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Ari Zoldan is the founder and CEO of Quantum Networks, LLC, a service and product provider for the wireless industry specializing in WiMax technology. Prior to starting Quantum, Mr. Zoldan founded Launch 3 Communications, Inc., a VoIP and fixed wireless company, through which he constructed a... More
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  • WiMAX in Houston, Devices Offer Promising Future

    Many analysts and insiders are saying that with Sprint and Clearwire touting it as the future internet connection, WiMAX made great strides at CTIA Wireless in Las Vegas earlier this month.
    I do think that with the device market driving users to sign up for the 4G technology, WiMAX penetration will continue to grow.

    Clear (CLWR) launched services in Houston on March 29. It's a great market that means Texas becomes one of the most WiMAX-heavy states in the U.S. It's the first launch of 2010 as well. Clear plans to cover 120 million people by the end of this year and Houston is a great start. Operator and commercial aren't the only applications that use WiMAX in the U.S. - General Electric teamed with a Michigan utilities company to install smart meters in some homes as a pilot program to measure how accurate the readings are and to see how cost effective a system using WiMAX can be. Alvarion (ALVR) was given the Security Industry Association's Best in Public Safety Solutions Award for its BreezeMAX product.

    For WiMAX to succeed, the devices must match the speed of WiMAX deployment. Dell released the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook with a special offering from Clear. Franklin Wireless released its latest USB modem for Sprint (S). It's a strong release deal to include the laptop along with the service and helps penetrate new laptop purchasers and first time computer buyers by offering Internet with their latest computing power. Expert panelist Cecil Taylor recently highlighted how WiMAX will influence the video realm.

    International deployment continues to grow, as Zimbabwe is getting WiMAX next month. European telecom visionaries are meeting in the U.K. to discuss the future of technology, and in a marketing tactic, BSNL will offer a free trial service for WiMAX in India. It's a smart move to showcase the technology for skeptical or reluctant users. Redline installed WiMAX solutions in Romania to start deployment in the eastern European country as well.

    WiMAX deployment will be led by the U.S. this year. Taiwan and India will continue to grow as potential markets for WiMAX. Clearwire owns a lot of spectrum space and the F.C.C. doesn't look like its going to auction spectrum space any time soon. Clearwire has also stated it could change over to LTE in a few years. Right now, the device market looks promising with the HTC EVO 4G and the mobile hot spots provided by Clear and Sprint.

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    2. GE Launches Smart Meter Program in Michigan

    3. Latest WiMAX-enabled Netbooks and Modems Released

    4. Euro Conference to Discuss Future Technologies

    5. BSNL Offering Trial WiMAX services

    Stat of the Week: 9.4 Billion, amount in dollars the worldwide WiMAX market would reach by 2014

    Tweet of the Week: cdny: @sloppymccheese When the Wimax dream's fulfilled I'll be a happy man.

    Photo Courtesy of jeffreylcohen via Flickr

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  • Clearwire, Sprint Plan on Covering 120 Million People by end of 2010

    Sprint (S) and Clearwire (CLWR) made major announcements this past week, unveiling additional markets for 2010, including St. Louis, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Clearwire builds out the network while Sprint rents spectrum space on the network and offer services very similar to Clearwire.

    Sprint has brand recognition, helping WiMAX become more main stream. It also has a device that could make that possible, the first 4G phone for use in the U.S. Clearwire also made news as T-Mobile leaked that they're seeking possible partnerships to increase their spectrum presence.

    In international deployment, Tranzeo got its equipment approved for use in Canada, expanding products for that burgeoning WiMAX market. St. Martin Island will soon get WiMAX after Motorola announced a deal with CaribServe. Alvarion (ALVR) helped connect cities in Brazil, providing equipment for its networks. Tatung Infocomm expanded its coverage in Taiwan with the help of NEC's equipment. Saudi operator Mobily completed coverage of Riyadh. Deployments internationally continue to outpace U.S. because the wired infrastructure doesn't exist in most of these countries.

    The U.S. will eventually have WiMAX in most metro areas, covering 120 million by the end of 2010. It's really not being deployed for those who need it. The NTIA Broadband Initiative granted more money to fibre optic build out instead of providing money for faster installation and less install fees. WiMAX needs to get to areas where the wired cannot go, like Indian reservations and other remote areas of the U.S.

    Regional operators become the ones tasked with providing WiMAX to these areas, but the capital required to set up the networks isn't being provided. The competition for Clearwire and Sprint would be minimal and competition would help reduce costs to the end users, but it would have to be on a different frequency on the spectrum but if it's fast and more reasonably priced, maybe Clearwire or Sprint will change their pricing plans in the regional markets.

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    2.Clearwire Unveils newest markets and products

    3.Sprint to Unveil 1st WiMAX Phone at CTIA Wireless

    4.T-Mobile Explores Possible Partnerships with Clearwire

    5. Beceem Releases Latest WiMAX Chip

    Tweet of the Week: emiglio: Hoping HTC announces the Supersonic on sprint this week. 4G, WiMax, Android 2.1 and Snapdragon would make for a pretty beastly handheld.

    Stat of the Week: 120 million: Population Clearwire Hopes to Cover by the end of 2010

    Photo Courtesy of  pim van den heuve via Flickr

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  • Strategies and Responses as WiMAX Continues to Expand

    There have been many different changes as countries have to figure out ways to deal with spectrum space being taken up by the increase in data traffic. expert Robb Henshaw hinted at how WiMAX can help with the offload process for dealing with increased data traffic.

    The F.C.C. submitted its proposal stating that broadband Internet must become the standard in communications. It’s a lofty goal because most people still rely on land line phones as basic form of communication. It also comes after the broadband stimulus funding announcements that grant money to operators that install broadband Internet across the United States.

    Wired broadband will continue to dominate Internet access because the infrastructure is in place, making it easy for operators to install the service. WiMAX and other 4G technologies will be adapted by rural areas of the U.S. along with people looking for mobile broadband Internet. Many operators are already providing broadband services, including Towerstream (TWER), which acquired assets from Sparkplug.

    In equipment build out, NEC’s base stations helped UQ Communications (OTC:NELTY)expand their offerings. Pinyon Technologies released its latest, a tri-band antenna for all WiMAX frequencies. was able to interview Eran Eshed of Altair Semiconductor about their latest chips for both WiMAX and LTE. PureWave also released a white paper about multiple antenna processing in WiMAX networks. Gemtek recently announced a study that states equipment shipments will double in 2010.

    International deployments continued to outpace U.S.. Telkom and TRG will team to complete a WiMAX network in Indonesia. DragonWave was chosen (DRWI) to help with backhaul building for a Greece WiMAX network. Tatung, along with some other companies, want to construct an operator interoperability testing lab in Taiwan. It’s another sign that Taiwan in quickly becoming an industry leader in both products and services for WiMAX. MicroStar International stated that it will release its latest WiMAX-enabled netbooks in India in the coming months. Russian regulators announced another spectrum auction for 4G technologies.

    WiMAX roll outs in the U.S. continue to lag behind other countries. Clearwire(CLWR) plans on rolling out more networks in the U.S., but when? Taiwan will continue to lead the WiMAX revolution. The F.C.C. proposal is a bold move that impacts most technology sectors.

    Top 5 Stories of the Week:

    1.Spectrum Crisis in America

    2.Eran Eshad Sits Down with GoingWiMAX

    3. BSNL Unveils Short List

    4.OIOT Lab In Taiwan

    5.Telkom and TRG Team to Complete WiMAX in Indonesia

    Stat of the Week: 1.2 million, number of WiMAX units expected to be shipped in 2010

    Tweet of the Week: CraigWireless: What does this mean? (expand) #4G #WiMAX

    Photo Courtesy of Warzau Wynn via Flickr

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