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  • Apple $700: Don't Get Burned Again [View article]
    @PendragonY I guess you don't have that much experience on Mobile UI...sometime you cannot have 1 UI for very different resolutions, and guys at Google know that and let you specify different descriptors depending on the screen res...

    Of course it's doable! But how much should I charge a client when I have to develop and maintain 2 or 3 UI versions of the same app? Obviously, much more then I charge for iOS development and that often means that the customer will wait to develop an Android native app because they generally give priority to the iOS ones.

    That said, I see you want to show off, we all know you are a great developer, but my point was a bit different...
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  • Apple $700: Don't Get Burned Again [View article]
    And yet my gf after having a Nexus 7 (first model) now want to buy an iPad because many apps she would like to have are for iOS only and others are very bad on Android...guess what? She doesn't care about the specs and now after having an Android phone and tablet she understand the value of these "things" and she is ready to put a bit more money to buy a more useful one...

    Again, I like Android but Samsung (especially) has destroyed the quality of the app by pushing on the market a new phone every week which different specs, now I'm asking more money for developing Android apps and my designer has less freedom on creating cool designs because we need to stay on budget and cannot create a specific design for each screen combination (sort of)...moreover if a person has bought a model with "strange specs" (I remember a samsung with a square screen) they could have problem and will put a low rate to your app even if in the 90% of the phone it works perfectly...

    It's not only the screen, also the memory and other stuff (luckily as a developer different memory available is - sort of - simpler to manage but it's still work that has to be billed to the client)...
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  • iPad lost tablet share in Q2, firms disagree on how much [View news story]
    What about the apps that run on Nexus 7? Are they good as the ones on iPad?

    Or do you judge a product from the benchmarks only? (that sometime could also be faked)...
    Aug 5 01:44 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • iOS 7 SDK code points to new non-retina iPad Mini [View news story]
    People care about the apps and the experience, the specs are for geeks only...I have a Nexus 7 and an iPad Mini and guess which one is the most useful in my opinion?

    P.S.: UX means also that I don't have to keep charging my tablet because of the latest 4-core processor or a hi-res screen
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  • Apple's (AAPL -0.5%) iPad shipments are expected to drop to just 10-12M units in Q3 from 14.6M in Q2 (and 19,5M in Q1), according to Digitimes, citing upstream supply chain sources. In addition to seasonal issues, there's market share, and the iPad's is estimated to have dropped to 30-35% in Q2 vs. about 40% in Q1. [View news story]
    I have them all (I'm a developer) but I use the iPad mini for personal stuff. A tablet could have better specs but if there are no good apps it's no use (see Android tablets, I wouldn't even count the Nook as a tablet). Moreover, if I keep my Nexus 7 in stand by, the battery still last no more than 2 days, while the iPad mini last much more (better control on the apps running in background). So every time I need the Nexus, the battery is gone and I have to charge it before using it.

    I like Android and the new versions are on the right path, but I still think iPad is the most useful tablet out there. Unless you don't just use it as a browser.
    Jul 25 01:07 PM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple iOS 7: Hey Android, Copy This! [View article]
    I'm using iOS 7 in my iPad and the new interface is clean and very nice, I will install the next beta in my personal iPhone 5 as it's very stable and also the battery life is very good...

    You probably didn't use it enough if you think that Windows phone is more interesting...
    Jul 23 03:50 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple iOS 7: Hey Android, Copy This! [View article]
    Samsung's offer is so differentiated that for developer is impossible to test their software on all the different android devices that are on the market now (and every month they announce a new version with a 0.1" bigger display): this lower the app quality and user experience and is bad for developers (that will have to ask more money for a good android app, even more then the iOS version) and clients (that will have to pay more for a good android app).
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  • Apple (AAPL) has hired Paul Deneve, until now the CEO of French luxury fashion brand Yves St Laurent, to be a VP working on "special projects." No word on what those projects will be, but something design-related is a good bet. Deneve held a sales/marketing position for Apple Europe from 1990-1997. [View news story]
    A watch would be perfect to who does an intensive use of the online services connected with the phone. I would avoid getting the phone from the pocket every notification I get. Also it can be useful for simple action that requires simple answers (yes/no) and for payments as well. When you need more complex command SIRI could be useful and maybe with earphones it will be possible to make calls via bluethooth too (even if the battery will drain faster). I see many good use cases, especially if they can be integrated with 3rd party apps and if also SIRI could be extended by other apps.

    I've tried the Sony Smart Watch with an Android because I really think it could be helpful for me but that's still a toy. Hopefully Apple will do something serious to work with. And hopefully it will be extendable by external developers.

    A watch is much more natural and discreet than the Google Glass, I've tried them and they are cool for a geek like me. But I don't have the need to wear glasses so why should I put some if I don't need glasses? Also ppl with glasses should put 2 pair of glasses to use Google Glass...I think something like that will be good in 5-10 years, when it could be sufficiently miniaturised and the society will have experience with wearable devices. Right now, in my opinion, a watch makes much more sense.
    Jul 2 09:10 PM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Is The Market Not Buying Apple? [View article]
    I agree about the execution, but when the market is expect that the next product has to sell millions of pieces in a weekend, I think it's good that Apple takes its time to minimise the chances of making big mistake that would cost even more than waiting a bit longer...

    Jun 17 06:45 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: iOS7 Might Be Another Shot In The Foot [View article]
    This shows what I've said before: you aren't a developer and you shouldn't try to comment things that you don't know.

    Changes are just HUGE! Full stop...and I agree on what pbanados said in the other comment: they are preparing the field for tv/consoles and connected devices (like a watch, read about the implementation of Bluetooth LE) should document yourself before writing things as ppl could believe you...
    Jun 16 11:00 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Why Is The Market Not Buying Apple? [View article]
    There are a lot of fantastic features in iOS 7, that's more for a developer so if you aren't one, why would you look at the WWDC?

    Waiting for hardware announcements? hummmm...does the name "developer conference" say something to you?

    If you are a developer, checkout the framework changes about Bluetooth LE (now called SMART) and Gaming Console support...I think they will be used for something ;)

    About the article, I think Apple has to keep upgrading their products and introduce a new product for the high end users (iTV + Gaming Console + Home automation system?) and a new mid product for everyone (watch?), that will drive sales and the stock higher (given that most of AAPL investors can just look at the short terms sales)...

    Obviously, when you sell so many products worldwide you always have high risks (on production, distribution, etc.)...
    Jun 15 08:26 AM | 17 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: iOS7 Might Be Another Shot In The Foot [View article]
    Sorry but it is very accurate having seen all the conference where they have explained the differences introduced in iOS 7, and they were specifically talking about font weight too.

    The "color of control point fonts" is called "tint color" across UIKit and that's not a feature of iOS 7 even if obviously now it works on font colour rather than on bar or button colours (for example).

    The icon text font? Really? Is that the problem of readability? Do you imagine the home screen with bigger fonts? Also do you think you will have problems reading the icon text? Or do you generally look at the icons?

    I think, if we want to talk about readability we need to talk about the font in the app content, like the mail example I've posted. It is the content the one that has much more text and where we put our attention, so it has to be readable in a confortable way.

    If you are a developer, I suggest you to read all the documentation about iOS 7.

    Also I am not defending it, I just see this kind of premature posts like a tentative to put mud without really having studied the problem in depth.

    A good journalist before writing a piece try to document as much as possible...but I guess here it is about "views" and not about content...


    P.S.: I have iOS 7 too, did you checked it in a retina display? Or just low-res screenshots? Still problems reading? I suggest to go see an oculist :)
    Jun 15 08:18 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: iOS7 Might Be Another Shot In The Foot [View article]
    You should really speak after reading the documentation, I suggest you to read about "dynamic type", there are also many session in the WWDC app.

    But given that you aren't a developer you can have a look on Google and you will find info on what is it about: basically ppl can decide the look of the fonts in the OS so the one that can always complain (no reference :)) can adjust the font how they prefer...

    So how you can see you can even make the fonts bold if you like, Apple has already fixed this :P

    Here a link for you:
    Jun 13 10:02 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple: iOS7 Might Be Another Shot In The Foot [View article]
    How can you say that without having the device on your hands? You are looking at it resized and in a non-retina display!!

    Also if you were a developer you would know that they have introduced a new complete system to manage the fonts appearance.

    Please read more before claiming thing by looking at a resized image...if you cannot access the updated documentation, please don't just assert things with no real proof (no, that screenshot isn't proving anything).

    I see people will always try to find a problem with god...

    Jun 13 08:41 AM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Needs To Spend Cash On R&D, Not Special Dividends [View article]
    In my developer experience, the Iphone was always better than Android re. battery life. The problem is not in the OS itself (the Java VM in Android is optimised too) but in the way other apps can "react" to system events (like phone call, new message, etc.). The more app you install the less battery life you have. The iOS notification and multi-tasking is less demanding and avoid bad written apps to create problems (I had something installed in my Galaxy Note and my battery was lasting 4 hours, I had to find the process creating the problem and finally the app attached, something a normal user cannot do).

    Also try to use a lot of widgets too.

    The author talk about page scrolling controlled with eyes: I guess it uses the frontal camera so try to measure the battery life with that feature on.

    The truth is that Apple is very careful before introducing some feature because it will affect a lot of user and for each problem on iOS the media like to put big headlines. The same doesn't happen for Samsung devices.

    Moreover it is easy for Samsung to "flow" the market with a lot of devices (like the Galaxy Beam, did you try it? if Apple does something like that everyone would say that the company has stopped innovating and is doing bad quality hardware) because most of them will sell just 1-2 millions and the support in case of problems (I guarantee) is VERY bad but they don't get the same media adversity as Apple does.
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