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  • Gilead Is An Avoid [View article]
    I live in Australia and I have tell you, it would help if you had a national healthcare system. Across the board, first world countries with a national healthcare system spend less money on health with better healthcare outcomes measured by mortality.

    It's not small government, and it's not big government. Its smart government by the people and for the people.

    It's not how much taxes I pay, but how my taxes are spent. I have no problems with my taxes being used to pay for healthcare and disability. I'm happy that the janitor in my office will receive healthcare services nearly as good as the principals in my office. I'm not so happy if I think someone is enjoying disability payments when they are physically able to work. I think they should be made to work, even if it is doing piece work! I can accept some level of disagreement about how my taxes are spent as long as I believe 90% of it is spent on things I value, which includes the happiness and well being of those who are less gifted, less able then me.

    All this scare stuff about death panels. Well, America has its healthcare death panels - based entirely on who can pay/have access to insurance which will pay.

    I'm long GILD.
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  • Bill Bishop On Apple: We Need More Mojo [View article]
    I don't know if one can say that the 9m who bought iphone 5C and 5S are truly early adopters. My definition of early adopters are people who buy a gadget simply because it's new and they love the whizz bang of the new gadget/technology. While there's some new technology in 5S, but I wonder if the new technology is why people bought 5S or 5C or even 5.

    I think there's pent up demand by People buy an iphone 5S or 5C because they had an older phone that needed replacement or someone they know had an older iphone and it worked good.

    I believe I'm a classic late adopter. I bought the iphone 5 last year because my then phone was slowly dying and because I saw that the iphone 4 - which my husband still uses, was so good to use! I waited 3 months till the iphone 5 was released simply because I knew that an iphone 5 was going to be released soon and I might as well wait to get the newest model. But it wasn't for the new technology of the iphone 5. I bought the iphone 5 almost as soon as it became available because I needed a phone and because iphones are Proven to work well - which is the opposite of being an early adopter if you see what I mean.

    BTW, my hubby still uses the iphone 4 because it works so well, as does my iphone 5 with the new ios7.
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  • How To Play A Recovery In Apple? The Same Way One Profited Off The Boom [View article]
    I went for dinner 3 nights ago with 3 other friends. Of the 4 of us, 3 owned the iphone and the 4th used to own an iphone but had just bought into a new plan and acquired a Samsung G4 that he had purchased that day. So, that was a worry.

    But then we wanted to take photos of each other and our food - you know how it is. His Samsung touch screen did not appear very sensitive to his touch and his camera action was not as good as iphone. Meanwhile, we with our older iphones were busy taking photos of each other and teasing him. Now this is anecdotal of course, but I'm seeing him again in a few days time. I'll be interested to see what he has to say about his new Samsung phone.
    Jul 20 05:59 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The iPhone 5S (AAPL +0.1%) will feature an "indestructible Liquidmetal case," thinks BGR's Jonathan S. Geller after analyzing previously-leaked SIM tray pictures and finding similarities with Vertu luxury phones that used the material. Liquidmetal (LQMT.OB +68.5%) shares have soared on the pink sheets thanks to the report. Geller also thinks (but doesn't elaborate as to why) the 5S might use sapphire cover glass; if true, that's a positive for GT Advanced (GTAT +0.4%), and an incremental negative for Gorilla Glass maker Corning (GLW -0.8%). Separately (take this one with a big spoonful of salt), Taiwan's Commercial Times reports the 5S may be delayed until year's end in order to support a 4.3" display. [View news story]
    Typically, it takes approximately 2 to 4 years FROM the date of filing to be awarded a patent.
    During that time, companies will still continue to use and develop the technology.
    Jul 17 09:36 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Silver Wheaton (SLW): Q1 EPS of $0.38 misses by $0.02. Revenue of $205.8M misses by $46.66M. (PR[View news story]
    If you are waiting to buy SLW at below 24.00, why not write puts and earn some income. You've set the money aside anyway. At COB on Friday 10 May, the June 13 puts strike price 23.00 can be sold for 0.89cts. That's a 3.87% return in a month. If SLW does not go up by much for the next 3 months, then during that time, you'll make conservatively 10 - 11% and a chance to buy SLW at below 24.
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  • Best Windows Laptop? MacBook Pro! [View article]
    Hmmm, I don't go to suggestive websites and download suggestive materials etc etc.

    I used a PC for work and home use exclusively, for years and years. Then, I bought a Mac for home use and continued to use the PC for work coz it was required of the company. Without question, I prefer using my Mac, just greater ease of use, less trouble over all.
    Apr 29 03:48 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple (AAPL +0.7%) plans to start "production of a new iPhone similar in size and shape" to the iPhone 5 in calendar Q2, setting up a "possible summer launch," the WSJ reports. The paper adds Apple is working with partners on a cheaper iPhone with a 4" display and "different casing" than the iPhone 5, and that a 2H launch for the device is possible. Both scoops mesh with iPhone rumors (I, II, III) that have been floating around in recent months. Samsung's Galaxy S IV, replete with a 5" display, is expected to go on sale in late April and May (depending on the market). [View news story]
    As someone who has done business in China, Tim Cook did the right thing to apologise and give face to the Chinese. There was no other way out for Apple. Apologise even if you didn't do anything wrong, even if you aren't really sorry because someone wanted to make a point to Apple or to the USA and they picked on Apple to do so.
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  • "Apple (AAPL -2.1%) is leaning toward additional dividends or a share buyback program," Quartz reports. Sources claim an announcement could arrive in spring, possibly at the same time as a product announcement. Between Apple's remarks and David Einhorn's campaign, many of the Street have been expecting a move. [View news story]
    I'm confident new products will be announced. AAPL aren't fools. They know they need to address certain markets.

    I do think that they need to staunch the bad news as a PR/Marketting matter. AAPL should to initiate a share buy back in order to provide some support for the shares. Share prices do matter because falling share prices affect employee morale. It also affects the way consumers view AAPL, premium brand, with a tanking stock price - it's not a good idea. Consumers do get attracted to the glitz of a company that's doing well. They want to see what the story is about.
    Mar 12 10:33 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • "Apple (AAPL -2.1%) is leaning toward additional dividends or a share buyback program," Quartz reports. Sources claim an announcement could arrive in spring, possibly at the same time as a product announcement. Between Apple's remarks and David Einhorn's campaign, many of the Street have been expecting a move. [View news story]
    I think with the uncertain effects of the sequester, Europe's economy being fragile, inflation under control globally, I don't think interest rates are going up any time soon.

    But no doubt AAPL has taken into account the possibility of interest rates moving up and bond prices moving down.
    Mar 12 10:28 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Tablet Web traffic has eclipsed smartphone Web traffic, says Adobe (ADBE), which is making mobile a big part of its online ad tech push. With tablet growth rates still well above smartphone growth rates, expect this gap to widen. The gap is a mixed blessing for Google (GOOG): with the iPad's share of tablet traffic much higher than the iPhone's share of smartphone traffic, Google's iPad search revenue-sharing payments to Apple are bound to be steep. But tablet ad prices are higher thanks to superior conversion rates, and could soon approach PC levels. [View news story]
    And this is precisely why Apple needs to come out with a larger phone - a cross between an Ipad mini and the phone. Our use of the mobile devices are evolving.
    Mar 10 09:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • With companies looking to avoid paying taxes on their profits, 83 of the largest firms kept $1.46T overseas in 2012, up 14.4% from the previous year, Bloomberg calculates. GE (GE) again had the most with $108B held offshore, up from $102B in 2011; Pfizer was second with $73B, after which came Microsoft (MSFT), Merck (MRK), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and IBM (IBM). [View news story]
    If you are going to quote Margaret Thatcher then you should know that actually, its an imbalance between taxes and spending which is the cause of the problem. Margaret Thatcher understood that like the housewife and daughter of a grocer that she was. Some that George W Bush failed to understand as he CUT taxes and THEN engaged in 2 wars - wars which were NOT FULLY FUNDED.

    Every good housewife knows a household has to have savings - for the rainy days. But George W Bush and the GOP just didn't get it. When the economy started to tank, there was no savings/surplus to fall back on Because Dubya squandered the surplus/savings.

    Whilst I'd agree that when taxes are too high, it can be a disincentive to work and invest and take risks, taxes are necessary to pay for the life and infrastructure you take for granted, roads, security, police, army, air traffic controllers, hospitals, schools and on and on it goes.
    Mar 10 09:17 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    If you live in Asia and see how people use the phone in big cities, you'll say that Apple going for a bigger phone is a no brainer. That and Apple finding a lower price point then the current price points. Yes, margins will get squeezed, but the market size is so huge, some squeeze will still result in good profits for Apple. I'm long apple by the way.
    Mar 7 11:07 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    Actually, guys complain that the larger phones don't fit well in the front pocket of their pants and they can't put it in their back pockets. The women don't care because they carry it in their handbags...
    Mar 7 11:05 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    Yes, Paulos, you are correct. Web browsing is Massive. Before I got my iphone5, I didn't browse either. Now I wonder how I can live without it!

    Also, thank you for your article about the larger phone. I agree. Amidst all the noise about apple stocks, one thing is clear, Apple, has shown its willingness to cannibalise it self from ipod to iphone from mac to ipad to ipad mini. The larger phone will come.

    I live in the APac region and in large WELL connected cities like HK, Singapore and elsewhere, you see many people sit in the trains, buses etc and watch youtube or movies or their favourite episode of some soap opera. You need a larger phone for that. It's that simple, really.
    Mar 7 05:54 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: Zero Growth ... Really? [View article]
    I don't think Apple shares will not go into negative growth. Nokia, Blackberry, had a technological gap. (I was a blackberry user until 4 months ago before switching to an iphone 5.) Blackberry and Nokia simply didn't have the technology found in iphones (flat touch screen technology, web browsing capabilities, iTunes just to name a few) for a period of time and has been playing catch up technologically ever since. There were a whole host of reasons why Nokia and Blackberry simply tanked. This gap in technology does not exist in the case of Apple and Samsung/Android.

    I don't believe Apple has to price their products as low as Samsung's in order to gain market share in Asia and other emerging markets. There are still some differentiators. For a start, the whole Apple Eco system is valuable to technology duds like me and my family. I like the seamless integration of all my families mac devices. My daughter is still at school. Almost all schools use Apple computers. I don't know of any family that stops at 1 mac device.

    And of course, the much maligned Tim Cook was willing to cannibalise the Ipad with the ipad mini, just as Steve jobs cannibalised the macbooks with the ipad. It doesn't take much to imagine that Apple will produce a iphablet for China and India. Essentially, there are 2 billion people whose smart phone needs haven't been addressed. Apple can still address them and gain market share.

    Of course, Apple margins will get squeezed. But squeezed does NOT MEAN negative growth or losses. At the correct price points, margins may be lower but the growth in market share could be explosive in Asia. Apple has a brand name for quality. We Asians aren't stupid. If we can get apple devices cheaper (though not as cheap as Samsung), because of competition, I think quite a lot of us would go for Apple, with a brand name, eco system and quality we can better trust.
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