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  • The Unsung Apple Advantage [View article]
    Damn dude! Take it easy on me! I'm 57yrs old but I'm not planning on "dying off" anytime soon! I've been long aapl and want 3-5 more loooong yrs. Maybe I misunderstood what you were saying, sorry if I did.
    Nov 19 06:32 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Investors' Greatest Weakness [View article]
    Is that chap by the name of Zacky still long? I believe he said jump in at 650 or so. Many SA readers were ready to ride on his coat tails. I haven't heard from him since due to the fact that we (aapl) kept declining. What the heck, I am saying get in now and get in deeper on any 5% dips. The product line rocks the world, at least enough to keep demand ahead of production. How could that not be a positive, for nearly any company? I don't understand it's pullback but I have scratched my head at least a couple dozen times, X 4, on other stocks that rock their price per share in a matter of days or even weeks without any explanation. That's Mr Market at work doing things even an unstable dictator wouldn't attempt. Mr Market loves to twist and mangle things (stock prices) beyond recognition. If you believe in your picks and have general knowledge about the quality, demand, competition, etc, hang tough and don't ignore opportunity to acquire more at tempting prices. You can't buy at the bottom but you can come close sometimes.
    Even if there are no new products in the next year or so, what Apple has is fantastic and enough people are truly in love with the line- up. I'm going to check into the mini pad just for knowledge and to get a feel for it. I feel I'll like it but I've an iPad 3 and a 4s which I'm getting ready to pass to my lovely wife and get her away from her failing BBerry. Battery life, delayed I-messages, a loose card internally, dropped calls, no touch screen. It's got a keyboard though. Have mercy! She'll get my 4S, I'll get the I5 and everything will be "Jake". IE; all happy campers. Maybe even a mini pad for surfing while watching TV. Although we have a Mac also. Rambling, but I hope I made some sense.
    Thanks, Bugsyjack
    PS I think this stock price decline is shaking out the losers. Don't be a loser. We're coming back to a fantastic price by March. My $$ is where my mouth is.
    Nov 4 10:51 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Investors' Greatest Weakness [View article]
    A lot of good comments, a lot of what I would consider "background noise. I have read that it's not a bad idea to let tech stocks go beyond the 10% move down. In fact 20% is to be expected, at times. I'm a shareholder and product enthusiast, but yet I worry. What if it drops down to 25% or lower? I'm going to hold tuff. If I sell, I'm that guy (LOL) that will move the stock ( in the wrong direction), for all the rest to thrive or dive. Sales appear high along with enthusiasm for their products. Always there will be naysayers and they get the most attention although when it comes down to it, they don't get the credence hard facts get.
    We need that China telecom behemoth! That will knock the wind out of many bears sails. I am just not sure about getting a lock on that contract. Without it Aapl will still cruise along with spinacker puffed up and driving that ship at a good clip. With the big China contract, hoo boy, watch out! Looking forward,.
    I'm afraid a few more dips will drive into margin status and that could get exciting and not sure in a good way.
    Good by and good day! I said good day!
    Nov 3 10:59 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's iPad Mini: It Isn't The Size That Counts, It's How You Use It [View article]
    This whole thing, new product lines (mini), more competition, new competition, pricing concerns, sure is getting exciting. What seems to be missing is a Master of Ceremonies at the starting line calling out "Let the Games Begin!" The competition games, that is.
    I think it will be 6 months before we see what the impact/sales will be for the IPad Mini in relation to the Fire, BandN, etc.
    IMHO the Mini will sell well, considering the high volume of naysayers out there.
    The scary part to me is I really don't know what the outcome will be when it comes down to annual growth of Apple and I'm a tiny shareholder investing rather heavily in Apple. In for the long run 'cause every time I attempt to "time the share price", I go in the wrong direction.
    I think Apple has great products, I own many of them, and I believe in investing in what I feel I know about.
    Thank you for reading and thank you for posting, I enjoy SA.
    Oct 26 10:27 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • 9 Reasons Apple Shares Will Make New Highs, Again [View article]
    I own many Apple products, had my iPad 1st gen stolen, (didn't know enough to have the "tracker" turned on), bought the "new" iPad. I love my 4 w/ Siri. I'm using my old 3s for an iPod in my car. It appears to put out more volume than my 1st gen iPod. We have a 3 yr old Mac ( love it!).
    Just rambling, but, I think the iPad has enormous potential to team up as the coleader along with the iPhone in being Apple's top revenue generators. Fortune 500 co's getting into them, healthcare industry, schools(from Grade to College). Personal use by all and last thought is consider this usage being global!
    Thank you for the interesting, positive article. First time I've seen Apple reviewed like that.
    Oct 8 10:33 AM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Price Target: $950 Per Share [View article]
    Ah what the hell...I think his numbers are reasonable given past results. The Gal 3S looks pretty good but it's got a lot of plastic that make up its exterior. I think that's "cheapness" and I'd rather own something with a more durable feel to it, thus the iPhone. I don't want that "mega" size either. Supersize me with my iPad.
    There's room for both to make a killing in this market that keeps expanding worldwide. Those that prefer Apple products will keep on buying Apple and drag some of their fam and friends with them. That's how I was converted. I like the hassle free synching, etc. Apple just hasn't "froze up" on me the way Windows did.
    Thanks for reading, just my feelings, opinions.
    Aug 12 11:15 AM | 5 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple Q3 Earnings Recap: Resilient Growth Continues; Pull-back Creates An Attractive Opportunity [View article]
    Well I sold half of my apple stock with gain and of course now I would like to get back in at an attractive price buy in point. There appears to bee some questionable momentum going on in the Apple Wheelhouse.
    I feel it has to happen before the "5" is released. I feel a stock price drop coming, and hope my feelings are right. I'm assuming it won't work out in my favor as a kind of reverse psychology on my tiny little mind. Long live the corrections!
    The apple that I did sell was in my Roth accounts so I'll avoid any capital gains tax. Thank you, Mr Roth. Forgot his first name, God bless him.
    Wish me luck, I'd love to see $500 or less.
    Thanks for reading.
    Gumbyjack.....Ramble on.
    Jul 27 01:14 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Next Hurdle [View article]
    I want to see the Surface, hold it, try it out, see how much it will cost. I'm curious, but I'm in Apple's pocket with all of their products that I own. I don't mind being there either.
    I can't forget about all the times my Windows laptops and desktops locked up on me.
    Jul 14 10:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Next Hurdle [View article]
    A good point on the value of a dollar. Never thought of it that way.
    Jul 12 11:51 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Beware Apple's Concentration And Margin Risk [View article]
    Here is a cut from your article:
    Therefore, each iPad mini sale means that one consumer who could've bought an iPad won't. If 20% of potential Apple customers chose the iPad mini over the iPad, Apple would lose significant revenue.
    My comment on this is:
    There is not a defined number of tablet buyers out there. There is more this year than last year. There will be more next year. The "mini" is competing with other 7 inch tabs. Yes, they will not sell both sizes to each customer, except for us irrational Apple fans (get a clue).
    How 'bout this one:
    Thus, as Yacktman says, they will be forced to continue innovating and lower prices.
    My comment: Yacktman thinks that once a co. succeeds, more innovation shouldn't be needed? Cutting prices is an Apple option when they need to.
    Thanks for reading.
    Jul 5 12:30 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple's Q4: Things To Look Forward To [View article]
    All co's go sideways from time to time. If it was easy to "guess" the market, we'd all be rich. Apple will get going, just don't know when. I'm long and patient. Good article/analysis.
    Jul 2 12:13 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • The Apple 'Buy Zone': Is It Time To Take Another Bite? [View article]
    I'm an Apple product owner (pods, phones, Mac and pad) and a holder of AAPL shares.
    If I was new to the market and never heard of Apple until today, and read about their product line, history of earnings, projected guesstimates, expansion into China, etc, and then look at the price of the stock and PE, I really believe I would shake my head and wonder, "why is this stock going sideways?", other than a period of consolidation?
    I'm going to keep buying their products ('cause they work), hold the shares (long), and probably keep reading these bull/bear articles, 'cause they're entertaining.
    Jun 27 10:31 AM | 2 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Any Weakness In Apple Is A Buying Opportunity [View article]
    Well, I'm an Apple customer and to be honest, never even picked up one the competitor's phones or pads. I have owned their PCs & desktops which I'll never(!) go back to. I can't predict so I'll just wait to see if the Surface, surfaces.
    Jun 19 03:03 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Posner Gives Apple One More Chance [View article]
    Yup Goog wins, the dirty dogs. Sale of their phone will not be blocked here in the US, although I feel it should. Copycats. Period.
    Jun 16 04:08 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
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