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    $ERBB $TRTC $MCIG $PHOT etc.. Trust there are MJ antagonists out there with enough $$ to manipulate the sector, and demoralize investors.
    Apr 30, 12:12 PM
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    • Perkins Cove: Could it just be the "dump" after the "pump"? Is it really more complicated than that?
      Apr 30, 12:25 PM
    • So everybody got on the same conference call and decided they're all gonna dump on the same days and randomly choose pump info to buy on.
      Apr 30, 12:33 PM
    • I mean no offence, I know where you're headed Perkins and I used to believe the same.. But there's a much bigger picture to it.
      Apr 30, 12:35 PM
    • LK Yousafzai: and just to add $MCIG is not MJ stock MJ is just one part of it.
      Apr 30, 12:40 PM
    • It's still considered part of the sector.. Everybody keeps changing sentiment as concerns over legalities and perception fluctuates.
      Apr 30, 12:46 PM
    • eftvox: $ERBB up 9.7%
      Apr 30, 2:09 PM
    • LK Yousafzai: yes but $MCIG products are not only designed for MJ consumption.
      Apr 30, 2:11 PM
    • LK Yousafzai: so I guess in a long run $MCIG is safe to play with. You just need to know whr the G spot is :-)
      Apr 30, 2:13 PM
    • Perkins Cove: LOL
      Apr 30, 2:21 PM
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