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"Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes." - Zig Ziglar Like most, I tend to play both sides of the market and with a diversified portfolio. I have longs and shorts. Innovation is key for my interest. Innovation sparks interest in all investors and should not... More
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    Now is the time to capitalize! If you're concerned about yesterday's incident with Andrew Left "popping the bubble", the end of yesterday and this morning should be an indication to the true value of these stocks. Staying in the range of where they closed yesterday only proves the value of these stocks versus Left's "analysis".

    I'm sure Andrew Left is excited as you can bet money on the fact that he has already jumped back in this stock to ride the next surge. We have already seen gains (even if for a moment) in BLDP. All three stocks dropped slightly this morning, but investors are back in and supporting these companies.

    If you missed your chance before...2nd chances only come once in a while. Surges can be expected for the rest of the week as the excitement picks up where it left off before Andrew Left's bogus analysis.

    Disclosure: I am long PLUG, FCEL, BLDP.

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  • PLUG, FCEL, And BLDP Preparing For A Rebound

    In light of today's events regarding Plug Power Inc., some clarification is needed. PLUG, BLDP, and FCEL have been 3 of the hottest stocks in the market lately, which any investor could clearly see.

    Why the sudden explosion in price the past couple days?

    EVERYONE has seen these stocks topping the charts in the past several weeks. These stocks exploded with everyone jumping into the stocks trying to "get rich quick". This includes those who failed to research the companies and there inevitable future success and turnaround. It's these same investors who immediately pulled out of the market when Andrew Left of Citron Research made a ridiculous claim that these shares are only worth $0.50/share. Honestly, the prices these stocks closed at as of Tuesday, March 11th are really where they belong. A sudden boom similar to the past couple days indicates the hype. However, the steady and stable climb you have seen over the past few months is real and based on facts (earnings, contracts, opportunities, partnerships, etc.).

    What's Next For PLUG, BLDP, & FCEL

    Now that the market has "calmed down" and the stocks have settled by days end, you can expect to see these stocks continue to climb at a reasonable rate. Plug Power Inc. is due to report earnings after closing on Thursday, March 13th. I would expect them to at least meet (most likely beat) expectations, which would prove Left's "analysis" to be completely false. Expect a small surge after Plug's earnings on Thursday, but don't expect a $4/share surge.

    Any truth to Citron Research's Announcement?

    The answer is What facts/evidence did Andrew Left provide for assessing that PLUG's stock was only worth $0.50/share? Absolutely none. He would be correct had Plug's stock jumped from $0.75 to $11.00/share overnight. However, it has been a steady climb upwards towards $6.00/share. Andrew Left is in on the short game and openly admits this. He's no idiot. You can bet that Left made money on the way up, sold, released his statement on Plug, then bought after the downward spiral leveled off towards the end of the trading session today. Had there been truth to his argument, you would have seen the stock crash to $1.50/share or less today.

    If you research these companies you'll notice their sales are growing each year and their costs decreasing. The cost of producing fuel cells has been cut nearly in half. The math is simple here:

    Lower Costs + More Contracts/Commitments = GAINS

    *Not to mention large volumes of orders are being shipped out now to catch up with backorders.

    While you may not see these gains in Q2 this year, you will see them in Q3 and Q4 for Plug. BLDP will benefit by association.

    Best Approach For These Stocks?

    You can benefit on PLUG, BLDP, and FCEL whether you're short or long. Expect another surge from these companies with another correction soon to follow. But expect a gradual climb throughout the year, which is sure to exceed the recent highs for these stocks.

    I chose to take the position of long on these companies as it is now their time. Stocks will be stocks, and you can expect to see more surges due to hype, but don't believe that it is all due to hype. Many big investors kept their stock in these companies even through the downward fall today as they see the potential for profit. I expected a surge in the stocks this week with a soon-followed correction, but I didn't expect such a surge. Nonetheless, these stocks have done just as real analysis (as opposed to Andrew Left) predicted.

    These stocks are now back on track!

    Disclosure: I am long PLUG, FCEL, BLDP.

    Tags: FCEL, PLUG, BLDP
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  • Fuel Cell Industries Are Back On The Rise. Continued Explosions Can Be Expected. (BLDP, FCEL, PLUG)

    The fuel cell industries are creating quite the buzz in the stock market lately. Expect to see continued growth in these companies and continued growth in their stocks. I would put Ballard Power Systems Inc., Fuel Cell Energy Inc., and Plug Power Inc. at the top of my watch list.

    With news regarding Plug Power's new contracts with many big partners will surely bring in a huge profit for them (and investors) in the future. Ballard Power Systems will benefit as a result with being partnered with Plug Power. Fuel Cell Energy has seen a rise in stock value as of last week due to Plug Power's increase, but also in relation to Tesla's news. With the big contracts these companies have can bet on bigger and more lucrative contracts to be given.

    No faith in these stocks based on history? Understandable. However, the biggest problem with this technology in the past was the cost. That issue has been resolved with a substantial decrease in cost (half the cost in many cases). Now the customer's cost is exactly where it needs to be to make it a much more attractive alternative. The technology was brilliant in the past and nothing has changed there. Fuel cell companies have learned where to focus their technology and target applications.

    These stocks have momentum. Many investors are worried the stocks will fall when these companies release their earnings for 2013 Q4. I would expect the stock to lose momentum the day of the earnings reports, however, I wouldn't count on seeing it drop. It may hold steady for a day or so, but then it will pick back up just as it did the previous week. Plug Power's stock dropped after reporting a share offering of $22.4 million, but the next day gained traction once again. FedEx, Wal-Mart, and others have committed to fuel cell technology and more are soon to follow. Expect HUGE earnings for these companies this year.

    Many are worried about getting in now, but you may not have missed the opportune time. I would be surprised if these stocks didn't rise 50-75% this upcoming week. Everyone has their own thoughts and the market seems to be 50/50 for shorts and longs. Do your homework on these companies and research information regarding their facilities, production/engineering, and so forth.

    NOTE: About 20 minutes from my home in the next town their has been 3 companies to form, which are focused around fuel cell testing. All 3 companies are building fuel cell testers and 1 of these companies I have already heard about several contracts they have for these expensive testers. Someone obviously believes in this technology.

    Tags: PLUG, BLDP, FCEL
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