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  • Google: Undervalued By $140, Ready To Jump Higher [View article]
    I live in Spain and often use SKYPE to call friends/family in the USA. Last weekend, however, a USA friend set up a three way conference/video call with participants in USA, Spain & Denmark using Google+Hangout. I was just stunned at the quality of the Hangout video. Contrary to Skype's small video screen, jerky images, fades, frequent video lock up, and delays in audio/video, Hangout provided everyone with full screen images, no audio/video delay: our conference call was smooth as silk!!!! I can tell you that I will never again use Skype!!!!

    Hangout is free, and has the capacity for 10 people on a video call. Hangout also enables call participants to share websites: all three of us on the call were able to share a Google map at the same time.

    I know Google+ has been a disappointments vs. Facebook, but I must say that as more and more people find out about Hangout, Google+ will grow in popularity. For certain, unless Skype cleans up the technical problems and improves markedly, Hangout will clearly grow more popular while Skype will continue to lose customers.

    I am told that Hangout is also becoming increasingly popular for business conference calls. I strongly recommend that you give it a try.

    BTW, I do NOT have GOOG in my portfolio, but will add shares as the current correction winds down.
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  • Why I Am Buying The Pain In Spain [View article]
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  • Google Drive Due Next Week [View article]
    A bit off topic, but last weekend we had a multiple country video call with participants in Denmark, Spain & USA, using Google+ hangout. The quality of the video was really fantastic, with full screen video - a far far better experience than with Skype. Further, hangout allows everyone to share information from other websites (e.g., google maps). Hangout has really wonderful technology!

    As people become more familiar with hangout, Skype is going to be in serious trouble!

    Aaron Ashcraft
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  • You Can Make Money Off Of Apple Without Owning It [View article]
    rafy: The market is going to do what it is going to do: it doesn't care one whit what you think or what you hope will happen! Like remurraymd, I have been selling AAPL puts; if I get a 25-30% profit in less than a week, I buy back the puts and place the profit in my pocket. Nokia stock deserves the steep decline in its shares: it no longer has a competitive product: Google based Android phones & the iPhone could put Nokia completely out of business: once again, it isn't what you wish will happen-the market will continue to reward companies with fast growing profits, penalize stocks in companies (e.g., Nokia) whose future profits look likely to collapse. BTW, some analysts are forecasting AAPL shares to rise by another 50% in the next couple of years. I don't know that I trust that judgement, but in my most humble opinion, it is far more likely to occur than your hope for an AAPL collapse by 50-70 percent.
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  • Time To Make Apple Share The Cost Of Data? [View article]
    I completely agree with you! Rocco is picking on AAPL because they are the company with the biggest purse full of cash and the strongest stock in the world. What Rocco forgets, is that the IPhone has a small 16% of the market vs. Android 48% (I need to double check the numbers). iPhones/iPads are expensive and designed for the Tiffany/Nordstrom crowd. They require payments from cellular companies because they CAN. It is capitalism at its best!

    Methinks Rocco is upset and wrote the article only because his investments in Verizon/AT&T have not worked very well.
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  • 3 Strikes: The Apple You Loved Is Now Google [View article]
    IMO, best to own both GOOG & AAPL. I will not sell my AAPL to buy more GOOG-I believe both are outstanding quality investments.
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  • Why The Electric Vehicle House Of Cards Must Fall [View article]
    GM can make money making well designed vehicles priced so that the average wage earner can buy them. GM will always lose their shirt building $45,000 vehicles like VOLT that few people can afford and that do a very poor job of competing with cars like Prius. Building cars the government wants to build is a huge huge mistake and will make GM continue to suck the government tit for a long time to come.
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  • Why The Electric Vehicle House Of Cards Must Fall [View article]
    Oilsands: Thanks for your comment. Regarding mass transit, I live in Barcelona, Spain and use public transport 5-6 times per week; of course, Barcelona has an enormous population living in very tight quarters-a natural for mass transit. Fuel prices are outrageous here: it costs US$.43 per mile for fuel only to drive my 12 year old Porsche - so it mostly sits in the garage; we do drive our Citroen diesel which costs only ~US$.12 per mile (fuel only) to drive. While I don't disagree with you that GM worked hard to put mass transit out of business, the USA has huge spaces spreading out everywhere: not an ideal situation for mass transit.

    Regarding your GM investment, far better for all of us (including you) to discontinue subsidizing production of vehicles that make absolutely no economic sense: if it takes a government subsidy to keep the production line going, stop the subsidy and let the vehicle suffer a natural death.

    Regarding your GM investment, sell the stock, take the loss if necessary and find a better opportunity without the need for a government subsidy: $MCD, $D, $O, $YUM, $AAPL, $IBM come to mind; all pay good dividends that can be used to reinvest in more shares through a DRIP plan with your broker. With 3600 KFC restaurants in China and continuing expansion across Asia, South America, Middle East and Africa, $YUM looks like a particularly interesting opportunity for the next 5-10 years (or longer).

    Just an interesting side note: if I had invested $1000 in $MCD when my son was born 42 years ago, it would now be worth $500,000!
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  • Why The Electric Vehicle House Of Cards Must Fall [View article]
    JRP3: Thanks for the website. I see it is written by JP: would that be you? I note that JP has dedicated his blog to support of PEVs which he believes is essential for us to reduce the carbon print left by petrol vehicles.

    JP assumes CNG vehicles will be refueled at home by owners. It seems a bit strange to me, since CNG/LPG could be made easily available at the corner gas station, a far better solution than having battery exchange stations along freeways so EV's can exchange their batteries to go another 100 miles. Give me a frigging break: until batteries are improved to the point that they can power vehicles for 250 or more miles on one quick charge, and available at affordable prices for an average new car buyer, EV's are just not gonna make it.

    I am certain you probably didn't read the 3/24/11 WSJ article entitled "Pull the Plug on Electric Vehicle Subsidies" or if you did, you rationalized some arcane challenge to Margo's well thought out assessment.

    I hope you will rush out and buy a new Tesla. Then you can proudly drive your so called "environmentally correct vehicle" smugly down the street, knowing you are one of the pitifully few who can afford it. Meanwhile, we burn off natural gas and forget about the economic growth that could be achieved with Joe Lunchbox driving an LPG/CNG vehicle down the street, refilling it for $1.50 per gasoline equivalent at a local gas station and enjoying a better life. If they were still among the living, I am certain King Louis XIV and his dear wife Marie Antoinette would be driving a Tesla.

    BTW, I am not spewing propaganda. Obama did, in fact, announce an increase in the tax rebate for the Volt and other similar vehicles to $10,000, thereby adding to the enormous national deficit that will be paid by Joe Lunchbox, if he isn't already in bankruptcy. That $10,000 tax credit is going almost exclusively to the upper middle class who can afford to spend $45,000 for a ridiculous vehicle, the production of which makes absolutely no economic sense. The Volt needs to be loaded into the garbage pit!
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  • Why The Electric Vehicle House Of Cards Must Fall [View article]
    Just a quick comment: Wind turbines are killing millions and millions of birds every year! The government has refused to hold turbine owners for killing birds, but if an oil company kills just ONE bird, they face a huge fine from the government.

    So why aren't environmentalists marching to shut down the turbines to save the birds? Our government seems to be very selective about prosecuting for environmental catastrophies = as a consequence, kiss the bald eagle good bye!
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  • Why The Electric Vehicle House Of Cards Must Fall [View article]
    John: Congratulations for writing the most insightful though controversial SA article in history. I haven't read all the comments-it would be like trying to read an encyclopedia - but let me note that the Obama administration recently increased the tax rebate for Volt buyers to $10,000 in an effort to help dealers move old inventory off their lots and get the plant open again. How can the USA afford this crap? Does the Nissan Leaf and Toyota Prius get that same $10,000 tax credit? I don't know, but I don't think so!

    When it is necessary for Government Motors to suck the taxpayer tit in order to stimulate sales, it is a catastrophic error. The MARKET tells manufacturers what they should do: shut down the plant, throw away an unsaleable piece of crap and go on to something else!

    I repeat my earlier assessment: the USA is awash in natural gas resources that could be used to power millions and millions of vehicles; current price of natural gas is ~$2.50 per mcf; gasoline vehicles can be converted to LNG for less than $1,000 each; with current price of natural gas, LNG would be available for gasoline equivalent of $1.50 or less per gallon at the pump. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out the strong economic upturn that would occur if customers could buy LNG @$1.50 per gasoline equivalent - yet our stupid stupid stupid stupid government gives Volt buyers $10,000 tax credit to make an unsaleable vehicle.

    The old Soviet Union made Ladas and sold them to the tiny number of citizens that could afford a horrible quality vehicle that was unsaleable in the free world. So the Obama administration refuses to read or LEARN anything from history? refuses to accept economics of a free market system?

    Government Motors should stick the VOLT in the garbage bin, start building non subsidized natural gas vehicles that would be reasonably priced, cheap to buy, cheap to operate; create a badly needed economic boom in the USA, pay back the government loans and become GENERAL MOTORS once again!

    I am certain to be attacked for the above commentary by insane people blinded by green propaganda; I probably simplified some complex issues-so be it. But this insanity MUST STOP!
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  • 3 Reasons Apple Cash Will Boost Apple Shares, Markets And Economy [View article]
    Very insightful article - thanks!
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  • Why The Market Will Tread Water For Another 10 Years [View article]
    At this time, the US$ is the international reserve currency welcomed throughout the world; for example, if a country wants to buy oil, they must first buy US$ to pay for the transaction. The fact that the US$ is used as the world reserve currency has helped the Fed to be able to continue quantitative easing. There are US$ held by governments and corporations all over the world so they can buy stuff and pay for it in US$.

    The question? Will the US$ continue to have its place as the world reserve currency, given the huge debts that continue to escalate? I believe the answer is NO NO NO!

    Argentina has run the same shill game with the peso for many years; similar to the USA, Argentina almost continually runs HUGE deficits! As a consequence of these deficits, Argentina has repeatedly defaulted on its debt; further, during the past 30-40 years, Argentina has had runaway inflation which hit 1,500% in the late 1970's. Does anyone want to buy Argentina bonds today, given its history? NO NO NO!

    China presently holds enormous quantities of US Treasuries, a consequence of the sale of Chinese products to US consumers. However, it has begun to sell some of these US Treasuries; further, it has begun to negotiate payment for foreign oil purchases in Chinese renminbi rather than US$ (noted recently in transaction with Brazil). I believe these trends will continue to the point that the renminbi will, over time, become equal to the US$ and then surpass the US$ as a reserve currency. When that happens, buckle up!!! US currency will fall like a rock; US inflation rates will reach unprecedented levels (ala Argentina). How high will inflation go? I would not be in the least bit surprised to see 30-40%; I also would not be at all surprised to see US Treasuries yielding 15-20-30%.

    IMO, it is already too late to fix these problems. Politicians are unwilling to take the medicine required to protect the US$ and the American way of life. We are all victims of a shell game played by politicians in Washington.
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  • My Next Multibagger Idea After Rediff [View article]
    Maybe stupid, but stuck my toe in the water. Bot 200 @28.61. Hope it works out. I will put a 5-7% trailing stop under it, in case we have a further correction. On both daily/weekly charts, looks like no man's land. Primary reason I bot is that CTCT has history of very heavy short position; you would think during a market correction, it would fall farther/faster than the market, but today, shorts have been pretty silent=stock has fallen ~same as S&P.

    Will add to the position if I see a breakout.
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  • My Next Multibagger Idea After Rediff [View article]
    I am sooooooo tempted to buy CTCT at ~$28.60. It seems to have stabilized in this area, despite horrendous number of shorts. Will watch it for a few days, see if it moves up or down with the market.
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