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  • Ju5tinR
    I wonder when a MJ market ETF will exist ... just sayin' =)
    May 7, 11:47 AM
      • Ju5tinR
        I want to see hope for $COSI ... first because I like their food and secondly because I would love to invest in the turnaround!
        Apr 30, 10:26 AM
          • Ju5tinR
            What's going on with $SPCB? It's been a constant money maker for me up until the last few days... am I missing something?
            Apr 28, 11:17 AM
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            • Ozarksparky007: $SPCB Just some profit taking. Patience!
              Apr 29, 11:36 PM
            • Ju5tinR: Ozarksparky007 I think you're absolutely right...
              Apr 30, 10:29 AM
              • Ju5tinR
                Just entered long on $SPCB ... who else is in it? I love this company...
                Apr 14, 12:58 PM
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                • MIaffal33: Solidifying the government contract for $25M will bring their revenues up for future growth earnings. PE ratio is 11.73 and
                  Apr 22, 4:23 PM
                • MIaffal33: gross profit margins are 73.29%. Please tell me how this is expensive right now?
                  Apr 22, 4:23 PM
                  • Ju5tinR
                    I'm thinking $SQBG is going to be a good one this year. Analysts and reports seem to agree. Anyone else considering going in long soon?
                    Apr 9, 10:33 PM
                      • Ju5tinR
                        I'm starting to think this week wasn't the best week to begin investing and buying stocks? Ahhh!! $BAC $VPOR
                        Apr 4, 3:20 PM
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                        • nic190: APRIL fools ,this has been the worst month a sign of thing to come?
                          Apr 4, 6:59 PM
                        • Ju5tinR: thanks guys for your encouragement and knowledge. this site is awesome!
                          Apr 7, 12:04 PM