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  • NQ Mobile's Ugly And Highly Questionable Earnings [View article]
    I am long on NQ with a concentrated significant investment. The acquisition of Hesine is paying off by driving the continued strategic relationship with Media TEK. The announcement by Omar during earnings report on Media TEk partnership will be significant going forward. Spreadtrum and Media Tek provide full turnkey hardware and software to handset manufacturers in China and India and the rest of the emerging market world. It is the only way to deliver a $100 smartphone. The opportunity for NQ lies in the volumes that are driven thru a $100 smart phone. See the following link to understand the market dynamics in the emerging markets are different.
    Why do I have this perspective? I have a been in the mobile phone chip business since 1990. I was a successful investor in another MW attacked company Spreadtrum.
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  • NQ Mobile: Ignore The Noise, Buy The Growth [View article]
    I am long on NQ and have recently added a seven figure investment. What is the cause for my conviction? When I first learned about NQ it was on the front pages of IBD. A Chinese Technology Company and being attacked by Muddy waters. I began doing my research and started to see a number of similarities between another Chinese company Sreadtrum and a Muddy Waters attack which yielded me a double and seven figure returns. I could have made more, but the company was taken private. Spreadtrum was starting on a huge revenue/earnings growth due to capturing significant design wins with its mobile phone chip set. I believe they will eventually become the QUALCOMM of China. I have spent my career in the wireless mobile phone business so when I listen to earnings calls, I talk to the investment relations people, and I read press releases, I bring a different perspective to an industry that I understand very well. I appreciate all the financial commentary between the shorts and longs, but and the end of the day I like to do what Peter Lynch advised, which is to invest in your own industry. I am also a serial wireless technology entrepreneur who is in the process of doing another wireless technology startup.
    So why is NQ like Spreadtrum? They are both addressing a paradigm shift in the mobile cell phone industry which is specially driven by the Chinese market, but will eventually take over the majority of the mobile phone handset sales worldwide. I learned this through my investment relationship with Spreadtrum.
    NQ like Spreadtrum has its financial roots in Silicon Valley. These investors are the shrewdest and exiting that process with an IPO is very significant milestone of achievement. I am also very impressed with the pedigree and education of NQ’s management team. The two PhD engineer founders are engineers from the best schools in China. The CFO is an MBA from Northwestern University who has 10 years of investment banking experience with Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Piper Jaffray. He is not going to sully his resume with an NQ as an adventure. I even get Omar, who is an ex Motorola executive and a graduate from MIT. I did business with Motorola mobility for over ten years. Motorola executives are technologists first. They are not slick Harvard MBA’s. I even get his comment about Media TEK, but one need’s to be from the smartphone industry to understand the market metrics involved.
    NQ is doing what it needs to do to grow its platform business profitably long term. It is clear to me that NQ’s management is far more concerned about business execution for the long run than worrying about how the street is going to react to every twist and turn. As a management team they are not trying to be financial engineers. They are going to build a very financially successful business. I started buying at $12 after the first MW attack; I believe buying at this level is a great buy. This stock will 2X-3X from this level. If you agree with me give me a like. If you decide to follow my lead and achieve the returns I believe in send me a personal note I would like to stay in touch with successful long investors.
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  • EnteroMedics: Recent Sell-Off In Biotech Creates A Great Entry Opportunity [View article]
    what about the P number is that statistically significant? Does it support efficacy?
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  • NQ Mobile's CEO Discusses F4Q 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Good job on taking on Shih's claim of round tripping. Between that and Media Tek's engagement have become the ongoing mantra. Your excellent input's earlier convinced me of the financial reality of NQ. The technology dimension I am already familiar with based on my own wireless business operating experience.
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  • NQ Mobile's Ugly And Highly Questionable Earnings [View article]
    Won't happen.
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  • NQ Mobile's CEO Discusses F4Q 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    I'm not, but my wife is and she has a lot more horse sense than you do. Ok, now I have to educate an MBA who has never built a technology company and operated it successfully. TD-SCDMA (3G) was developed by Siemens to get around QUALCOMM's royalties for CDMA. It was then exported to China and successfully deployed by Siemens (NSN) and Huawei to support the world's largest operator China Mobile. It is now the most widely used baseband protocol imbedded in a smart phone in China. Costing less than $100 thanks to SPRD who has +51% of the business. Media Tek is also a supplier. Qualcomm finally realized CDMA with China Unicom wasn't going to win in China and introduced their TD-SCDMA chip set late 2012. See below reference. Article written by another MBA.
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  • NQ Mobile's CEO Discusses F4Q 2013 Results - Earnings Call Transcript [View article]
    Your obviously an MBA and not a chip guy. Do some research on SPRD who successfully competes head on with Media Tek in China and globally. SPRD is successful against Media Tek with full turnkey handset designs which includes software. This is probably why Media Tek finally decided to do the same thing. After getting trashed by Muddy Waters without merit SPRD has gone private. Fortunately I doubled my money before they became a management buyout. They will reemerge as the QUALCOMM of China. Media Tek needs to pull all levers to stay relevant. Your opinion lacks real research and understanding on the next generation of smartphone chipset providers.
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  • Amarin Takes Step 1, Of A Million, To Right Its Ship [View article]
    Quoth, thanks for coming back. I'm waiting just like you are.
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  • Beware Buyers: 12 Reasons Why The Current Sky High Natural Gas Price Isn't Here To Stay [View article]
    Anybody else know? I don't want to take risk and Govt gets all the reward. VD do you plan to trade you position daily weekly or monthly? Or are you suggesting long term (years) hold due to long term global oversupply?
    Feb 24 12:34 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Beware Buyers: 12 Reasons Why The Current Sky High Natural Gas Price Isn't Here To Stay [View article]
    VD Good article. Also commentary very informative. What are the capital gains implications for trading DGAZ? I have heard that capital gains taxes on commodity futures trading is 70%. This is a new arena for me. I would appreciate any commentary on tax implications. Why trade both DGAZ and KOLD?
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  • Tesla Set To Take Down $200 [View article]
    In the defense aerospace industry statisticians have to extrapolate defects on military systems with samples which are much smaller than 29,000 and they rarely have 5 years of data to figure it out. This is what the science of statistics is all about, One can project reliability simply based on number of parts used and their individual defect rate before putting them into an automobile. This is why Toyota's (Lexus) are reliable compared to other internal combustion power trains. They don't take 30,000 cars and drive them for 5 years before releasing a new model. They use statistics and process control on all incoming parts. I would advise you to consult with a statistician who works in the military industry. Trust me, Elon didn't just say his cars will last 20 years without his statisticians figuring it out. The science of statistics is way more sophisticated than carts and horses.
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  • Tesla Set To Take Down $200 [View article]
    In the field of statistics sample size matters. I am sure that a statistician will be able to extrapolate with a certain probability that the number of cars sold and miles driven will show that the Tesla vehicles to exceed reliability of any internal combustion power train vehicle, even Toyota. In this type of analysis volume of cars produced doesn't matter. By the way, I would never put Toyota (Lexus) and BMW in the same reliability category. The electronics industry delivers components which exceed the reliability (+99.9999) of any mechanical component. Given their are a lot fewer mechanical parts (Tesla), if one takes the statistical product (mathematically) of all the components combined it will yield a number with much higher reliability. Another dimension which can adversely affect reliability is the amount of heat generated by individual components in a vehicle. Again the EV Tesla wins by a wide margin over internal combustion power train vehicles.
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  • Tesla Set To Take Down $200 [View article]
    I know so many people who have bought BMWs and have had to return them as lemons. I would never purchase a BMW. BMW has a long history of getting buyers who return their cars for a full refund to have them sign a confidentiality agreement. The problems are usually a major defect in their electronics. They can't get the electronics working with a power train they have decades of experience designing and building.
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  • Tesla Set To Take Down $200 [View article]
    I have always believed (15 years ago) if silicon valley would ever build an all electric car it would beat in every dimension the existing car manufactures who are married to the power train of the internal combustion engine. The existing car manufactures have kept all new entrants at bay by leveraging their IP and manufacturing of internal combustion engine platforms. The electronics industry is the most pure capitalistic enterprise that exists in the world. The biggest surprise was how fast Tesla was able to achieve first place in quality and consumer report ratings...but then this is what happens in the world of electronics. Just wait to see what happens when Tesla decides to address the lower end main stream market. Your traditional car company stock will dive down with the next downturn of the economy and Tesla will continue to grow because it will continue to compete on every dimension and deliver great value.
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  • FDA To Amarin: 'I Said Good Day, Sir!' [View article]
    Sorry this nutritional advice is not totally accurate. The easiest way to reduce triglycerides is through greatly reducing carbohydrates ( no sugar, no bread, no rice, no potatoes) and regular strenuous exercise. Even this will not work if one is genetically predisposed of having high triglycerides. The problem with this advice is very few people can adhere to this regimen. Try it and see how difficult it is. If your successful, watch your weight drop as well as your triglyceride levels. Now you have to keep it up for decades of your life.
    Instead most of us eat on the run, don't exercise like we should, and therefor we will have to eventually take Vascepa. At least Amarin investors (longs) will know what to ask our doctors to prescribe. I will take mine with or without a statin. I am also not going to wait for a CV indication.
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