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  • mdakota06
    $TRTC set to explode. Currently down 20% for the day.
    Apr 29, 2:01 PM
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    • mmggx: Nase8 with 3.4 billion shares out there I'm just hoping for .20 a share for now til they start a buyback. and product production
      Apr 29, 6:03 PM
    • nic190: I don't see any value in mj stocks now.
      Apr 29, 6:23 PM
      • mdakota06
        Any thoughts on $SKTO
        Apr 28, 9:12 PM
          • mdakota06
            $PRPM dropping to .0003 tomorrow....then I'll buy...
            Apr 15, 9:21 PM
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            • Hdbiker07: Yes Thanks.
              Apr 16, 8:07 AM
            • Loerke:
              Apr 16, 9:27 AM
              • mdakota06
                Any thoughts on $PLPL today?
                Apr 8, 9:19 AM
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                • danr66: news out on S.A. grant $ tied to co. investment..opportunity to cost-average?$PLPL
                  Apr 8, 9:30 AM
                • D-struction: The whole sector is a cluster. Just my opinion, but no consistency to follow. If you have the stomach, go for it.
                  Apr 8, 9:33 AM
                  • mdakota06
                    Anyone think $PHOT will jump today?
                    Apr 7, 8:27 AM
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                    • myke175: Mad Dakota 2006: Let's hope!
                      Apr 7, 8:30 AM
                      • mdakota06
                        Any predictions for $AERO quarterly earnings?
                        Mar 30, 5:31 AM
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                        • mdakota06: Very nice problem! The partnership with major companies is great. I guess we will find out about earnings tomorrow. Im bought IN. Are you?
                          Mar 30, 2:23 PM
                        • dramorgan: Yes, I think Mark Gomes and the piece in the PTT newsletter makes sense. I bought one and it's easy to use.
                          Mar 30, 3:37 PM
                          • mdakota06
                            Bought $PLPL today. They have land ready in SA. There is currently a Bill in the SA gov to legalize. When passed, this stock will soar.
                            Mar 28, 12:46 PM
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                            • allme: ,,, Diego Pellicer's Jamen Shively on the "Dot-Bong Era" Watch this
                              Mar 30, 9:01 PM
                            • KarmaRising: Im doing well on others so it offsets this loss, but it always hurts 2 see red! So yes I'm looking forward 2 April showers of green!
                              Mar 30, 9:02 PM
                              • mdakota06
                                $ENRT I bought ahead of the curve, alot ahead ($.61). Is it better for me to cut my losses or ride on? Anybody think it will pop back up?
                                Mar 28, 5:26 AM
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                                • Rcool: I also bought alot ahead of .61 but I'm waiting to see what is going to happen after April 1.
                                  Mar 28, 9:38 AM
                                • mdakota06: Is there something that happens April 1 with $enrt? Is that the end of the quarter? I'm waiting on $Aero to bounce up, hopefully on Monday.
                                  Mar 28, 12:41 PM