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  • Caterpillar avoided $2.4B in U.S. taxes, Senate report says [View news story]
    Uh-huh, well, I pay my taxes and expect them to do that as well without any shenanigans. Legal or not, shuttling money to a faked up entity benefits neither their shareholders or any of the governments that protect them. All it does is bottle it up and benefits someone else. They exist under the umbrella the U.S. provides for them. Without that they wouldn't exist. Rather than game the system I would prefer they use their funds to convince the rest of use what change is needed which will make it profitable for them to benefit the U.S. After all, turning the States into serfdoms isn't likely to grow anyone.
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  • Chevron warns California carbon rules will make gasoline too costly [View news story]
    Well, Steve, you will be the one paying it, not the Chinese. You might want to keep in mind that it isn't theoretical that the economy tanks when oil and gas prices go up. And if you click through to the hot keyed article the estimate isn't 12 cents a gallon, but more like $1.89 a gallon when ALL things are considered that play into this stuff.

    Take a look at the 70's and, most recently, 2007. It tanked the economy which was then finished off by the housing melt down. There is always a secondary effect that has that result. What will it be this time? Add to that the congestion in California, already high prices and the lack of affordable housing near where people work and then factor in the intransigence about light rail being built, or cost prohibitive nature of it, and where does that leave you?

    California environmentalists are so rabid they want to shut down refineries and anything else fossil fuel related, but they offer no viable alternatives and want everyone else but them to pay for all kinds of things.

    I honestly don't see how you and the other short sighted think you can continue to escalate such things beyond reason and expect the state to function. It really is remarkable. The wealthy environmentalists don't mind paying because they can without much impact on themselves--assuming they even live there after the most recent tax hikes. The other environmentalists don't fund it themselves so it really doesn't impact them. Yet everyone else is expected by them to do as they say while they wile away the hours insisting there is a global warming phenomena at work that is anything but proven to be man made or something that can be controlled. It's nuts.
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