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  • theoptionrider
    Am I the only that lets past mistakes affect my future returns? $SPY, $QQQ, $IWM, $TLT, $DIA
    Aug 26, 5:50 PM
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    • markrpat: Sometimes it takes a little outdoor activity, good music, or whatever floats your boat to recalibrate.
      Aug 26, 9:21 PM
    • markrpat: may I suggest Dave Weckl "Tower of Inspiration". Then instead of chasing gains, allow exploration of music to crossover.
      Aug 26, 9:32 PM
    • markrpat: changing habits (especially mindsets) can be accompanied by exploration beyond the task at hand.
      Aug 26, 10:05 PM
    • markrpat: think like need to clean gutters, remove the downspouts.
      Aug 26, 10:52 PM
    • theoptionrider: Very good advice! Thanks for the feedback and the recommendations
      Aug 26, 11:14 PM
    • markrpat: most welcome...not advice, just suggestions.
      Aug 26, 11:33 PM