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  • FDA Makes Heroin Safer To Use! [NSFW]

    4/4/2014 1:52pm EST

    Sometimes I wonder what the fuck is the FDA thinking. Do we get to vote for these people who are on these committees? Because you

    Margaret A. Hamburg

    you are our first nominee for idiot of the year. IOTY2014 awards are now a real thing. By the time many of you read this, the news will already have reached mainstream media. EVZIO. The auto-injectable naxolene cure!? If 16,000 deaths a year are caused by opiate overdoses, which I believe the number to be higher since many go unreported, how many EVZIOs does Kaleo Inc plan on selling? Millions? People already are abusing opiate drugs and heroin and then adversing their highs with Naxolene stips or pills when they can't afford or find opiates.

    NOW with EVZIO how many people do you think will be abusing prescription pills more than ever?

    Thank you for brainwashing our youths to think there is a reversible overdose cure! People of America! Go shoot its safe to take opiates and heroin now! We have a cure available!

    It's only a matter of time before EVZIO is in on hand of millions Americans and a RX bottle of Opiate drugs in the other.....

    Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

    Additional disclosure: If you think their should be a change in the Committee, I will be happy to take letters of recommendations and nominations.

    Apr 07 12:14 PM | Link | Comment!
  • What The FDA! And The Future Of Drugs [NSFW]

    Scroll down to bottom if TLDR;

    If you haven't been living under a rock in the past few months then most likely you've heard about the controversy about Zogenix's Zohydro and their head-butting with substance abuse programs. This three part series turned into one because everyone hates sequels more than trilogies is going to have you scratching yourself in so many places you'll make opiate addicts look normal.

    Before I get into any of this, here's a quick fun fact for all you readers that will surprise you, 1 out of 20 people reading this have railed, popped, parachuted or even shot some sort of dose of opiate based drug in the past 6 hours. So look around your office and see if any of your colleagues pupils are pinpoint small, hell, maybe you'll be lucky to find an oxy that fell out of a purse of briefcase and rolled next to your desk.

    So why is Zogenix in the news when BIG PHARMA companies such as Purdue, Pfizer, Endo, and others aren't? This article will touch on some interesting investment points as well as a whole lot of facts you probably didn't know or just didn't care for but that's enough paragraph foreplay for now, lets get into the dirty D, drugs that is..

    Well, let me begin this first series with WTF. What the FDA? We all know what it stands for and if you don't ( it. And what's all this mish-mosh speak about ABUSE DETTERANT? ABUSE DETTERANT is simply a formula added to a drug that makes it more difficult to abuse, but more to come below.

    Why is the FDA getting so much shit lately from the BIG PHARMA lobbyists and abuse and misuse programs? Zogenix's new drug Zohydro can be easily be misused, just like many other opiate based drugs. Just crush it snort it shoot it and feel great right? Well what about Oxycontin, Roxycontin, Opana and many other drugs that your 16 year old kids can find for $12-$50 a pill on the streets?

    These BIG PHARMA (which some people believe are legal heroin dealers but I won't get into that right now) have already paid their dues and have began creating ABUSE DETERRANT formulas to include in FUTURE DRUGS.

    THATS RIGHT FOLKS, you've heard it here first. The FDA is slowly waking up and realizing that these pain killers are equivalent to HEROIN and it's only time before one of their loved ones are a victim to opiate abuse before they MANDATE ABUSE DETERRANT formulas in opiate based drugs, or maybe not, maybe they already have young ones that are buying these drugs in the street and shield them so they don't bring shame onto themselves. Maybe one day one of these kids will speak out and create waves in the market and when it happens GET READY!

    These BIG PHARMAs, already mentioned, have created abuse deterrent opiates, Remoxy and Opana Gels are out on the market but people adapt and always find a NEW way to abuse them. Take ENDO PHARMAs OPANA for example. Our analysts researched into forums and found that people have found a way to abuse OPANAs. I won't get into detail but these drug companies have failed to test the ABUSE PHASE of the ABUSE DETTERANT formula and in turn made abusing their opiates just slightly inconvenient. You'd think that these genius scientists who are getting paid thousands would know this and this is what is worrisome.

    Let's say you're invested in Zogenix and the FDA did BAN all DRUGS WITHOUT ABUSE DETTTERANT FORMULAS. You can kiss your stock goodbye. If a ban on Zohydro in the US happened tomorrow that stock would be depleted faster than your cell phone battery in a puddle of bum piss.

    What's the future of Pharma and ABUSE DETTERANT DRUGS? Our analysts researched many companies and have found one particular to be some what interestingly promising. Elite Pharmaceuticals has developed VERY promising formulas to license out to generics. This company is currently trading at .43 as this is being written and you can bet your sweet opiate asses I'm invested in this and will be continuing to closely watch as this stock should be trading around the $12 mark if the FDA declares a mandatory ABUSE DETTERANT formula for opiate drugs.

    TLDR; People missuse drugs even with new formulas. ELTP is changing that. FDA might look to change laws for Opiate drugs.

    Disclosure: I am long ELTP.

    Additional disclosure: and will be invested in it for the long run. This article is intended for you to make decisions based on your own research. If you were offended in this article in any way we are not sorry. Tweet us @StealDealBroker

    Mar 28 12:47 PM | Link | 6 Comments
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