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  • ValueMiner
    Why the mid-day activity on $PXLW? Does anyone know?
    Aug 21, 2:33 PM
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    • inside man 55: No, but it is certainly curious isn't it?
      Aug 21, 3:19 PM
    • ValueMiner: Yes it is. Still have not seen any news that would quantify the move.
      Aug 21, 4:17 PM
    • 99flynn: Roth price target upgrade to $12 . Why ? Listen to the last CC its in there and what is going to be release late 3q early 4q ? i something ?
      Aug 21, 6:08 PM
    • D-struction: This little dip in price is a big present.
      Aug 21, 6:53 PM
    • inside man 55: @99flynn if that is the case the current price is cheap indeed, I personally don't believe it and if it happens awesome.
      Aug 21, 10:17 PM
    • 99flynn: i do believe it could be a royalty / ip deal with 100 million units to 500 million units to come to market thats a deal . Time will tell .
      Aug 22, 6:12 AM
    • pagreen1966: Signs of short covering both yesterday and today. Big, sudden price moves to the upside!
      Aug 22, 4:42 PM
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