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  • My Results With Belviq

    There is no reason to write this blog other than to tell the truth. I made myself a guniea pig for Belviq as I am a few pounds overweight and suffer from Type 1 Diabetes. I have always had problems keeping my H1AC levels low. As diabetics know this level is a key measure of how your blood sugars are acting over time.

    I began using Belviq 3 days ago. My insulin usage has dropped by half already. I was taking 26 units of regular insulin three times daily and 30 units of overnight insulin prior to going to sleep. As of this writing I have had to drop my regular insulin to 14 units 3 times daily and my overnight shot has dropped to 20 units. I am still balancing out as I might have to drop it further. I have lost 3 pounds and I have no hunger pangs.

    To me these results are incredible and I will keep those interested informed. The results I have presented above are in contrast to what some Motley Fool writers would have you believe. Also a recent article by Consumer Reports falsified information by way of a hack writer who freelances to them. As a mass of people asked to have the article rewritten, Consumer Reports ignored these folks and only responded to an article written by another hack who couldn't find his butt in a hand basket.

    My aim here is not to necessarily call out these shysters (who are hired as paid shills by Hedge Funds) but rather to at least give you some representable facts from my own experience. Wall Street is a very screwed up place. Believe the facts and that will take you along way. On your side...The TRUTH

    Disclosure: I am long ARNA.

    Additional disclosure: I have lost all respect for Consumer Reports.

    Jun 26 10:17 PM | Link | 4 Comments
  • Trader Reality - The Truth

    I am writing this blog to expose the lack of depth and intelligence of individuals caught in the grasp of dementia. As they say "FACTS ARE FACTS". So I am including a link to these FACTS as presented by Dr. Daniel Lopez .

    Unlike the individuals that post just to hear themselves by way of an investor blog, Dr. Lopez explains (much better than I) the reasons that Belviq will be a blockbuster drug.

    Despite these FACTS there are a few of the irrational investors that bet on competing drugs and can't seem to stop bashing ARENA as a means of making themselves feel better despite the obvious outcome that is right in front of their eyes. I call this "blind obedience". These bashers know who they are (and so do the longs for that matter). In fact the subject of this article might even give you a clue to the blindest of them all.

    For me I will stick to the intelligence of Dr. Lopez and the inevitable payout that comes from being a long term holder of ARENA. For those of the "blind obedience" sect don't bother to waste the time of the individuals who know better.

    Disclosure: I am long ARNA.

    Tags: ARNA
    Sep 29 1:42 PM | Link | Comment!
  • What's In It For Me - THE TRUTH

    Followers of my blog may ask why I spend each week preparing a blog in this Arena space. I mean what is in it for me? Well the truth is other than an investment I have a very important reason. I am a diabetic, I am a few pounds overweight, and I am very hopeful that Belviq can help me reverse these complications. I am also hopeful it will help reverse yours as well if you suffer from the same situation. So I would be less than truthful unless I spelled out all my reasons for being an ARENIAC. Nope I did not invent that title. It was my good friend Adam Feurstein of the and ya know what...I am proud to be an Areniac!

    This is my segway to what has happened to the author of that term. Apparently he has fallen off the edge of the earth. I mean afterall how many times can you make a fool of yourself. Take Shane Blackmon...please take Shane of the biggest haters of Arena...gone, Matt Herper gone. The list goes on and on. These people can't just vanish into thin air. Or has something else happened?

    For the last several weeks Arena has been in a stabilization stage which now appears to be support at $8.50. The MACD has turned positive, the trend has turned positive and this has been on shrinking volume. This indicates to me that the selling after the initial approval is now over. Risk at the present time is very low. Since I am a long term holder and believe science will prevail I have don't care to much about price per share. However, day traders will continue to play the stock and short traders will continue to bet against the stock.

    There will be one of two outcomes for the long term investor. Either we will see a sharp rise in the stock or a decline in the stock. For me the next several months will be a continuation of the ride towards $50. No, this won't happen over night but unlike short traders and day traders my risk is very low and with binary events being plentiful over the next 6 months I look to my friend Mick Jagger who tells me "TIME IS ON MY SIDE".

    In your corner...THE TRUTH

    Disclosure: I am long ARNA.

    Tags: ARNA
    Aug 25 5:58 PM | Link | Comment!
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