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  • Cliffs Natural Resources: Life After Casablanca's Win [View article]
    Nice focus on all the negatives and worst case problems...

    Australia is making money, that means it won't be sold for cheap period, Cas is NOT going to sell for a loss a company segment that is profitable. They MAY want to spin it off as it's own stand alone company with proceeds going back to share holders, helping themselves and US regular share holders. Bloom lake is been in bad for a while and as with Met Coal no one will buy them at a price that makes exiting at this time worth while. They can idle these places and cut all cap spending other than maintenance costs to keep them from flooding out.

    With the lowered production costs will come back up and make the sales a better future OR re-opening them. No point in continuing to operate the mine at a loss. (NYSE:WLT) will be a good benefactor of them closing or idling the Met Coal Mine as prices come back up they (WLT) will be a better long term bet as they are near all time lows.

    While a lot has been said about the plans you can not argue the price action in the stock has been helped with CAS coming on as the primary group to push for better share holder rights. As a mid to long term investor I see their push and win as a good for ME and for others in same pos.

    (NYSE:CHK) was just about as bad 3 years ago with share price in mid teens, now mid $20's and has pushed above $32 as activist investors do what is right for shareholders cutting fat excessive compensation and poor performing assets.

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  • North American Palladium And The 'Recurring Hiccup' Theory [View article]
    For all the BS spouted some questions regarding the US/EU sanctions against Russia (Platinum/Palladium) prices as supply should be going up in short order. African mines are still having issues getting production moving after the long strikes and many of these small mines may end up not getting back to production or going under in face of the mine strikes.

    Then we have China enacting a EPA like agency to clean up their air and mandating cleaner burning systems to be installed on all cars on the road. This appears to be including retrofitting older cars/trucks in effort to clean up the air. It has also started to move into India under similar circumstances where pollution on wider scale is effecting a lot of people. The air quality there is also starting to suffer and the Gov will be doing the same as US/EU and other developed areas have done soon.

    There are not many places to get rare type elements in the world and more of them are needed.

    I agree that the author (and SA in General has become a short/bear raid naked short sellers forum) & he is a lot like S.E. on (NYSE:MCP) always screaming the world is ending.


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  • Allscripts Healthcare Solutions EPS in-line, beats on revenue [View news story]
    Going good for now...
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  • Cliffs’ shake-up presents buying opportunities for Canadian miners [View news story]
    Don't think they will sell for such a loss, Cas wants profitability back not cutting and selling as so many seem to suggest.

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  • U.S. Steel touches 52-week highs after racking up third analyst upgrade [View news story]
    Time to SHORT (NYSE:X) I'm guessing... :/ I sold my shares too soon but no regrets I made coin. Maybe if STEEL is so good we should buy (NYSE:CLF) or (NYSE:WLT) since both make the bits that make the steel!>???
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  • Allied Nevada Is A Sell Following Q2 Financial Results [View article]
    TO say they are a Sell is a terrible call here at these levels and cash flow the company is a huge buy based on the leverage to gold and silver going forward. They are done expending capex for foreseeable future and would have had much lower cash/oz cost had it not been for clearing low production materials to get to the better stuff. Of which they are pretty much done with the cash burn. Saying you are LONG precious metals but not the miners who have millions of ounces of the stuff under their feet is rather odd :/... Perhaps you need to do a little digging to see where gold and silver comes from. :D
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  • Update: Allied Nevada Beats On Earnings; Rising Costs And Negative Cash Flow Are Significant Issues [View article]
    Agree that the company is levered to gold prices, would have been a nicer earnings beat other than the clearing of more burden this quarter and the one we are in NOW. Going further the earnings will increase much better due to this burden being cleared and path to higher grade material is met. This could be a triple if gold prices move up a hundred bucks by next reporting.
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  • Why Westport Innovations Is A Buy After Weak Second-Quarter Results [View article]
    I think the numbers you quoted "Navigant estimates that there will be close to 1.9 million natural gas-enabled trucks and 1.8 million natural gas buses by 2022 across the world." are off base, from Wiki on world wide nat gas powered vehicles search.

    "Worldwide, there were 14.8 million natural gas vehicles by 2011, led by Iran with 2.86 million, Pakistan (2.85 million), Argentina (2.07 million), Brazil (1.70 million), and India (1.10 million).[1] The Asia-Pacific region leads the world with 6.8 million NGVs, followed by Latin America with 4.2 million vehicles.[2] In the Latin American region almost 90% of NGVs have bi-fuel engines, allowing these vehicles to run on either gasoline or CNG.[3] In Pakistan, almost every vehicle converted to (or manufactured for) alternative fuel use typically retains the capability to run on ordinary gasoline."

    I believe that in several of the countries above it was mandated into law that all on-road vehicles (trucks and buses included) were required to be dual fuel. There is a very large demand in all of Asia & M.E. due to costs and requirements so anything shipped or produced there gets retrofitted to run on both.

    I think (NASDAQ:WPRT) should be doing better from a stock standpoint and from a earnings standpoint it could be do to management that earnings have not increased. The poor stock performance has more to do with perception in USA on Government Blocking/Failure to enact any reforms towards Nat Gas as a motor fuel. If the Government gave more of a blessing to this direction (NASDAQ:CLNE) and (WPRT) (NASDAQ:FSYS) all would take off in days. All have higher short interest & dropping gas prices will force these companies/stocks to under-perform. One passing Bill with rules or regulations FOR nat gas would propel ALL of them much higher.

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  • Synchrony Financial: Why I Bought This GE Spin-Off [View article]
    Similar to MS supporting (NASDAQ:FB) when it went IPO, it lost a LOT that day as FB popped then plunged. There is a big difference in that with (NYSE:SYF) as I dont think it had any support clauses. That means buyers kept the stock price up in a BIG down day, could not have been much worse day to IPO in months.

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  • GE Is Divesting, But Some Segments Aren't Worth Much [View article]
    Actually getting rid of the appliance business is good, (they outright SU well you know the rest of that.) Or 3rd GE appliance was the last the first two were returned to store for poor functioning & last was traded for a Maytag. (It lasted so far 2 years and the gearbox is going out...) Seems NONE of the major appliance makers are worth buying, I own two SEARS machines from the 60's not an issue one with them... GF's have broken in 2 years or less for last decade.

    The LED lights with remotes might be great for people with outside Barns or Lights where they were left ON when ya left the barn, and you see it at night & can shut it off without putting underwear back on :D (good visual for ya lol...)

    BUT that LED would be a very minor player, best to keep making 4' florescent bulbs with the same tech built into the Ballast/Light and sell traditional bulbs for less $ and sell upgraded fixtures. Or use that for the LED florescent replacements that drop into existing 4' bulb location...

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  • A Towering Spread: Tower Group International, Ltd. - 14% Upside [View article]
    The 14% upside is a nice play with only a few days now might be worth buying more shares to add to the upside.

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  • Synchrony Financial: Why I Bought This GE Spin-Off [View article]
    I bought a few hundred shares opening day, the drop has been rare in latest IPOs and the reason why is most likely the overhang of (NYSE:GE) shares (84% yet to be sold) coming next year. If they (GE) said we will divest by 2018 via shareholder allotment or price specific IPOs of +15% and +25% say then the overhang would be less gambling on what GE will do in coming year with all these shares.

    That said I don't know what in all will happen but believe (GE) owes us (GE) Shareholders a big part of the (NYSE:SYF) company share count. Perhaps a special Dividend paid in (SYF) Shares for owners who held (GE) thru the 2014~2015 time frame.

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  • Update: General Electric's Synchrony Financial IPO Is Good To Go [View article]
    Most companies coming public do not have much in way of public earnings information. Unless you are in a big broker and buying/looking at a pre-IPO you have very little info. Searching on line for all the info you can & if you dig into the GE 10Ks you can find more info but it is a lot of work.

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  • Update: General Electric's Synchrony Financial IPO Is Good To Go [View article]
    I went ahead and picked up a few hundred shares at open just because, I figure I have held (NYSE:GE) (one of my 1st stock market buys) for a LONG TIME. The Credit Card side has had GREAT earnings in decades past, I see this going forward as a boost in earnings able to pick it up at the bottom of the release. If in 2015 when they open up some of that other 59% to (GE) share holders I will swap some out for more (NYSE:SYF) I was looking to sell some ((GE) in the 30 area if it mad ei tit didn't but no matter still my oldest shares...

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  • Whisper Number Impact: How Will Exelon's Stock Move After Earnings? [View article]
    51 cents earnings, beats by 1 cent, misses whisper number by 3 cents... good overall and is a nice earnings report waiting for more info... Knowing how much they have bought in the retail customer power service providers they are going to be in good shape in coming years as they sell power to themselves. Marking it up for a profits then to regulated and non regulated end users.

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