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  • Alternative Ways To Invest In Chesapeake Energy  [View article]
    A contract tied to production numbers "is" a contract.
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  • Alternative Ways To Invest In Chesapeake Energy  [View article]
    Chk needs to disclose every gas well that is tied to a Volumetric Production Payment Contract so the owners of those minerals can make sure they did NOT drill that well so that it had an impressive Initial Production rate .....Chk has been accused of overproducing wells at the mineral owners expense (getting the motherload out at the lowest possible price).
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  • ConocoPhillips (COP) is the latest foreign oil firm to express interest in Chinese shale,  showing how just as Chinese oil companies pile into North American shale gas, the reverse also is increasingly true. This week, China said it is offering 20 blocks in a shale gas tender, the first time foreign companies will be allowed to participate in JV bids as minority partners.  [View news story]
    Shale is unconventional energy and the rush has caused innocent people like me to leave the "working for a paycheck" life, and pursue "working for the truth". Now that I am enlightened, I need to make sure this "truth works for change" to make urban drilling safer to live near.

    Aside from methane leaks that speed up global warming (not climate change which is cyclical), I need investors in shale to "reason" with the industry, and so I need you to help me speak to them as they are not responsive to me.

    I live at ground zero for urban drilling. We have about 60 padsites in our 99 sq mile town here in Arlington TX. The following requests won't cover public protections on the huge buildout and the associated human errors or accidents (we had a drill spill in Lake Arlington, our drinking source, a couple of years ago and have had maybe a dozen emission events over the last couple of years that I am aware of)….

    Please make it a standard practice to always use electric rigs in urban areas.

    All mud farming is subject to open records of water and soil test results.

    We need the industry to invent technology to keep the toxic, silica dust on the padsite-those pathetic pillow case looking socks aren't getting the job done.

    Please add scrubbers to the open hatch flowback tanks during topflow, and we shouldn't have to wait 2.5 years for EPA mandated Green Completions.

    The pipeline should be in place FIRST before fracturing so that flowback doesn't sit in the ground for months festering a man-made hydrogen sulfide of stale water flowback.

    The setback away from people should be very far. A doctor who is an environmental tester said that the health effects are being seen downwind from about 1,800 - 2,500 feet.

    Lastly, the industry should be able to guarantee that the casings will last "on the majority of them", and that the injections wells won't cause regrettable seismic events or migrate their horrid contents eventually into our drinking water.
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  • Natural Gas Storage Fears Not Supported By Data  [View article]
    As long as irresponsible drilling takes place, you have to factor in lawsuits!
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    If the city governments would get wise and write into their gas drilling ordinance that water is being withheld for fracking until the price goes back up, then it will be a win win for all three parties 1)the drillers can claim force majoure and not have to comply with their contracts 2) the mineral holders will not get their minerals produced at the worst possible economic times and 3) the city will get higher royalties later too once the price goes back up. Heaven forbid that the majority of the EUC on these wells have peaked in the first 12 months of going on line months and that we produce our motherload during low NG prices.
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    I just read that the very aged coal plants that needed to shut down or bring into new technology standards that were "saved" the the EPA cross interstate rules will shut down o their own for most of the year voluntarily due to their own ineconomics....HAH!
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    while I don't want to pay $100 bucks for the book, it is easier and cheaper to go the Railroad Comission reports on production and see the time line of declines.
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    I heard the tarsands will be refined in Houston but shipped overseas.
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    As much as I wanted to believe that NG could replace stinky diesel trucks, but I'd rather the status quo than extreme weather events taking out my home, jobs and food sources. Methane leaks speeds up global manmade warming!
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    TXDOT admits they have been undercharging for truck permits and that unprecendented amounts are being directed towards areas where those trucks have trashed the roads. Rumor has it that the Chesapeake building in Ft Worth is up for my lease, my contact person was laid off. My former contact person, Tony Rutigliano, went "back" to work for the City of Arlington in an indirect job capacity. The city is in bed with the frackers.
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    Saw it, watch the rebuttal 'The Sky is Pink". Then go to my website BarnettShaleHell, and see and hear testammony with facts on how Arlington TX is doing with their 55 plus padsites. Or just go to Youtube and type in " Visit Industrialized Arlingotn TX Cowboy Stadium URBAN Drilling" and read the points of where we went wrong in protecting the citizens.
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    I'd say for those that collected lease bonuses like me during the "unenlightened to pollution period" when the speculation was at a frenzy and for those cities like Arlington TX who banked on allowing them in...that they got in on the winning payoff side (Arlingotn has 80 million I think in their drilling revenues fund) was a zero sum game and the drillers for the longterm investment the towns made in industrializing themselves....not such a good deal....especially if these wells are not being choked down during this low price of NG environment
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    and there has been talk of re-fracking those wells after so much time has past (some say 5 years- others talk of wells are being re-worked, nitro lifted, & lift compressors added.....) who can tell me if there is such a thing as a re-fracked horizontal well?...has it actually happened yet? I heard that with horizontal drilling that re-fracking isn't feasbile..I read in a blog on the gohaynesville site that "Les is not technically feasible to re frac horizontal, multi-stage frac'd wells. The decline in flowing pressure is expected and occurs in both vertical and horizontal producing formations."
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    Oopsy daisy Mr richard48.....these ain't your grandpa's wells
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  • The Natural Gas 'Ponzi Scheme'  [View article]
    yeah and the people near the sinkhole in Louisiana too are finding "enlightenment" if storage caverns are NOT gonna work out for us, then that puts even more of a pickle into the mix
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