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  • Apple - Waiting For iGodot [View article]
    Apple needs to increase their portfolio as you rightly mention, but the key is for them to branch into an under developed area which has huge potential (maybe wearable interactive tech etc. where they can exploit their core competence to the full and beginning growing again. If I see that I will be a buyer of the stock for sure).
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  • Apple - Waiting For iGodot [View article]
    actually, MSFT makes the lion share. But that is due to the legacy patents that they all snapped up knowing it was taking off. Great move by MSFT I must say. They certainly know where the money was. Samsung only profit from the H/W as the software is functional at best.
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  • Apple - Waiting For iGodot [View article]
    Apple is another bye gone company just like before Steve Jobs was kicked out back in the late 80's. Just like before, they have enormous cash reserves to slog it out, but in the IT industry its not about slogging it out. Its about innovating and producing products that leap frog the generation before. The killer to Apple and will always be the killer is that Apple works in a centrally planned state and its main competitor works in a decentralized manner pulling all the talent around the globe. Evident from the numerous versions and cracks of Android (hello xda-developer etc). The Smartphone market is saturated and mature now and Apples once ace ability to create a unified and encompassing Eco-system to seed the Smartphone sector is now gone. I'm afraid Apples days are numbered unless they can crave out another promising sector that was unable to get off the ground but has huge potential. Until I see they get a foot into that, the stock is just going to dither in my opinion. History will repeat itself, Cook will either retire or get kicked out if he cannot come up with anything and his replacement will probably do no better. Remember, the world only had ONE STEVE JOBS. Apple without him cannot be the Apple with him.
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  • Apple's iPhone 5 Chip Design Seriously Impresses - Is The Competition Asleep? [View article]
    the only thing this article helps to solidify is that Android is killing Apple. Reason? Well, only the techie talk about the internals and in the smartphone world that is Android, not Apple. Now that you are discussing items like custom design etc. Apple is basically moving over to Android's turf (atleast in this article). Also, custom chips are a dime in a dozen, just talk to Sony. If you are a EEE major, you will see there's not much to hype. Also, Apple use to own its candy design Mac's etc, how good did that help them. Apple is a great company to get eco systems started, but once that system is established and starts to cross the chasm (techie you will understand my term), the closed nature of Apples eco system kills itself. History thus far is starting to repeat its ugly head.
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