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    Comstock Mining (LODE) announces they will begin trading on the AMEX market June 10, 2011 under the symbol LODE It's one to watch.
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    • Smarty_Pants: Comstock Mining - 2/15/12 - Final Air Quality permit needed to commence installation and operation of their starter mine has been issued.
    • Smarty_Pants: Comstock Mining (LODE) presents update on preparations for commencing mining and plans for expanding production over the next few years:
    • Smarty_Pants: Link for prior comment (.pdf - 3.4 MB): http://bit.ly/yHrkfD
    • Smarty_Pants: July 10, 2012. Comstock Mining shares traded heavily to the upside with a gain of 8.66% and on 15x average volume of 2.75 Million shares.