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  • Bill Bishop On Apple: We Need More Mojo [View article]
    I don't know if one can say that the 9m who bought iphone 5C and 5S are truly early adopters. My definition of early adopters are people who buy a gadget simply because it's new and they love the whizz bang of the new gadget/technology. While there's some new technology in 5S, but I wonder if the new technology is why people bought 5S or 5C or even 5.

    I think there's pent up demand by People buy an iphone 5S or 5C because they had an older phone that needed replacement or someone they know had an older iphone and it worked good.

    I believe I'm a classic late adopter. I bought the iphone 5 last year because my then phone was slowly dying and because I saw that the iphone 4 - which my husband still uses, was so good to use! I waited 3 months till the iphone 5 was released simply because I knew that an iphone 5 was going to be released soon and I might as well wait to get the newest model. But it wasn't for the new technology of the iphone 5. I bought the iphone 5 almost as soon as it became available because I needed a phone and because iphones are Proven to work well - which is the opposite of being an early adopter if you see what I mean.

    BTW, my hubby still uses the iphone 4 because it works so well, as does my iphone 5 with the new ios7.
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  • How To Play A Recovery In Apple? The Same Way One Profited Off The Boom [View article]
    I went for dinner 3 nights ago with 3 other friends. Of the 4 of us, 3 owned the iphone and the 4th used to own an iphone but had just bought into a new plan and acquired a Samsung G4 that he had purchased that day. So, that was a worry.

    But then we wanted to take photos of each other and our food - you know how it is. His Samsung touch screen did not appear very sensitive to his touch and his camera action was not as good as iphone. Meanwhile, we with our older iphones were busy taking photos of each other and teasing him. Now this is anecdotal of course, but I'm seeing him again in a few days time. I'll be interested to see what he has to say about his new Samsung phone.
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  • Best Windows Laptop? MacBook Pro! [View article]
    Hmmm, I don't go to suggestive websites and download suggestive materials etc etc.

    I used a PC for work and home use exclusively, for years and years. Then, I bought a Mac for home use and continued to use the PC for work coz it was required of the company. Without question, I prefer using my Mac, just greater ease of use, less trouble over all.
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  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    If you live in Asia and see how people use the phone in big cities, you'll say that Apple going for a bigger phone is a no brainer. That and Apple finding a lower price point then the current price points. Yes, margins will get squeezed, but the market size is so huge, some squeeze will still result in good profits for Apple. I'm long apple by the way.
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  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    Actually, guys complain that the larger phones don't fit well in the front pocket of their pants and they can't put it in their back pockets. The women don't care because they carry it in their handbags...
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  • Apple Has No Choice But To Make A Larger iPhone [View article]
    Yes, Paulos, you are correct. Web browsing is Massive. Before I got my iphone5, I didn't browse either. Now I wonder how I can live without it!

    Also, thank you for your article about the larger phone. I agree. Amidst all the noise about apple stocks, one thing is clear, Apple, has shown its willingness to cannibalise it self from ipod to iphone from mac to ipad to ipad mini. The larger phone will come.

    I live in the APac region and in large WELL connected cities like HK, Singapore and elsewhere, you see many people sit in the trains, buses etc and watch youtube or movies or their favourite episode of some soap opera. You need a larger phone for that. It's that simple, really.
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  • Apple: Zero Growth ... Really? [View article]
    I don't think Apple shares will not go into negative growth. Nokia, Blackberry, had a technological gap. (I was a blackberry user until 4 months ago before switching to an iphone 5.) Blackberry and Nokia simply didn't have the technology found in iphones (flat touch screen technology, web browsing capabilities, iTunes just to name a few) for a period of time and has been playing catch up technologically ever since. There were a whole host of reasons why Nokia and Blackberry simply tanked. This gap in technology does not exist in the case of Apple and Samsung/Android.

    I don't believe Apple has to price their products as low as Samsung's in order to gain market share in Asia and other emerging markets. There are still some differentiators. For a start, the whole Apple Eco system is valuable to technology duds like me and my family. I like the seamless integration of all my families mac devices. My daughter is still at school. Almost all schools use Apple computers. I don't know of any family that stops at 1 mac device.

    And of course, the much maligned Tim Cook was willing to cannibalise the Ipad with the ipad mini, just as Steve jobs cannibalised the macbooks with the ipad. It doesn't take much to imagine that Apple will produce a iphablet for China and India. Essentially, there are 2 billion people whose smart phone needs haven't been addressed. Apple can still address them and gain market share.

    Of course, Apple margins will get squeezed. But squeezed does NOT MEAN negative growth or losses. At the correct price points, margins may be lower but the growth in market share could be explosive in Asia. Apple has a brand name for quality. We Asians aren't stupid. If we can get apple devices cheaper (though not as cheap as Samsung), because of competition, I think quite a lot of us would go for Apple, with a brand name, eco system and quality we can better trust.
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  • Apple's Bright Spot In China - Not Really That Bright [View article]
    As you might have notice from my name, I'm chinese, though not from China, but I visit usually more than once a year and speak Mandarin, have relatives there.

    I think Apple should build a bigger screen phone and stay in the upper end of the market. It should also build a mid level phone which is sufficiently differentiated from the upper end phones. The average chinese consumer is still very very cost conscious -they save a lot of their disposal income. That said, there are also the Chinese consumer which is very brand conscious - hence the upper end.

    I understand trying to do both could be very very tricky for Apple. But I happen to think that it is important to hold on to sufficient market share so that developers will create apps in China for the chinese. For that, I believe you need a critical mass of market share from the middle level and the high end.
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  • Apple's Growing Channels [View article]
    My understanding from past work with other manufacturers is that under US GAAP, the practise is that revenue is recognised if title and risk of loss passes to the distributor. When title and risk of loss passes can vary from company to company. Variation can be for example, whether the delivery is FOB or CIF. In the FOB case, the revenue can be recognised as soon as the product leaves the factory premises because the Distributor takes title and risk of loss once the product leaves the manufacturer's premises.

    If the distributor agreement states that title and risk of loss does not pass to the Distributor until it reaches the docks of say - Australia, then Apple is responsible until the product reaches the relevant Australian port. Technically, Apple should NOT recognise revenue until it reaches the Australian port. Whilst on board the ship, it's still Apple's product and part of its inventory for accounting purposes.

    Apple has far more bargaining power than most companies viz a viz their distributors. I'm guessing that Apple can recognise their revenue at FOB, if it wishes to.

    The other problem with companies which use distributors is called Channel Stuffing. I don't suppose Apple needs to engage in channel stuffing it's distributors but technically, it can happen. Channel Stuffing occurs usually at the end of a quarter. The manufacturer makes it's distributors/channels purchase say 25% or 50% MORE than what the distributor really wants. The manufacturer may do so by offering discounts. The manufacturer makes it's quarterly or annual numbers. Distributor can lower the price of the products sold with discounts etc to increase demand for it's products. This tactic can of course negatively affect margins. Also, if the product sucks then at some later stage, you won't be able to push the channels/distributors to buy more. Depending on the terms of the channel stuffing, the manufacturer may even have to reverse it's revenue as it takes back products from the distributors which it had overstuffed. But you know, meeting that all important year end quarterly figure may be enough of an incentive to stuff your channels in the short term.
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