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  • Bernstein and FBR air a familiar refrain about Apple's (AAPL) Tuesday FQ3 report: They're worried Apple could miss estimates and issue weak FQ4 guidance, but are staying bullish on expectations of a huge FQ1. Bernstein thinks China and Europe's macro issues, the late introduction of a MacBook refresh, and the failure of the new iPad to launch in China until today will lead to an FQ3 miss. Of course, this week has seen several tech large-caps rally after posting mediocre results.   [View news story]
    I agree Thomas. Does anyone have Bernstein's track record. Though it really doesn't matter because people listened and people sold.

    This has to be manipulation. He may not own the stock but he swaps favors with other analysis. Imagine if you could just give your opinion and drive a priice in a favorable direction Where is the SEC? Let me check, oh, they're absent, AWOL!
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  • Prediction: iPhone 5 Launches In U.S. And China Simultaneously  [View article]
    So are you tired of money, i.e., making money? Who cares if it's apple, or TimBuckToo, who really cares, as long as it's a profit. Virtually no other company is as predictable in terms of upside as Apple. Better ride that gravy train, till there is no more gravy.

    Then you can retire.
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  • Amazon.com Closes In On Its Endgame As Sales Taxes Loom  [View article]
    So Republicans are raising taxes? They don't work in Washington. Bunch of hipocratic jerks
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  • "Over time, things have really soured between Siri and me. We barely speak anymore," says the NYT's Nick Bilton, discussing his falling out with Apple's (AAPL) voice-assistant software. Bilton adds the latest version of Google Voice Search (GOOG), an element of Google Now that's found on Android 4.1, is a superior alternative, and others seem to agree. Google has plenty of incentive to deliver a quality rival to Siri, given how it diverts traffic from Google search. (previous: I, II)   [View news story]
    I agree with the technical opinion above, differentiating google search from Seri, they are not functionally equal in terms of standing requirements as a product.

    Having said that, there are as many out there that say Seri is better than Google. His story is just that, it isn't a true scientific study, not that it would matter to the end user.

    I could go on about how much better his piers are as Journalist, but what's the point.
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  • Apple (AAPL) backtracks on plans to remove its products from the EPEAT rating system, which judges the environmental impact of computing hardware. The decision had led San Francisco's government to suspend Mac purchases for its 28K employees, and had ignited concerns other public-sector buyers would follow suit, given many are required to use of EPEAT's registry when making buying decisions.   [View news story]
    In general, the battey pollution issue is real, but how it is implemented is just out to lunch, seriously. The buracrats are just sweeping the dirt under another rug.

    In most laptops the batteries are detachable and make it easy to properly dispose of them when they are replaced. This puts the ownership on the individual, not the manufacuter, which helps the manufacturer's bottom lime, yea! No responsibility for the environment, yea!

    Apple's newest laptops have the battery internal, not easily remmoved if replacement is needed. In any event a person could do it though most people would take it in to an authorized service center.

    Here is the contrast, if the batteries have to be replaced at an authorized service centers, licenced bussuiness, under strict pollution control standards, likely they will be responsible, or face stiff fines.

    John Q. Public replaces his battery, what is he going to do with the old one? Who knows. We know what John Q. Green will do.

    In Apple's model, the spirit of the intent is actually held to a much higher standard, than say Dell or Lenovo or Samsung. We know where Apple's old batteries are going, Apple controls that. We know who to go after if we find Apple batteries in a landfill. Find a Del, Samsung, who you going after?

    This is why Apple changed their status. It just goes to show even Green enthusiastics are dumb buracrats too! They have to be hit with a bat sometimes to get it.

    FYI, most of the tablets are using this approach. The Android Motorola phones don't, Apple's iPones do. BTW, many many more cell phone batteries in terms of sheer weight than laptops, and most phones have user replaceable batteries. Where is the environmental concern here?
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  • Avian's Blaine Carroll cuts his Q2 estimates for RF component vendors Skyworks (SWKS +1.6%) and TriQuint (TQNT +1.9%) out of a belief iPhone (AAPL) builds are weak. Carroll thinks only ~20M iPhones were built in the June quarter, down from a prior estimate of 25M and below iPhone sales forecasts of 28M-30M, due to Europe's problems and next-gen iPhone anticipation. Other suppliers with heavy iPhone exposure: CRUS, AVGO, BRCM, QCOM. (also)   [View news story]
    Avian's Blaine Carroll doen't know hos face from the side of a building. He has been wrong on Apple evey single estimate, EVRTY SINGLE estimate.
    Who really cares what he thinks?
    Jul 13, 2012. 02:32 PM | 1 Like Like |Link to Comment
  • A Common-Sense Analysis Of iPhone Sales  [View article]
    Why should we listen to you, everyone else gets it wrong every single quarter. Do you know Tim Cook, did he tell you something.

    You are wrong just like everyone else. Always have been always will be. Buy a lottery ticket.
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  • Will The Browning Of Apple Help Or Hurt The Stock?  [View article]
    Ok, so the batter is not as easy to R&R as the older models. There are 8 small screws to take out to gain access to anything internal such as memory, etc. The article wrote that the battery is soldered in so unless you can solder or cut wires, the battery has to be replaced by a shop.

    No MacBook owner is going to throw out the product because it needs a battery replacement. The rules for certification is that the battery must be easily detachable so that it can be separated.

    Certainly Apple knew this when they designed it, even though this design is several years old. Likely Apple will have to put in place reasonable assurances that they will be responsible for ensuring batteries from discarded Macs are separated for safe disposal.

    Although here is the fly in the ointment, the older models, as well as most other laptops, users swap out the batteries. What do they do with them? There is no guarantee period! At least if there is a company that is assuming full responsibility for that, it is better than what we have now in terms of a guarantee.

    Also along the same lines, all of those tablets out there, well the same issue exist with them, same issue, So what is San Francisco going to do about that? Revert back to the stone age, stone and chisel.

    It seems that someone who raised the issue while wanting to conserve doesn't actually get that the same problem they think is minimized, it is still as bod as it ever was. People changing out their own battery and throwing it away. They just can't see that. WOW!!
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  • An iPad Mini Won't Move Apple's Stock  [View article]
    To the author of this lame analysis, Apple has zero business savy, unlike you. Tell you what, call them up, (408) 974-4000, just ask for Tim, yea, yea, that's right, Tim.

    You won't need an into because you are a super analysis so Tim already knows you.

    Did it ever occur to you that the only reason there is a low end market is that Apple doesn't serve there. If they do enter carefully they will NOT can sales of the iPad, they will instead take business away from the wanna-bees. They effectively have an iPad mini it's called an iPod touch. Bigger screen and done deal, it already has same iOS, etc.

    Googles junk Nexes, BOM cost is like $217 (no surprise there), Amazon's garbage is $200 (again no surprise). Apple has far more leverage and know how to way undercut this BOM cost. So they are already in a better position.

    Samsung of course will go directly to the copy mode and try to make a knock of to compete.

    Tim is waiting for your call. Time will tell if you know what you are talking about. I'm hedging you don't.
    Jul 11, 2012. 08:18 PM | 4 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • David Einhorn covers familiar territory, telling CNBC ZIRP is counterproductive and the Fed should hike 200-300 basis points. Amazon (AMZN): "It's very hard to compete against someone who doesn't feel compelled to make a profit," he says, adding that he's not short. Apple (AAPL): Substantially undervalued and headed for a $1T market cap.   [View news story]
    That's exactly right and burying the nay sayer shorts. The person who thinks it's isn't going to happen, put your money where your comment is, short Apple. Come on short Apple. I'm betting it will happen, my opinion, my money.
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  • Samsung (SSNLF.PK) wins a court fight against Apple (AAPL) and gets officially insulted at the same time. U.K. Judge Colin Birss ruled the design of the Galaxy tablets doesn't infringe on the iPad's design, and that consumers are unlikely to confuse the two as the Galaxy tablets "do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design... They are not as cool."   [View news story]
    Wow and I thought we in the US had the lamest judges. I feel much better now. So there was a reason to leave England and then declare ourselves free of such lameity (new English word based on lame judge).
    Jul 10, 2012. 02:18 AM | Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Apple (AAPL) is reportedly planning to roll out a smaller, cheaper iPad by the end of the year, with a screen that's 7-8 inches diagonally vs. the current 9.7 inch version. Apparently Apple's at least a little bit worried about the Nexus 7 (GOOG) and Surface (MSFT).   [View news story]
    They already have an iPad mini everyone, it's called an iPod Touch. Runs off the same iOS. All they need to do is put a bigger screen on it.

    The issue is how to price it because it ca can the iPad sales to some extent rather than displace the others. That's the hard part not the device.

    Let's see who goes to court 1st for dumping, sound like Samsung, been there done that many times certainly in the DRAM sector.
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  • HTC phones don't infringe on four Apple (AAPL) patents related to touchscreen technology, and three of those Apple patents are invalid, according to U.K. Judge Christopher Floyd. The patents in the case were: slide-to-unlock feature, tools to scroll through photographs and change alphabets, and functionality to touch the screen in two spots simultaneously. It's not an insignificant defeat for Apple.   [View news story]
    idiots, just because the morons in HK cant see through coke bottle glasses doesn't mean the pattents are invalid, it only applies to HK. Remember that all Chinese patent laws in effect mean nothing. So big surprise.

    Yes patent laws need repair, they need enforced!
    Jul 4, 2012. 02:23 PM | 3 Likes Like |Link to Comment
  • Bernstein's Tony Sacconaghi becomes the latest analyst to air a cautious note about near-term iPhone (AAPL +1.9%) sales (I, II). Sacconaghi thinks Chinese sales may have fallen by 1.5M Q/Q in in the June quarter, thanks to an inventory build-up and a slowdown in sales at China Telecom (CHA - previous). However, he sees China's growing middle class increasing the iPhone's addressable market by 55M over the next 5 years, and notes the iPhone's customer loyalty remains unmatched.   [View news story]
    I have specific insight as to how much switching/routing equipment CT is bringing on line in the quarter. CT isn't slowing pal. Take from this what you want, doesn't mean iPhone sales are up, but they are adding capacity for some reason, perhaps cable TV, who knows?
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  • More on Apple: Though a huge Apple (AAPL) fan, Piper's Gene Munster has mixed feelings about Siri after testing it out. Munster estimates Siri was able to comprehend 83% of queries, and delivered accurate results 62% of the time compared with 86% for Google (GOOG) search (per comScore's data). Still, he thinks the Siri updates accompanying iOS 6, along with Apple's mapping solution, will result in Google's share of iOS queries falling to 48% from 60%. (previous) (Google Now)   [View news story]
    The flaw in this and if this were a serious article (author) would have noted this, there is only one source being quoted!!!

    This isn't worth reading much less commenting except to say the author has zero as in ,"0," credibility.

    Now. that doesn't say that the stats aren't more or less close, but one source is not statistical, seriously!!
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