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  • Omeros files S-3, shares slide [View news story]
    SEATTLE, Oct. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Omeros Corporation (OMER) today announced that it has filed a replacement universal shelf registration statement (the "2013 Registration Statement") with the Securities and Exchange Commission (the "SEC"). The 2013 Registration Statement was filed as routine course of business due to the impending expiration of the company's existing universal shelf registration statement (the "2010 Registration Statement") that, under SEC rules, would have expired on Friday, October 18, 2013. Pursuant to SEC rules, the expiration date of the 2010 Registration Statement has been extended until the earlier of the effective date of the 2013 Registration Statement or April 16, 2014. Upon effectiveness, the company may use the 2013 Registration Statement to offer and sell common and preferred stock, debt securities and other securities having an aggregate offering amount of no more than $100 million, which is the amount that was registered under the 2010 Registration Statement. The 2013 Registration Statement, once it becomes effective, will continue to provide the company with flexibility to access the public capital markets in response to financing and business opportunities that may arise from time to time over its expected three-year term. No sales will occur under the 2013 Registration Statement prior to the time it becomes effective.
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  • Antares Pharma Inc- FDA Approval With A Hint Of Adam F Manipulation [View instapost]
    Wow, great article. I knew it was good but didn't realize all of the other benefits you brought up of this drug. Thank you for taking the time to post it.

    I've invested in quite a few bio drugs and it seems this Adam F is always tearing into them. What does he only short, he should try and go long once in awhile.
    Oct 14, 2013. 04:57 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Blyth/CVSL Conference Call Update [View article]
    Another great article! Thanks for keeping us informed. I listened to the conference call last night also
    Sep 27, 2013. 03:26 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Is CVSL The Porsche To Blyth's Volkswagen? [View article]
    Good article John. If anyone wants to listen to tomorrows conference call from CVSL here's the phone # and time
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  • Nothing Has Changed I Tell Ya NOTHING! [View instapost]
    great post....thanks for the big belly laugh. Right there with you brother!
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  • Jim Cramer dampens some of the excitement surrounding Arena (ARNA -4.1%), saying that the company's Belviq diet drug won't make as much money as people think. Cramer notes that Arena will receive just 40% of the revenues from treatment, which is anyway not as effective as initially thought, nor as good as Vivus' (VVUS) yet-to-be-approved Qnexa.  [View news story]
    Great post on ARNA message board by a doctor responding to Cramer's show last night.....

    REAL PHYSICIAN: CRAMER REBUTTAL 11-Jul-12 09:14 am A very important (but never discussed) point about anti-obesity treatment is what real physicians will prescribe for their patients in coming years. I have discussed with many of my fellow M.D.s, and almost all of us are going with BELVIQ instead of QNEXA, regardless of a CRL delay with the latter.

    1) We physicians all well remember the recurrent valvulopathies and pulmonary hypertension that occurred with Fen/Fen. QNEXA will contain phentermine (the first FEN). We have a right and sacred responsibility to assess risk vs. potential benefits for every patient for which we write prescriptions. Belviq causes none of these problems (less than placebo controls) in FDA data.

    2) The media (and Jim Cramer) have it all wrong as far as Belviq efficacy in weight loss and he misrepresented Belviq last night.

    *****The AVERAGE WEIGHT LOSS WITH BELVIQ IS 8% OF BODY WEIGHT AMONG RESPONDERS. About 50% of patients will lose MORE than 5% of BW in 12 weeks. If not, they need to stop it. Among those that do reach this threshold, 35% lost > 10% of BW, and the top 25% of responders lost > 16.7% of BW!

    3) Cramer is mistaken regarding his interpretation of FDA data. Regarding weight loss efficacy, he related BELVIQ was not placebo-controlled, and QNEXA’s data was. Wrong! He has it just backwards. BELVIQ’s data was placebo-controlled, and QNEXA was not. This makes a huge difference in accuracy of drug efficacy.

    4) Cramer stated that around 60-70% of patients will not respond to BLEVIQ. Wrong again. The real answer is 47.5% will not lose more than 5%, which makes them classified as non-responders. Nevertheless, do not ever underestimate the power of 5%-8% of weight loss. It can have dramatic effects on overall health, with significant reductions in incidence of Type II diabetes mellitus, coronary vascular disease, hyperlipidemias, sleep apnea, stroke , and even malignancy reduction. Our patients will feel much better about their overall health, and can use the psychological improvement to exercise more, with reduction in pain from osteoarthritis in weight bearing joints.

    5) Cramer made another blunder in attempting to use scare tactics about “hallucinations” with BELVIQ. The incidence of hallucinations is ridiculously miniscule as to the absurd. We will not go into the significantly elevated risk of cleft lip incidence in babies born of QNEXA mothers, and the mind-numbing “dopey” side effect of topiramate (called “DOPAMAX”). Who needs that? None of this was discussed by Cramer.

    6) Cramer misrepresented BELVIQ’s earnings potential because of “limited numbers of Easai drug reps in America”. How hard would it be to train any drug rep about a medication that will change America’s heath?

    7) Cramer misrepresented BELVIQ ‘s earnings potential because of its marketing company taking about 40% of its revenues in the United States. He neglected to mention that outside the U.S (Europe, Latin America, and Asia), ARNA will get significantly more, if not all, of the earnings.

    8) Cramer said QNEXA will not need to be a scheduled prescription, and BELVIQ will. He got this just backwards as well . It is highly likely QNEXA will be scheduled. BELVIQ has yet to be determined, but far less likely as highly classified as QNEXA, meaning more restrictions on it. QNEXA will have to be mail ordered, whereas most all pharmacies will actually stock BELVIQ.

    9) Finally, the ultimate blunder is that Cramer blatantly said that NO INSURANCE COMPANY WILL EVER COVER AND ANTI-OBESITY MED? Why? Because he had asked one! This is preposterous, because as we all know, covered formulary changes take time. When insurance companies can actually SAVE $, by eliminating other costly meds by addressing the root health problem (obesity), instead of its sequellae, we will have stumbled on a major solution to the cost of healthcare in America!
    Jul 11, 2012. 10:52 AM | 9 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Arena Pharmaceuticals' Belviq Approval May Not Match The Hype [View article]
    You know, GNC sells supplements to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. based on Valuentum's theory, I'll just quit taking my doctor prescribed prescriptions and go to GNC and buy them there without a prescription. Wow....thanks Valuentum...thank you for saving me on my prescriptions. Who knew....just go to GNC for your prescriptions instead.

    If you did your research, would know

    - 34% of patients lost over 10% by taking ONLY loraserin, not a combo drug like orexigen and VVUS. Orexigen and VVUS basically just took 2 generic drugs and combined them to come up with their drugs. Orexigen used haltexone and buproprion which are an appetite suppresor and a weight loss burner. VVUS used two generics called topiramite and phentermine, an appetite suppressor and weight loss burner.

    Arena did their research just on lorcaserin and nothing weight burner like the other two companies. Why would Arena do all this researh and spend all this money...which by the way is substantial,...... with no weight burner?????? Because the FDA asked them to. Lorcaserin is a new chemical entity and the FDA wanted a trial of it alone. It was very risky, but locaserin met the FDA standards....This drug could do even better if they added the weight burner drug, like VVUS and Orexigan did. You're seeing the results just on Locaserin and nothing else. There was a 5% result in some of the patients, but there were even better results in others.......again....... the weight burner that VVUS and Orexigen are using in their results.. Heck, those 2 companies aren't even FDA approved yet. Arena is. Although, what do I know, I should just go to GNC for my prescriptions.
    Jun 29, 2012. 10:26 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Arena: Bears Have It All Wrong [View article]
    Great Article. My mom has had weight issues her whole life and as a consequence has HBP and Diabetes. I'm hopeful she'll be one of the people that this drug will help, not only for her weight, but more importantly for her health issues. From what I read, it looks like patients should know wthin 30 days if the drug is helpful or not to them.... If she does fall into that category, it sounds like it also helps with diabetes. In the articles that I read, the most common side effect was headaches, which disappear over time. Michael Murphy has done some excellent research on the drug. I think one of his articles was posted today on Yahoo's financial site. Good luck all on Wednesday. I'm in for the long haul.
    Jun 25, 2012. 11:49 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Tata Motors: Great Earnings May Push It Much Higher [View article]
    Why did it drop so much today?
    May 30, 2012. 02:25 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment