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  • Chesapeake Energy: Oklahoma Asset Sales May Surprise To The Upside  [View article]
    Here is a press release circulating...yeah go ahead and invest in high risk CHK...."Chesapeake Rig up yesteday at Truman/Cowboy Stadium drillsite...risk factor has multiplied as drilling phase is the “oops I hit a methane pocket” PLUS the 3 wells fracked last month still have yet to be flowed back....all that under pressure/flammable fluids still in the ground are too close to my family/neighborhood and all the surrounding businesses not to mention our cash cow entertainment district and growing downtown area.

    UNNECESSARY RISK TO PUBLIC HEALTH = URBAN DRILLING There is a reason industrial zoning is desgined to be away from residential areas..”
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  • Big Oil And Gas To Find Synergy In Solazyme's Innovative Solutions  [View article]
    If Solazyme can displace fracking's other problems besides risk of water contamination (see below), then they'd be a great investment. Here are the other issues with fracking that I uncovered in Arlington TX. When I found out this drilling was to be by my family, I studied the process full time for a good two years and in a nutshell, the technology is not there yet to do this safely by people. Even if they use electric instead of diesel rigs to drill, the diesel compressors and generators spew VOC's. During fracturing, the sand catching pillow case/socks fail to mitigate toxic, silica dust exposing workers and residents/students into the neighborhoods/schools. And during flowback, even if they use Green Completions equipment (separator/pipeline), the topflow at the beginning stages of flowback allow hydrocarbons to escape from the OPEN HATCH flowback tanks. They need to use gas buster (degasser) equipment, but it is not mandated by any local,state or federal laws so even the EPA missed that one, so the un-sale-able/dirty gas is being vented into our airshed. There aren't any rules either to mandate that the wells get flowed back right away after fracturing. The 3 wells frac'd by my house last month by the Cowboy Stadium will not be flowed back this year until the pipeline is in place, and so stale flowback (sour well) with dangerous sulfides emissions are very likely. This happened once before at another Chesapeake (Lynn Smith) drill site last March where 911 had to dispatch paramedics for Jean Stephens who was stricken in her own parking lot.
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  • This Oil & Gas Stock Should Surprise You In 2013  [View article]
    Chk sold its cash cow Midstream....why follow a team when it lost its star quarterback?
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  • This Oil & Gas Stock Should Surprise You In 2013  [View article]
    Oil and Gas journal reports UT methane study to be released in Jan 2013...GHG is now being regulated....unknown proproduction emissions (TCEQ doesn't even screen for methane-go figure) can cause uncertainty in political environment as the EPA strives to protect the physical environment from the surge of global warming. Also unknown is the profitabilty for the gulfcoast LNG operations in exporting as T Boone Pickens reported the cost to ship overseas is about $6-7 mcf if I recall correctly.
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  • Natural gas pushes past $3.60, boosted by a smaller-than-expected rise in inventory even as stockpiles hit a record for this time of the year. Morgan Stanley thinks prices could touch $5 by Q1 2013: “Demand remains elevated, and supply should be slow to respond [due to] logistical challenges, more attractive oil economics, and higher breakeven costs outside the Marcellus.”  [View news story]
    rigs are now drilling multiple wells and the ave 18 month peak production that has a severe decline curve is just around the corner
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  • Natural Gas: Goldilocks In 2013?  [View article]
    And the big elephant in the room is how the EPA will not enforce its mandated Green Completions for another 2.5 years so we still have to endure flaring and venting in the urban areas that drilling have become so fond of moving into. The writer of this article needs to be remind of the externalization costs that do exists in mining for any fossil fuel which is speeding up global warming. The public outcry will eventually keep consumers eyes on the one true prize...renewable energy choices. Don't go too long on NG.
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  • Chesapeake And GE's CNG In A Box Is Bullish For Chesapeake  [View article]
    So with the public pushing for more responsbile drilling, and not seeing Chesapeake rise to the will public disrespect work for their stock price? Please sign & share my petition, thanks.
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  • Will Natural Gas Continue To Trade Up?  [View article]
    Since Gov Como in New York is waiting for a Shale Health Conference/study.... that puts off more production in that area...will the outcome of this study affect the price?...maybe the price of having health insurance if you live in shale areas.
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  • Analyzing Chesapeake Energy's Debt And Risk  [View article]
    U must not live by a gas well like I do by they Cowboy Stadium.
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  • Alternative Ways To Invest In Chesapeake Energy  [View article]
    Then why did Aubrey McClendon say getting vehicles to run on NG is the holy grail?
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  • Boone Pickens' enthusiasm notwithstanding, U.S. natural gas prices don't appear to be headed higher any time soon, as pipelines coming into service by year end are poised to extend the current supply glut. Deliveries from the Marcellus shale could grow by 30%, as ~1,000 area shale wells that now sit uncompleted because of a lack of pipeline infrastructure gradually come online.  [View news story]
    Exxon not too confident on CNG vehicles.
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  • 3 Key Reasons Chesapeake Is Positioned For Rising Natural Gas Prices  [View article]
    Like the Exxon article running on CNG will not be easily justified...only trucks or municipal vechicles.
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  • Chesapeake Energy (CHK -0.9%) is downgraded to Hold at Stifel Nicolaus on valuation, a view that remaining asset sales will have less of a positive impact on shares, and that the focus will switch from distressed valuations back to going concern valuations which will make it difficult for CHK to move much higher absent a meaningful gas recovery.  [View news story]
    Chesapeake's financials mirror how they conduct themselves in urban drilling. They need to put scrubbers on their open hatch (18"x18") flowback tanks that waft white, steamy, hydrocarbons into the neighborhoods in Arlington TX. The Truman / Cowboy Stadium is a perfect, upcoming example of their disregard for the safety of neaby workers, stadium visitors, renters, and home owners in the area. They fracked 3 wells in Sept. and won't flowback until the pipeline is connected by year end, and so all that stale, festering flowback will vent into my family's airshed and we need them to put scrubbers on those open hatch flowback tanks!
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  • Analyzing Chesapeake Energy's Debt And Risk  [View article]
    The "offbook" debt is a huge concern as tokyostory88 points out. The industry as a whole needs to also address public concerns on unconventional shale practices and those sweet spots in urban areas like in Arlington TX......they need to make it a standard practice to always use electric rigs in all airsheds.

    All mud farming (private and commercial) needs to be subject to open records of water and soil test results.

    We need the industry to invent technology to keep the toxic, silica dust on the padsite-those pathetic pillow case looking socks aren't getting the job done.

    Please add scrubbers to the open hatch flowback tanks during topflow.

    Once the topflow hydrocarbonated flowback is of the "gas to fluid saleable ratio" and ready to connect to a pipline/sales meter, we shouldn't have to wait 2.5 years for the EPA mandated Green Completions and allow venting or flaring in urban or rural areas....methane losses should be prevented-period.

    The pipeline should be in place FIRST before fracturing so that flowback doesn't sit in the ground for months festering some unknown, man-made hydrogen sulfide-like stale water flowback.

    The setback away from people should be substantial. Rural method drilling is not acceptable in urban areas. A doctor who is an environmental tester said that the health effects are being seen downwind from about 1,800 - 2,500 feet.

    Lastly, the industry should be able to guarantee that the casings will last "on the majority of them", and that the injections wells won't cause regrettable seismic events or migrate their horrid contents eventually into our drinking water.
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  • Alternative Ways To Invest In Chesapeake Energy  [View article]
    "Where is the demand for Nat gas going to come from?"..If cities have their mayors like Ft Worth and Arlington have their commericals on radio and in the council meetings about how the garbage trucks need to be converted to run on natural gas, then that is a win for the ANGA group that years ago invited those mayors to an Oklahoma convention to brain wash them into doing this so they can keep drilling in their far its working at least in Arlington as they plan to do this.
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