower energy costs in the America to invite more foreign investment for manufacturing and jobs and a more competitive advantage over other countries that must pay higher prices for oil. American should also reject the current moment to lift the current restrictions on exporting domestic oil production. It is not in the long term best interest of America regardless of arguments to the contrary from the big oil lobby.
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  • Is It Time To Sell Out Of High-Yielding Transocean? [View article]
    Zheeeem... I have a better question for you.

    As of March 2012, out of the 2.27 billion acres in the country, about 28% of the total was owned by American citizens represented by the National Federal government according to the Interior Department. WHY DOES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OWN ALL THE REST OF THE LAND? It isn't because of National Parks. Why is it the the Federal government has issued almost no new licenses to drill on any of this land and the gulf of Mexico when China is drilling off the coast of Cuba.


    Answer is simple: There is a "WAR ON OIL" by the Democrat Administration in Power! Plain and simple.
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  • Elephant Talk - Unwrapping The Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma [View article]
    I have made a lot of money in the last two years from ADRs and speculation from stocks trading below a $1. The pink sheets are not where companies with good ideas go to dead. It is where smart investors go to buy.

    I was never very good at poetry.
    Feb 20 08:42 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is It Time To Sell Out Of High-Yielding Transocean? [View article]
    As soon as the War on Oil goes away in this country off shore oil exploration will rebound. A stalled economy can run on solar energy and flashlight batteries. However, when the engine of the American economy starts up and begins to run on all cylinders it will need something more. It won't be windmills.

    Last time I looked we were told the world was running out of energy. Now private industry has figured out better ways to extract oil from new and existing sources without government interference. These new technologies will go viral and spread worldwide and Transocean will be there and so will I. Long RIG at these prices and waiting for the failed policies of socialism and the people that think it will succeed to go away.
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  • Elephant Talk - Unwrapping The Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma [View article]
    I think the ETAK's value added service is too confusing for the average financial type to understand. The only thing that will get their attention will be a few quarters of reported exponential growth, positive forward guidance and a good technical Elloit wave chart. By then it will be too late.

    Long ETAK and waiting for the wake up.
    Feb 19 10:56 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Apple's China Mobile Launch Was A Flop [View article]
    Biobat, You should probably know that cell phones including the iPhones and Samsung are purchased and supported by the local carrier in my case Verizon Pennsylvania within walking distances from my home. The nearest Apple store is 20 miles drive away. Customer service is not an issue or a major concern. Customer satisfaction is a function of competition. I will switch carriers in a heartbeat if my signal strength or customer satisfaction or service was not good. I've had a 4G phone for two years and Apple is just getting around to the same level of service. So what does an Apple store buy me?

    Oh... by the way I am long Apple and Google and not Verizon. More importantly I separate consumer satisfaction with investment opportunities that is what does not necessarily equate.
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  • Will Silver Change Direction? [View article]
    Gee! Who knew... When the government depreciates its currency, commodity prices go up as a "secondary" consequence of stupid monetary policies. But have no fear investors, this rally in silver will slow down in the near future because this is the only stupid policy that has come out of Washington since 2006.
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