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  • The Greatest Depression Is Coming [View article]
    Overall, America's heart and political/economic/social system is in "fibrillation".

    What/whom will provide and apply the defibrillator?

    How and when can this be done when the US Senate behaves like the worst of the politburos?

    When the House of Rep.s are mainly in preparation for their upcoming lobbying job?

    When the Treasury and FED are the Banksters free money making machine at zero interest rates?

    When the average American hasn't a clue about any of this, and a lot less.

    When those that do understand are either profiting/gaming the system or are at war with each other ideologically/politica... or for some other reason.

    When the Corporate media successfully and profitably plays Americans for fools every single day.

    When the systematic destruction of our currency is deemed to be one of our only "solutions".

    The list could go on for many pages.
    Yes , we are entering a Greater Depression, and are in the beginning stages of it.
    It's been a long time coming, but for most Americans , the future is now.
    Oct 17 11:35 AM | 65 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Global Oil Scam: 50 Times Bigger than Madoff [View article]
    As far as politics goes , doing nothing can prove to be highly profitable, easy too.
    I have more outrage than I can put to this page.

    Bill, in the third paragraph : ----- "they artificially boost revenue for the company". WHO is "the company"? I presume you mean ICE, but you could mean that it supports the price of oil for the participating companies, or both.
    There is no need for me to write to my senators and reps in my state as they are in league with whatever makes more money for themselves and their real constituents -- the corporations. I've tried it before and have been more than disappointed every time.
    Some people come by honesty completely naturally, and some must be forced to practice it- - or else.
    You've given us a lot of troubling history and revealed fraudulent practices that have been going on for a long time.
    We should at least apply the "Martha Stewart standard" here, i,e., if the wrong doing is at least as bad as hers then they should be prosecuted and sent to jail.
    Thanks for this impressive and excellent piece of investigative work.
    Nov 11 01:46 PM | 55 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Five Reasons the Market Could Crash This Fall [View article]
    Whether the market crashes in the Fall or not, the established modus operandi of the markets will still be in place, and as such, it shall remain "The Big Casino in the Sky".
    There is and always has been far too much corruption in the markets. That is why there are millions of dollars of fines being paid every day with no admission of innocence or denial, in itself another form of corruption supported by the "system".
    As long as we have State supported and protected Corporate corruption, the markets shall remain far more treacherous to the small investor than they truly should be, and to an increasing degree, unacceptably so.
    So step up ,place your chips and spin the Big Wheel as you wish, you just might hit it lucky.
    Aug 4 02:48 PM | 26 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Dividend Stocks to Hedge Against Social Security Failure [View article]
    All my life , I've listened to people say that they would never receive their Social Security.
    These same people not only received it, but did so for many years and died receiving it.
    It is true that the program can fail, but if it failed as soon as it was forecast decades ago , it would be long gone and only a distant memory.
    It IS being abused and mishandled by "some" of our politicians , no doubt, (What isn't where large pools of money are involved? Have you checked out the stealing and abuses of the Iraq War?) , but that can be stopped and corrected if we make it a high enough priority and insist on it, just like anything else in life and politics.
    Aug 26 08:21 AM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 4 Dividend Stocks to Hedge Against Social Security Failure [View article]
    Any good and worthwhile system can be abused, mismanaged, and thoroughly screwed up and destroyed by saboteurs , miscreants and special interests. We have just seen enough of that in our banking system to get the attention of even the simple minded .
    In our country, this is especially true for a program that serves the general public instead of just special interests and marketeers.
    These are valid reasons for keeping those people in office that will protect and improve a good system, and not use it as a piggy bank to plunder , exploit and propagandize for selfserving, and political reasons.
    If my memory serves, the wholesale borrowing from Social Security was initiated during the Reagan Admin. wasn't it? These were not friends or supporters of Social Security.
    This same thinking and "strategery" is the same kind that turns years of surpluses into years of punishing and frightening deficits. Something , once started, can take years to turn around and usually gets much worse before it can get better.

    Perhaps our chances are improved on receiving Social Security and would be enhanced, if we keep those people in office that truly believe in it , are willing to financially sustain and improve it, and keeping those people out that are trying to propagandize, and plunder it for self serving reasons, and ultimately destroy it.
    Aug 25 05:15 PM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sobering Stat: ARMS Index Indicates Market Is at Peak, Not Bottom [View article]
    The current market is like trying to catch and surf a big wave without being caught and eaten by the Golden Sharks (GS) somewhere during the process.
    Have been aware of and watched TRIN for many years and found it to be a fair to middlin tech indicator. Too bad the originator flipped the indicator upside down and made it counterintuitive - an easily avoidable mistake. Also, as the author noted, the indicator is not symetrical which adds to the difficulty, at least until one becomes very familiar with it.
    It used to be that one could watch TRIN, together with a lot of other volume related indicators and get some feel for the market direction. And one could watch the big market traders seperately for some indication also.
    NOT ANYMORE. Why? Because the big traders are high speed flash TRADING using program trading (algorithmic trading), risk arbitrage with options combined with short selling, and other hedging techniques, etc. all at virtually the same instant with the aid of high speed massive computers and billions of dollars to apply which makes it all very moot and academic for the typical retail investor, who has none of this at his disposal..
    This means, in part, because of the speed and power and the "offsets" in their trading that we have no idea really, of what the big guys are actually thinking and doing, or very little anyway.
    Until things get straightened out and improved , honesty, fairness, and transparency- wise, the stock markets shall remain "The Big Casino in the Sky", and the world's largest rolling crap shoot.
    It is now worse in this regard than I have ever witnessed it, and, without some honest improvements to level the playing field for the small citizen investor, the Golden Shark techniques can only improve and become even more ruthless and effective. Heads they win, tails we lose, except moreso.
    And its usually (almost always) table stakes for the small players, meaning the small citizen investor can get squeezed out at just the wrong time - for him or her.
    How anyone other than the unbelieveably wealthy and powerful movers and shakers of the markets thinks this is a good system, is far beyond me.

    Generally agree with many of the comments relative to the economy, financials, markets, problems and difficulties etc. made by previous commenters.
    Aug 29 12:14 PM | 16 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Friday Forecast: Stop the Week, We Want to Get Off [View article]
    We will do well and be extremely fortunate to avoid a pure unmitigated Corporate Dictatorship after yesterday's Supreme/(Extreme) Court's 5-4 ruling to allow Corporations to either buyout or crush (their choice) every politician in America: which is now a Corporate Plutocracy with greased Roller Ball bearings courtesy of the Extreme Court.

    One would be wise to remember that when a Presidential selection is voted for, the type of Supreme Court is also voted for: a "moderate" Supreme Court and a democratic (small "d") National agenda would appear to be in all America's best self interests, but apparently there are an ample number of ideologues that don't think so , and now they have been handed full power to advance their absolute aims with no restrictions and a hurricane of self serving money flow at their backs.

    How can this be different from the referee's unfairly awarding the game by granting an unearned touchdown in the final seconds of the game by a novel and new interpretation of the rules?
    Would like to hear from others how this unabashed power play by the hard right appointed justice's can be good for the typical American now or in the future.
    I agree with every word of your article, Phil, and all of its well selected links and references.
    Thanks again for giving superb voice and ink&link to this truly troubling situation, and the regular American's diminished political voice which will now be effectively drowned out and overwhelmed by the Corporate power structure and their extremely well paid Corporate Media shills and sycophants.
    All else pales in comparison.
    Jan 22 11:47 AM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Week That Actually Was (Not as the Market and Media Would Have You Believe) [View article]
    It's not only the credit card defaults, but also the growing commercial real estate deterioration that will be adding to all the current problems, among many other things.

    Even so, as I look around the country, I still see some islands of prosperity among all the widespread despair.
    The main characteristic of these fortunate areas is that they have a hugely disproportionate supply of Government money with large conduits running straight from Washington DC to their local coffers, not unlike the Prudhoe Bay oil pipeline , but filled with flowing money instead of oil.
    Most others , that do not have these generous pipelines, are suffering greatly.
    This suggests to me , that all areas without major established money pipelines to Washington DC, are in for a very rough ride indeed.

    This further suggests to me that the well off are going to do even better, but the those struggling to survive are going to be struggling even harder.

    This is not the Japanese model, or the Swedish model, but it IS the Bangladesh model.
    We should be smarter, more capable , and more fair, but all that seems beyond us.

    A fine, thorough, and informative article, and this reader can handle the truth --------- Thanks
    Mar 28 06:16 PM | 15 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Friday's Market Blow - Jobs or No Jobs? [View article]
    Keep telling and illustrating the Truth the very best you can, Phil, and I will always be a fan and dedicated reader.

    If everyone did their very best all the time, even with an occasional flub, we would all be a lot better off.

    Many Thanks for all your help and viewpoints.
    Mar 4 10:37 AM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • It's a Winter Warming Spell - But More Snow Ahead for Markets [View article]
    A good and relevant list of restraining issues hampering any would be strong and lasting rally.

    Added to your list is the dire straits of many investors who now need cash money moreso than anytime in the recent past.
    This means that many will be forced to sell at the perceived top of the rallies, puting a lid of resistance on them for some time to come.

    One effect of this is bringing a form of cannibalization to Walll Street where the institutional traders are now obliged to feed on themselves.
    Bon Appetite!
    Mar 13 09:10 PM | 14 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Retirees Beware Of The Many Dangers Of Holding Overvalued Stocks [View article]
    I find your work to be commendable and find no fault with it. Thanks again!
    Oct 31 05:12 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Economic Recovery? Commodity Charts Don't Think So [View article]
    The charts are a real eye opener and I agree with your cautionary notes completely.
    Thanks for a well presented and info rich article.
    Nov 30 02:06 PM | 13 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Thursday's Thrust: Why Are They Partying Like It's 1999? [View article]
    Agree Phil, that there is absolutely NOTHING of positive "substance or significance" (SOS) visible on our National horizon.
    Money, Power, and Hubris still rules and controls in America, and , sadly , this time it is NOT different.
    The dreary Greek tragedy unfolding in our nation and congress, including the current hearings, does not mean that some positive changes cannot be made and are going on "behind the scenes", but I do not intend to bet on it.
    I continue to think that you have things sized up just about where things really are, and thanks for giving strong and articulate voice to your interesting and engrossing insights.
    Jan 14 11:22 AM | 12 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 6 Criteria for Picking Great Stocks - And 6 Stocks That Make the Grade [View article]
    I generally like your effort here, and that is to your credit, Thanks.
    I do , however, have a great deal of trouble with the ROE suggestion, notwithstanding the research that supports it.
    I gave up on ROE as the "best" item to watch a long time ago.
    I find it useful ONLY after taking a hard look at ROI, ROA, ROIC, EV to EBITDA Ratio, PEG,s, P/S etc. on an absolute basis AND compared to peers.
    I also check Relative Strength, and a host of other technical indicators for a timing component.
    I would caution anyone depending on this metric ( as the "best " one to use because of creative and accrual accounting, the several different ways for calculating it, and the absence of any corporate debt acknowledged in it's calculations, and this is just for "starters".
    Jan 23 11:19 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 13% Thursday - When Will You Capitulate? [View article]
    I am concerned that we have increased Dr. Shiller's maxim into an era of "Systemic Irrationality" , > SI , in which human suffering can only increase at an exponential rate.
    The markets are in a massive disconnect with this disturbing trend, and will once again garner their comeuppance.

    Those active today without insider knowledge and/or substantial protection have less brains than guts.

    Do like the major insiders are doing , and at least book some profits, and continue to play if you wish, because these runs go until they break, but substantial protection is highly advised.

    Thanks Phil for your daily POV which I continue to value highly.
    Jan 13 11:13 AM | 11 Likes Like |Link to Comment