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  • NQ Mobile Could Be The Latest Company To Be Acquired Or Taken Private: But At What Price? [View article]
    Music Radar is not a security tool it is a "music platform", here is previous Sprint press release:

    NQ Mobile's NQ Live™ and NQ Music Radar™ to Provide Innovative Music Experience and Audio Search, Discovery and Recognition on HTC One (M8) Harman Kardon edition, exclusively from Sprint

    BEIJING and DALLAS, May 5, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NQ Mobile™ (NYSE: NQ) a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, today announced that NQ Live will provide the default music user experience on Sprint's new HTC One® (M8) Harman Kardon® edition. Sprint also has extended its strategic collaboration with NQ Mobile and selected NQ Music Radar as the music search, discovery and recognition technology for the device. This deal augments the previously announced strategic collaboration between the companies for NQ Live to power Sprint Live, a new content and experience platform for Sprint Android devices.

    NQ Mobile Inc.

    Under terms of the deal, Sprint will deliver the NQ Live-powered music user experience, called Music Live, along with Music Radar fully integrated with Sprint Music Plus on the HTC One M8 Harman Kardon edition, shipping this month.

    NQ Live deepens user engagement, delivering personalized content and functionality directly to the mobile desktop in real time.

    Music Live allows Sprint customers to discover new music, read industry news, and purchase or stream their favorite songs. It also features 'live' interactive wallpaper, plus instant music recognition and discovery. Music Live showcases best-in-class music products and services via a live, interactive home screen experience with easily accessible and corresponding full screen overlay.

    "NQ Mobile has proved to be a strong technology partner for Sprint as we bring to market new innovative experiences like Music Live," said David Owens, senior vice president-Product Development, Sprint. "As mobile takes over as consumers' primary access point to entertainment and information, we look forward to working with NQ Mobile to design seamless, consistent and enjoyable mobile device experiences."

    Launched in October 2013, Music Radar currently services more than 7 million daily unique searches. With advanced audio recognition, including the ability to discover matching audio files from input that is sung or hummed, Music Radar has gained rapid organic user acquisition while attracting high-profile partners.

    "Mobile devices are becoming even more essential to our everyday lives, and, as they evolve, so must the experiences they support," said Gavin Kim, president - International and chief commercial officer, NQ Mobile. "The future of mobile isn't about apps as much as it is about interactivity, immersion and effortlessly personalized content delivery. We're elated to be working with Sprint to produce the next generation of mobile experiences."

    Now repeat "Sprint has approximately 60 million subscribers"

    China Unicom Integrates NQ Mobile (NYSE:TM) Music Radar Technology into Services for the Chinese Market

    BEIJING and DALLAS, Aug. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NQ Mobile (NYSE: NQ), a leading global provider of mobile Internet services, today announced a deal with China Unicom, the second largest telecommunications company in China, to integrate NQ Mobile's Music Radar technology into the native music client offered by the carrier. The agreement represents the strengthening of the relationship between the two companies beyond the application distribution partnership in place since November 2013.

    Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Music Radar is an innovative, content-based music information retrieval (MIR) application that gives users the ability to discover matching audio files from a variety of input, including the singing or humming of a tune. Since launch in October 2013, Music Radar has experienced rapid organic user growth and attracted high-profile partners in China and the US for its streamlined user experience and increased accuracy, which enables partners to simultaneously increase customer satisfaction and revenue.

    The deal with China Unicom is an important step in NQ Mobile's aggressive expansion plans for Music Radar as part of the company's mobile platform strategy.

    Repeat "China Unicom has 280 million subscribers". How is this not materially significant in terms of future revenue for NQ Mobile. How can you just ignore the facts of the business partnerships continuing normally in spite of the fraud allegations.

    Remember DT forensic auditors determined that fraud allegations by MW about NQs revenue and cash were not true.
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  • NQ Mobile Could Be The Latest Company To Be Acquired Or Taken Private: But At What Price? [View article]
    Since that comment by Mr. Zhou how many US partnerships have been announced by Qihoo versus NQ mobile? Still a very relevant perspective. Mr. Zhou noted NQ's success in the U.S. NQ's performance in the US has only increased with Sprint, Verizon, HTC, device insurance partners, number of Google downloads. His perspective was right then and it is more right today as NQ continues to operate it's business in the US normally. Clearly the partnership with Sprint was not affected by allegations of fraud.
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  • NQ Mobile Could Be The Latest Company To Be Acquired Or Taken Private: But At What Price? [View article]
    Here you go "AH".

    "China's firms have gained prominence on the global technology stage, but some companies, typically telecom equipment makers Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp <000063.SZ> <0763.HK> have had problems in western markets due to concerns over cyber security. But Zhou said he did not foresee a problem with Qihoo 360 and pointed out that Chinese mobile security provider NQ Mobile Inc as an example of having some success in overseas market, such as the United States."

    Read more at:
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  • NQ Mobile Could Be The Latest Company To Be Acquired Or Taken Private: But At What Price? [View article]
    As more time passes NQ Mobile continues to operate it's business normally which is the most important indicator of the company not being a fraud. The recent announced partnership with the second largest mobile operator in China, Unicom is materially significant. Unicom has more mobile subscribers than ATT at more than 280 million. The announced partnership is based on NQ's product Music Radar. Go to company website to better understand this product and why other partners like Sprint and HTC have also anointed "Music Radar" as an important offering. Unlike Apple I-tunes, Music radar is a music platform which is revenue sharing for the major wireless operators as well as NQ mobile. Music Radar is integrated into NQ live. HTC adopted Music Radar for it's high end phone Harmond Kardon phone M8 offered by Sprint. Sprint has 55 million wireless subscribers. HTC sells over 20 million smartphones a year in China. Since the Sprint NQ partnership was announced it was only a matter of time that a another major wireless operator in China would also partner with NQ on Music radar. The endorsement by HTC keeps "Music Radar" relevant in China. .China's largest mobile operator China mobile has already licensed Music Radar with NQ Mobile. What about the NQ gaming platform FL mobile? FL mobile has achieved 10% market share in gaming while continuing to being a publishing platform for Tencent and others, So business continues to grow with major global wireless operators and their customers. The games business is continuing to capture a larger portion of the Chinese market. It is clear why Bison capital would try and buy out the company at a 50% discount at a negotiated price of $12-15, but there is no motivation for the company to go private where the business continues to grow not only YOY, but more importantly though key strategic partnerships. Fl mobile continues to be the top gaming platform in China on Apple Ios. The recent agreement with between China Mobile and Apple will cause I phone sales to soar expanding Fl mobile's platform. Fl mobile's agreement in Japan to bring "Chain 11" which features the world's best real time multi player soccer gaming platform and includes 2000 real soccer players is being launched in China with localized custom features. This model for " Chain 11" is being duplicated globally.
    Fl mobile continued success will assure a successful IPO when this asset is spun out of NQ mobile. The plan to spin of Fl mobile is less than 9 months from now. Subtract the time to finish the 20 F filing and there is little time left to realize a significant enhancement the total valuation of the company. So again no reason to sell this company right now. Fast forward a year from now, many company's would be interested in trying to buy out the company. Qihoo 360's CEO Mr. Zhou continues to be impressed witn NQ's business success outside of China. Again I am not sure Dr. Lin is ready to sell right now.
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  • NQ Mobile Offer: Fact Or Fiction? [View article]
    Don't forget the relationship he has with New Enterprise Associates. They alone can fund this buyout. Mr. Xu has Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Bachelors in Business and Masters in Business Administration from CEIBS (top 30 business schools in the world). Mr. Xu is the real deal. Very successful entrepreneur, very well connected. He already has his investors lined up and who are going to be his strategic partners/investors going forward. He already knows his exit strategy.
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  • NQ Mobile Offer: Fact Or Fiction? [View article]
    Bison Capital obviously wants to acquire at the current valuation. It is sufficiently confident in NQ's business strategy that it does not want to wait until the 20 F is filed before making it's offer. NQ's stock has already jumped to over 240 % over a short period of time, from $3.45 to $8.44 in 8 trading days. It recently pulled back a little while market is digesting the offer. Bison Capital is fearing that this stock could more than double again if it waits till after the filing of the 20 F. Bison Capital could make a binding offer for a smaller portion of the company with out the 20F to include an option to purchase more equity at a higher price post the 20 F filing. If Bison Capital would post phone making an offer of over 50% of the company's outstanding equity till after the 20 F filing then the company would avoid any lawsuits associated with selling the company too cheap. Not sure if Dr. Lin is ready to sell out, but taking in some level of equity investment is not a bad idea. If done at fair value, I do not believe shareholders would object.
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  • If You Bought NQ Mobile Over $9.80, You Could Get Hosed [View article]
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  • If You Bought NQ Mobile Over $9.80, You Could Get Hosed [View article]
    You understand it perfectly.
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  • The Time Is Near: How Will The Federal Reserve Raise Interest Rates? [View article]
    The other surplus is energy, oil specifically. the world is awash in oil not to mention the additional pressure due to natural gas production world wide. The only thing that is keeping the price of oil around $100 per barrel are the Saudi's manipulating the price. That manipulation will only bring on more technology not just in oil and gas production, but alternative fuel and more efficient transportation. Watch out once technology solves the clean coal dilemma. The real fear continues to be deflation driven by globalization of labor and energy needed to produce goods. Go ahead Fed continue to experiment and try and raise interest rates and watch US GDP growth continue to plummet. I look at items I purchase at Costco made in China and I wonder how in the hell did they even ship it (based on weight) from there ignoring the cost of materials and labor to produce it. The banks need to learn they need to start loaning money with the associated risks or there will not be an economic engine to worry about.
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  • NQ Mobile Rises 93% In One Week From Its 52-Week Low [View article]
    Sprint did care.
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  • NQ Mobile Looks Like A Tasty Short After Running 15% Friday [View article]
    @qrc3288 will you ever go long?
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  • NQ Mobile Looks Like A Tasty Short After Running 15% Friday [View article]
    I enjoyed reading your comment and professionalism. I gave it a like. I am agreement with Titan about MW. My belief in the company has to do with the management team, the technology, the IP barrier to entry, the platform business strategy, their specific partnerships which will capitalize on emerging markets with the opportunity to completely dominate them, and their ability to establish themselves as a global player. I am not a financial engineer, but I trust Tradestar, Mosbear64, and brillopad who are. I am long because of similarities with SPRD and my specific knowledge of the industry. I do believe your on the wrong side of this bet. When you explain your reasoning for shorting NQ all I can think of is " the greatest problem with gambling is winning".
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  • NQ Mobile: Oops [View article]
    Your biggest fear Carson is that an expanded PWC audit will not only exonerate the company, but will provide the necessary evidence to prosecute you in the U.S courts both criminally and through a civil law suit. The SEC also makes sure people go to prison.
    The stock did not get crushed on the open today as predicted by all the short sellers who were drinking their own Kool-Aid at the end of last week. The timing of releasing your article today as the stock was climbing back to $5.00. Your article told the day traders to short so it has come off a bit. I know this is your last hurrah to try and re-establish your credibility since going after an American company American Towers didn't work out. Carson you have gotten over your head on this one. This epic battle is between China Inc. and the Hong Kong short sellers. Do you really believe that China Inc. is going to allow one of their best and brightest proven entrepreneurs to get thrown underneath the bus?
    My money is on the "Professor" Dr. Henry Lin.
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  • Update: NQ Mobile's Audit In Major Jeopardy [View article]
    I am 100% agreement with Mosbear64. Again my conviction comes from having direct industry experience over the past 25 years in the wireless industry. I have personally interacted with the premier silicon valley venture capitalist Sequoia. Sequoia invested in this 8 year old company initially based solely based on the management team and NQ's technology before there was any significant revenue. Sequoia hit a home run by NQ going IPO. Less than 5% of private equity technology start ups actually make it to an IPO. I have vetted NQ's management team, their technology, their business strategy and their strategic marketing (Sprint, HTC, Samsung, etc.). I have been doing strategic marketing research in China and India over the past three years. This has become a requirement in building a business case for my next wireless technology start up. Over the past two years I have been vetting my own disruptive wireless technology with major global wireless operators, this work has given me a unique perspective on NQ's value proposition. I have not lost any money on NQ because I have not sold any shares at a loss. So my conviction comes from my industry experience, the Forensic audit of DT, and longs like Mosbear64 who have specific financial engineering experience that I personally do not have.
    I fully expected that the PWC audit would not be complete until October. There is a good reason to take that long. The company goal is to receive an unqualified opinion. CEO Dr. Henry Lin would not accept anything less. Dr. Henry Lin's reputation is at risk and for an ex-University professor one's reputation is everything....much more than money. It will be necessary for the PWC audit to be very thorough, to allow NQ to become an acquisition target, to provide sufficient data to allow the company to file both criminal and civil charges against MW in the US.
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  • NQ Mobile: There Are No 'Coincidences' [View article]
    Not worth your time responding. Unfortunately these guys run off many Bloggers who really have insight into the business and something to contribute.
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