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  • Cheniere Energy Investor Day Highlights [View article]
    That is why the 3 month strangle doesnt wipe you out.
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  • 3 Caution Flags To Consider Before Buying Bank Of America [View article]
    If you saw their mortgage accounts with valuations from 2006 still not discounted by as much as 75% then sure their assets appear good. But take that foreclosure scandal into consideration and the 16000 layoffs plus their desperate attempts to win customers back after the debit card charge fiasco BofA is a definite SELL.

    A strangle on the out of the money 3 month option should net you 20% in a month so why bother buying the overvalued and rapidly becoming a lost cause stock?

    All US banks are in the frame with LIBOR mis selling and their customer investment department are now because of the J P Morgan court ruling able to use customers un allocated investment funds to bet against their own customers. How desperate is that? The next thing could be simply losing customers CD deposits with the excuse that their computers mal-functioned as happened in UK with National Westminster Bank and Ulster bank it cost them billions and ruined most customers credit plus hefty costs and fees do you want to be part of the risk?

    I took all my capital out of the banks in Europe last week and today the Greeks are on National Strike.

    It goes south from here.

    Please be warned.
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  • JPMorgan's Depositors Needn't Worry About Its Gambles [View article]
    If you believe the confidence tricksters in the FED.RES. then a little over 220 billion but that's is like believing the murderer on trial that he wont ever under any circumstances no matter how stressful or provocative He wont do it again and letting him off mass murder,

    I don't believe them and the sane investors don't either.
    Sep 25 08:18 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • 3 Pharmaceuticals Pursuing Non-Surgical Approaches To Combating Cancer [View article]
    Since 1935 in central north america cancer has had cures successful cures.

    We continue to eat carcinogens at every meal. We drink carcinogens and stimulants too.

    The London Olympics was funded by the main adminstraters of these foul foods.

    The vast business of Cancer research and charities and so called cures carried out by drug companies hospitals and the like are simply a vast smokescreen to make everyone believe that with the next wonderful exciting advance we have got some progress.

    We neither need progress nor want it.

    With every announcement there is the caveat it will take 25 years of evaluation before the pills go to market.

    The cost of these wonder drugs is therefore assured

    The profits to the health business is likewise assured

    Stop eating sludgeburgers and drinking draincleaner cokes and everyone will cease diabetes both ! & 2

    Stop drinking Tea and Coffee Health drinks

    Stop eating Guar Gum filled Icecreams

    Just eat healthy naturally grown or reared foods and our insatiable craving for the stuff that kills us will be gone for good.

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  • JPMorgan's Depositors Needn't Worry About Its Gambles [View article]
    Investment bank losses do hurt everyone since we have just spent 770 billion bailing them out.

    Lost millions of jobs because of banks gambling in the insurance markets

    Lost total confidence in banking honesty with the hiring of known fellons onto the boards of Barclays and bank of America.

    If you believe that banks "borrow depositors money " then you are sadly delusional they dont borrow it they USE it to take advantage of market opportunities and when they fail the FDIC steps in to refund depositors.

    The rub is that if every bank failed the depositors simply


    because the congress and FDIC takes a long time to decide if its worth it and in the time market confidence will be PERMANENTLY RUINED.

    Semantics on the issue of confidence in banks are kept on the boil while we in the real world are removing our capital at trillions daily.

    We the people are not getting screwed ever again. Take a note banking regulators we wont get done again.

    Not by your paymasters and certainly not by political moves.
    Sep 24 05:01 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Dividend Investors Set To Enjoy Year-End Special Bonanza [View article]
    Why be bamboozled into a 34% dividend As soon as that is paid the big boys will sell and you will lose any advantage you might have gained.

    Why not make 30% every month on my idea small regular and very rewarding.
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  • Bank of America (BAC) suffered a loss of around $10M on Friday with a "dividend trade" in which traders sell call options the day before an ETF goes ex-dividend with the intention of buying them back cheaper. The play is a favorite of big operators, but - as Friday's experience shows - is definitely not risk-free. [View news story]
    This just goes to underline what I have believed for over 30 years.

    Invest large amounts and its like chum in the sea ready to attract the sharks DONT DO IT

    Only invest small amounts often as you like then the big mean moneygrasping machine cannot see your trades. I learned this from watching the Island book every trade was for 100 shares except the over zealous amateur trader.

    How many times have I watched some trader place an order to sell at 10 times the current price and a buy for a tenth of that price. That is why it is absolutely vital NEVER MAKE A MARKET ORDER..

    Have fun dont lose and dont get greedy if you make as I do 30% per month on a 3 month strangle out of the money no more than 250 no less than 150 interest do not pay any more than 2.50 or less than 50c.
    Sep 24 04:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • After Ex-CFO, Board Member Leave, Bank Of America Finds New Controversial Directors [View article]
    We must all now know what a simply corrupt and bad organisation this travesty of a bank is.

    Customers are leaving BAC in thousands I feel for those 16,000 pink slip recipients but they like those at NASA have seen the writing on the wall for 6 years and if they have not looked to secure their futures they only have themselves to blame.

    The USA run banks in England are much more in the public gaze than here With Bob the proven liar Diamond forced to leave plus Eric Daniels of Lloyds TSB under a cloud by public opinion it demonstrates the power we have of digging out the skunks running things. We must keep up the pressure and get USA back to the great country it was before The Bush family and the Reagans decided to push the USA over the financial cliff. It can be done but congress and senate need to be swept clean of the dangerous insiders causing this continued destruction of us the people that are the backbone of the wonderful USA.
    Sep 24 08:13 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cheniere Energy Investor Day Highlights [View article]
    It bears repeating that this market is volatile it has reached heights that must be seen as crash event possibility.

    So why invest long or short at these prices when the option market is for me a much more safe investment. See my profile for how I make 30% + every month since 2011 I re invest EVERY month take my 30% and reinvest that no more than total $2000 that way the crocks lions and sharks cant see you and wont cream you.
    Sep 23 01:46 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cheniere Energy Investor Day Highlights [View article]
    No its not BS I have made and continue to make that amount every month because I bracket the options that is strangle them buy the OOM Put Buy the OOM Call Did that on Facebook and barclays and paid off my 2% mortgage in UK.

    The secret is NEVER invest more than $1000 on the put and $1000 on the call three months and watch what your broker is up to check his legal battles won or lost always question every item you dont understand.

    Good luck

    Please get your shirt back as soon as you can
    Sep 23 01:41 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Cheniere Energy Investor Day Highlights [View article]
    If I may answer your question :

    That is why in options it is vital to trade limit orders with stops and bracket 3 months.

    Have fun .
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  • Cheniere Energy Investor Day Highlights [View article]
    First always use limit orders

    Buy LNG strangles out of the money minimum interest 150 max 250 3 months if none 4 months. price never above 2.50. watch the action on your choice never be convinced to buy NOW just take your time run experiments to get it right Go not invest anymore than $1000 per put and call that is a maximum of $2000 take profits when you like but only reinvest the profits and payback your seed. Dont get adventurous otherwise some trader will eat you up.

    Stick to this formula and have fun without losing sleep or drinking gallons of coffee.


    Thanks for your interest If you like it try it with other bad news worthy options I made 500% on facebook in 2 weeks butbe warned

    Do NotGet greedy Do follow the formuala keep it simple and check on your broker EVERY DAY most are total crooks and query EVERYTHING YOU DONT UNDERSTAND.

    I am not deliberately shouting I use CAPS to emphasize my points.
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  • A $400 Million Company Run By A CEO With Undisclosed Criminal Convictions [View article]
    I like stocks with serious publicity problems because they move in big jumps which is ideal for my strategy.

    Many years ago now at the dawn of the big crash I broke from my traditional plan and bet $1000 on Barclays Bank when it sank 6 noths later it rose 3985% and that was just a fluke.

    I played this plan for months before I took the plunge and that taught me a great deal about the interest in the OOM strangles. Most of them sink to start by as much as 20% I then bet more at that price but still keep the original and then both rise and I take my profits after 25% except for FB and LNG.

    My strategy is never to buy long or short the quickest way to making profits is off the back of the whole market and that to me is futures and options.

    Strangles are for me the safest because provided you are careful about selecting the low interest part of the plan and never invest more than $1000 in both the put and call 3 months you can enter anytime you like. If you feel that your profits are sufficient then sell both positions use the profit money to re invest at that same position and refund your seed money.


    Three month strangle out of the money no more invested than $1000 each no lower than 150 no higher than 250 interst in that contract price.

    Just one last item never trade at market prices you will get creamed.

    Thanks for your interest
    Sep 23 01:26 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A $400 Million Company Run By A CEO With Undisclosed Criminal Convictions [View article]
    I just love positive thinkers but if the main reason to invest is making substantial gains as quickly as possible I dont get why anyone wants to invest in stocks ever again.

    Why not invest a small sum in the derivatives market thereby keeping your capital liquid for any emergencies and receiving a substantial benefit as well.

    My LNG 3 month strangle has netted me an average of 30% PER MONTH even the same technique in FACEBOOK netted me 16% in 3 days 500% in two weeks and has been reinvested as above currently on 68% returns.

    Try a theoretical go for yourselves LNG strangle out of the money with limited interest of below 200 but above 150.

    If it works for you dont be discouraged with initial drops they always without exception rebound and you have a positive plan to get yourself retired out of the pinkslip rat race and enjoying your new found financial freedoms.

    I was a successful Independent Financial Adviser in England and spent three years studying the many different options market techniques that enabled me to retire at age 48 in quiet comfort and peace.
    Sep 21 03:14 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Federal regulators open a formal probe into JPMorgan's electricity trading operations, and may reportedly suspend the bank's right to sell power  in California. A preliminary finding says JPM may have submitted misleading or omitted material information in an earlier informal investigation. [View news story]
    Dimon is falling off his diamond encrusted golden perch and lets hope he is so attached to the company that it collapses as did ENRON.

    If you work for the crooks boss in Wall Street dont tell any of their employees to sell their company pensions let them fail hard and greedily as they deserve.
    Sep 21 03:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment