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  • Some marquee Chinese Internet stocks are slumping, potentially on worries about the SEC's suits against the Chinese arms of the Big-4 U.S. accounting firms. Baidu (BIDU -5.1%), Sina (SINA -6.6%), Youku Tudou (YOKU -4.2%), Sohu (SOHU -3%), Perfect World (PWRD -1.2%), and NetEase (NTES -4%) are among the losers. Renren (RENN +2.5%) is higher following yesterday afternoon's Deutsche upgrade[View news story]
    chinese greed combined with american minds is a partnership
    made in heaven to make money...its the american minds in the
    american accounting firms in china that are cleaning up...and
    no doubt they both are getting paid. and remember, its illegal
    to short stocks in china, but...if it is a offshore company you can short it offshore or in american ADR'S......
    Dec 4, 2012. 11:39 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sohu (SOHU -4.8%) is selling off again today, likely on account of fellow Chinese portal owner Sina's disappointing Q4 guidance. Shares fell on Wednesday after HSBC started coverage with an Underweight, and (like Baidu and Sina's shares) aren't far removed from their 52-week low. NetEase (NTES -5.5%), which dived yesterday in response to its Q3 miss, is also having a bad day. [View news story]
    ok, here are the facts, sohu, gulf resource's, puda coal, china nat. gas all reverse merger companys created and located off shore in Bermuda etc.they are called vie's entitys...these companys partnered with mostly j.p. morgan to help and show them how to set up this "situation".....
    ,,,ok, so far??? it is illegal to sell short stocks in china..BUT is it illegal for a Chinese c.e.o to short his own company stock offshore and bring the money back to china???? i would not think so....maybe i am wrong...but j.p. Morgan and any chinese/american partys involved in the v.i.e's are looking at a short sellers gold mine and sohu has a 1.4 billion market cap??...and no doubt j.p.issued the stock certificates
    themselves no problem getting possession of the stocks to short them...and put options???so who needs the stocks??? think this is why the s.e.c is investigating gulf, puda coal, all of the reverse merger v.i.e stocks and maybe sohu too soon?? sohu IS like a toy mouse being played with by the big house cat of wall st, AND the chinese.......truth hurts boys....
    Nov 18, 2012. 04:20 PM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Sohu (SOHU -2.9%) falls on a downgrade to Neutral from UBS. Shares took off earlier this week after subsidiary Changyou (CYOU) announced a special dividend and plans to float an IPO for its 7Road gaming division, but remain down over 50% from their 52-week high. [View news story]
    its like sohu is being controlled remotely, like a drone....shorts made a fortune this year, and their was really only a china slow down in the
    economy but its not like china is gonna go broke with trillions in
    CASH in the bank, and thats public chanos big short on
    china is a bit premature... people buy and sell real estate over there
    instead of stocks because at the end of the day, worse comes to worse, you own some real estate an apt, house,commercial, it
    never goes to a zero asset, like offshore reverse mergers which
    were just offshore american listed companys merge with a chinese company that wants to go public in the u.s then they don't have to go though the expensive I.P.O process but then the ameicans and the chinese just short it to death and suck the cash out of it like a crawfish head in new Orleans...or a long term pump and dump...and to boot, shorting stocks in china is morgan did most of the reverse merger listed chinese companys that are now bankrupt or facing litigation. and the chinese board of directors and corp. officers just run off with the cash or shares if they are shorting to be careful with chinese stocks....
    Aug 11, 2012. 10:37 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment